Paraib Stone: magical properties (photo)

The gem of Paraib is one of thevarieties of tourmaline. It has a deep color, amazing transparency and unusual properties. This stone is used in jewelry art. And among the owners of jewelry with paraiba there are even world-famous people.

stone paraiba

Even profound pragmatists, far from mysticism andall supernatural, sometimes recognize that minerals are endowed with magical power. For example, if you hold the beads with a coil for a short time, they will begin to radiate heat. Stone paraib is no exception. Its properties are simply amazing. Astrologers claim that, like many other types of tourmaline, it has the ability to harmonize energy flows, realize the hidden potential, establish contact with itself. Let us consider in detail all the features of this unique stone.

The ancient history

In the early 1980s, Heitor Dimas Barbosa arrived inBrazil and began to search for something incredible. He was sure that the Paraib hills hide from the human eyes some special miracle. Five long years, he devoted to hard work and unsuccessful search. But he did not lose heart, he did not lose faith in his dream. And he was rewarded with the discovery of the tourmaline deposits with a completely unique deep color. The species was named after the province of Paraiba, in which it was first mined.

And is this story really ordinary? Is it not a lesser miracle than the beautiful gem? This story is about faith in a dream and in one's own strength, about perseverance and hope, about the pursuit of the beautiful and rewarded works. Probably, the magical properties of the stone and led him to the pioneer. After all, as you know, the paraib helps to find something that is hidden from the eyes of others.

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The magical power of paraiba and other tourmalines

People from ancient times believed that these stones are endowedconsiderable power. The main thing is to choose your kind, because each of them has its own character. It is believed that tourmalines protect from evil spirits and essences that have penetrated into our world from the otherworldly reality. All sorts of evil spooked with amulets with these minerals. Particularly strong in this regard is the stone paraiba. Protect tourmalines and from the evil eye. Carrier decoration with this gem is not terrible intrigues intruders and negative energy envious.

In some countries of the East, tourmaline is consideredman's stone. He empowers his owner with courage, courage and health. To a greater extent, this refers to stones of red tones. Some denominations use gems in religious rituals. The powerful positive energy of these stones protects from evil, prevents deceit, chases away evil thoughts. Paraiba and other kinds of tourmaline are decorated with church utensils, salaries of icons, ritual props.

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Features of Paraiba

Like all tourmalines, this gem is endowedmagical properties. Its palette refers to the upper spectrum, which is responsible for spiritual energies. If the red shades of tourmalines close to the color of the Earth are responsible for instincts and physical health, then the paraib stone is closer to the spiritual sphere. He is responsible for dreams, spiritual quest, self-knowledge, high aspirations. Not even an exception is the laboratory-grown hydrothermal stone of Paraib (HT).


Green, blue, blue and turquoise colorsmost common. They are due to the presence of manganese, copper and magnesium in the composition of the mineral. It is these components that determine the color. The mystical properties that are attributed to these stones depend on their color. So the green hues act tranquilly. They fit furious and emotional people, helping them to build a harmonious relationship with others. And the blue stones allow you to develop honesty, determination, self-control. They are often given to those people who lack these qualities of character.

The most common is the blue paraib stone. Photos of jewelry with this gem sometimes make us doubt that we are facing tourmaline. Some samples are more reminiscent of emeralds, alexandrite or even colored diamonds. These stones are often confused with precious yet and because of the name. After all, the green stone of Paraib is called the Brazilian emerald. But in reality they are different minerals, each of which has its own magic power.

stone paraiba magical properties

The opinion of astrologers

Experts say that the stone paraib is excellentsuitable for those born under the sign of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. He harmonizes energy, gives faith in himself, gives inspiration and helps overcome difficulties on the way to his dream. Like other blue-green stones, paraiba is well suited to people born under the auspices of the elements of Water and Air. But in the search for a magic talisman, one should also pay attention to one's own feelings. If the stone is really yours, you will feel it as soon as you take it in your hands.

Healing properties

Some argue that the most valuable thanpossesses a stone paraiba, - magical properties. The photos of crystals, even those that have not been jeweled, remind us of something mystical and magical. Specialists in the field of alternative medicine are sure that paraiba has unique healing properties:

  • Improves the work of the central nervous system.
  • Strengthens immunity.
  • Normalizes sleep.
  • Optimizes metabolism.
  • Improves appetite.
  • Eliminates fears.

Especially powerful properties are attributed to neon varieties of gem. It is believed that these stones of incredible beauty are the most powerful amulets that preserve health.

stone paraib magical properties photo


Stone paraiba, magical properties and beautywhich attracts increased attention to him, is not suitable for everyone. There are a number of cases where its power can have negative consequences. It should not be used if the following factors occur:

  1. Increased body temperature.
  2. The presence of a pacemaker.
  3. Problems with the thyroid gland.
  4. Personal intolerance.
  5. Soft tissue injuries.

With extreme caution, one should treat amulets and ornaments with paraiba to future and lactating mothers. Do not wear it and those to whom it has a depressing effect.

Amulets and amulets

On sale are more often come from artificially growncrystals. Although their formula completely coincides with the natural analog, but the magical power is not so great. If you dream of a powerful magical amulet, give preference to natural gems. True, their cost is quite high - from all varieties of tourmaline paraiba is the most expensive. On the market are presented both the uncut crystals and the stones processed by the jeweler. In an even wider range of jewelry presented. Gold enhances the magical properties of this stone. Remember this, choosing the amulet.

 stone paraib properties

Care of a stone

If you were lucky enough to get an ornament withby this marvelous gem, remember some simple rules that will help preserve its beauty and magical properties. Paraib stone should not be stored permanently in the light. Especially deadly for him is the prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. From this, his beautiful color can dull, which will weaken the strength of the mineral. Remember that like any actively working guard, this stone needs regular energy cleaning. To do this, periodically wash it under a stream of running water - it will carry with it all the accumulated negative. But the contact with fire this gem is contraindicated.

And what do psychologists say?

The effect of placebo and nocebo has been recognized by science for a long time. Psychologists believe that the talisman actually protects the owner, who believes in his magical power. Miracles happen to those who believe in them, they remind. And advise to surround yourself with beautiful things. If the stone brings you joy, conjures up auspicious thoughts, stirs up pleasant memories in your soul, perhaps this is his magic.

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