Participant of the show "Bach" (Ukraine) Skorikova Irina: biography and personal life

Skorikova Irina is a beautiful and educated girl. She became famous thanks to her participation in the reality show "Bach" (3rd season), which was released on Ukrainian television in 2013. Do you want to know the details of her biography? Are you interested in the personal life of this beauty? Now we will tell about everything.Skorikova Irina

Biography: childhood and students

Skorikova Irina was born in 1982 in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. She was brought up in an intelligent and respected family.

From an early age, our heroine used to be in the spotlight. She liked to dance and sing. She always had many friends and friends. At school Ira studied for the "quartet" and "five".

After receiving the certificate of secondary education, she submitted documents to the University of Culture and Arts, located in Kiev. Five years later, she was awarded a long-awaited diploma.

Skorikova took courses at the center of free press, created at the European Academy of Berlin. She received a specialty - "press secretary".


At first Irina worked as a journalist in a smallUkrainian edition. The leadership praised her for diligence and responsible approach to the matter. Soon the girl received an excellent proposal - to take the position of editor in the magazine Gallery. Our heroine could not miss such a chance. However, there she did not work long. In 2010, Irina Skorikova went on maternity leave. A few months later, her son Tikhon was born.

Participation in the show "Bachelor"

The father of the child did not make Ira a proposal and did not participate at all in the education of Tikhon. To feed herself and the baby, Skorikova left the decree ahead of time.

In 2013, the casting for the third season of the show"Bachelor". This time the main hero was the plastic surgeon Andrei Ikornev. Irina really liked him. The green-eyed brunette decided to try her luck. She went to the casting. As a result, the girl was among the participants of the reality show.

Irina Skorikova managed to reach the final. The brunette left the project before the shooting of the last series. But this is not the end of her story with Andrei Ikornev.Personal life of the scoria irina

The winner of the third season of the show "Bachelor"became modest Anya Kozyr. After the shooting, the plastic surgeon parted with her. He spun the novel with another finalist - Yana Stanishevskaya. The girl even became pregnant from him, but could not stand the baby. Because of this, Ikornyov broke up with Yana. His new chosen one was Irina Skorikova. Couples were often seen at social events. The protagonist of the third season of the show "Bachelor" constantly uploaded joint photos with the bride. Friends and relatives of Irya were sure that it was a wedding. But fate decreed in its own way.

Personal life of Irina Skorikova

In September 2014, our heroine parted ways with theAndrey Ikornev. The attractive brunette was not lonely for long. In October of the same year she met a solid man. His name, surname and occupation were not disclosed. It is known only that he is a wealthy person and has lived in Germany for many years.Wedding irina scorpion

Several times a month Irina flies to her lover. They travel together in Europe, making plans for further life. The girl does not exclude the fact that she can come to Germany for permanent residence.


Let's hope that the wedding of IrinaSkorikova and her new elect will be held in the near future. The girl claims that it was this man she was looking for all her life. With him, Ira is ready to create a family, to give birth to his children. Beloved Ira found a common language with her 6-year-old son Tikhon. And this is a very important moment for our heroine.

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Participant of the show Bach (Ukraine) Skorikova Irina: biography and personal life Participant of the show Bach (Ukraine) Skorikova Irina: biography and personal life Participant of the show Bach (Ukraine) Skorikova Irina: biography and personal life Participant of the show Bach (Ukraine) Skorikova Irina: biography and personal life Participant of the show Bach (Ukraine) Skorikova Irina: biography and personal life