"Park Kultury" - Moscow metro

The station is located on intersecting lines - Sokolnicheskaya and Koltsevaya - its opening was in 1935, and it joined the stations of the Koltsevaya line in 1950. Located on the territory of Khamovniki district in the central part of Moscow.
Culture Park (Metro)

It was during its commissioning that large portions of other stations belonging to the 1st launch site were put into operation. Then, at the end of the 20th century, the Park Kultury station (subway) was part of the Park Kultury - Kurskaya section.

origin of name

Many names were proposed for the station, even when it was still only in the project: “Krymskaya”, “Krymsky Most”, “Ostozhenka”, “Chudovka” and many others.

The final choice was ultimately influenced by the location near the Central Park station, named after the writer M. Gorky, although the “Culture Park” (metro) is located on the opposite bank of the Moscow River. In the very first periods of the metro, the station had the same name as the park (“Gorky Park of Culture”).

From the history of the station

As already noted above, the very first metro line of the capital was opened in May 1935. It passed from Sokolnikov to Park Kultury, with a small branch to Smolenskaya station (this is the Arbat line, which reached Kievskaya station in 1937, and at the same time began to cross the Moskva River).

Theoretically, the station "Park Kultury" (metro) was intended for the transport of passengers in the direction of the park of rest to them. Gorky, although he was located in the distance. Only later this feature of the metro (removal from the park) was noticed.

In front of him, the chief architect, I. Ye. Rozhin, put forward the main task - to facilitate the visually quite massive construction of the station’s huge pylons (it is deep-seated). It should be noted that such a problem almost always faces every new construction work in the metro.

Rozhin was asked to cut through the arch inside each of the pylons a profiled, visually dividing very massive support into four columns of the corner, on which the vault itself lies (as seen by passengers).

"Park of Culture" (metro) Koltsevaya Line: description

For technical specifications, this pylon station is a deep foundation (up to 40 meters) with 3 vaults. The size of the main hall is 9.5 m in diameter.

Marble pylons of gray color are decorated with 26 remarkable bas-reliefs (the work of S. M. Rabinovich) made of white marble representing a picture of Soviet youth’s rest. Moreover, 12 of all the bas-reliefs located in the side halls duplicate the same bas-reliefs located in the central hall. It turns out that only two of them have not been dubbed. A surprisingly beautiful stucco ornament adorns the ceiling.

Metro station Park Kultury

Metro "Park of Culture" (Ring Line) is decorated mostly with the use of marble and granite. The walls of the track are covered with labradorite below and black marble above. The ceiling is decorated with magnificent stucco ornament. The whole floor is lined with slabs of granite gray and black in such a way that all this seems to be a beautiful carpet ornament. The central hall is illuminated with hexagonal magnificent chandeliers. There is also a dark red color, for example, in the design of the basement (salieth marble).

The metro station Park Kultury has a passenger traffic only at the entrance of more than 32 thousand people.

Metro Park Kultury (Moscow)

Not far from the station itself, there is a branch to the Sokolnicheskaya line from the paths of the main Koltsevaya line. Also on the local leg (between the “Park of Culture” and “Kievskaya”) there is a maintenance point for trains.

Metro station Sokolnicheskaya line

The station of the 1st stage constructed by the open way is an architectural work of G. Krutikov.

Metro station "Park of Culture" (line Sokolnicheskaya) - three-span, with columns and with a depth of up to 10.5 meters. There were built in two rows of 23 square columns each, covered with marbled yellow-brown limestone. Between them the distance is 7 meters.

Facing the walls of the track is made of white ceramic, and the floors are lined with black granite. Also in the decoration of the station used gray, white marble and red tile metlahskaya. The illumination is made of central fluorescent lamps.

Metro Park Culture (ring)


Metro "Park of Culture" (Moscow) has south and north lobbies, beautiful in its own way. The south is decorated with 4 bas-reliefs placed on the ceiling ceiling. Through this lobby you can go to the city on Zubovsky Boulevard and Komsomolsky Avenue.

The northern, decorated with mosaic panels depicting the great writer Maxim Gorky, leads to Ostozhenka Street.

A curious fact is that the abbreviation of the original name of the station occurred in 1980 before the beginning of the Moscow Summer Olympics-80 due to the fact that the names had to be announced in English.

Thus, from those very times the station remained with that abbreviated name - “Park of Culture”.

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