Paint mesh - simple material for many purposes.

For finishing work is characterized by the use of serpyanka. Its more understandable name is the painting grid. What is it for?

The need for this material

The painting grid is nothing but a means to increase the strength of the layers of finishing materials: plaster, putty. It also strengthens the joints between the building panels, the corners of the door and window openings. In addition, the surface with the painting grid is better leveled. Serpyanka is also called the painting grid, but self-adhesive, cut into thin (5 centimeters) strips.

What is it used for?

In general, places for the application of the paint mesh weight. We have already talked about strengthening the finishing layers of the walls (by the way, to achieve the maximum strengthening effect, you need to place the grid between the layers of the solution, and not between the surface and the solution). It is also noteworthy that the paint mesh is suitable for both internal,and for exterior decorating. So, for laying tiles, facade insulation, even when leveling floors use this material.

paint mesh dimensions

At the same time, the grid is absolutely harmless to the health of those who will live in a repaired room - people and animals. It is resistant to temperature effects: neither frost nor inflammation are not afraid of it. A miracle, not a material: it evens and fastens and is harmless.

What is this material about?

In appearance it looks like gauze, only for its manufacture glass fiber is used, which is additionally impregnated with a certain composition, which increases the resistance of the final material to the effects of an alkaline medium.

Depending on how rough the finishing material will be (putty or plaster, for example), there is a paint mesh with different cell sizes. So, for a simple finishing putty suitable mesh with a cell of 2x2 mm, and for the same plaster need to use a material with 5x5 holes. You can also find options with cells 2,5x2,5, as well as 4x4.

paint grid

When buying it is important to pay attention to what the paint grid is made of. This material is able to withstand the loads, which are determined by GOST 6943.10, and according to European standard during manufacture it is necessary to comply with the standards EN 13496 and ETAG 004.For such a brand of mesh as CCA 160 4x4, a thread of glass of grade E and a sizing agent, which is based on aminosilane, should be used.

Speaking of stamps

The previously mentioned CCA 160 4x4, stands for as follows:

  • CCA is a fiberglass reinforcing mesh;
  • 160 - the value of the nominal mass of the grid in grams per square. m;
  • 2.5x2.5 is the corresponding cell size in millimeters.

We return to the materials. For some countries, for example, it is characteristic that there is no procedure for mandatory certification of these products. Therefore, goods of a very doubtful quality are freely penetrating the market, the use of which may have the opposite effect. Be careful in cases where the mesh will become a necessity for the repair of your home. Otherwise, it is possible to make poor-quality repairs at home.

Paint mesh, size and price

  • A roll of 50 meters, 2x2, density below 140 g / m - in the region of 500 rubles per roll.
  • A roll of 20 meters, 2x2, density below 140 g / m - about 250 rubles per roll.
  • A roll of 50 meters, 5x5, density above 140 g / m - approximately 750 rubles per roll.

paint mesh

As you can see, the cost is influenced by two main factors: the size of the cells and the density of the grid.Other factors, such as high quality, brand, etc., can greatly increase the price. But will it be worth it?

By the way, references to such material are not in foreign sources. Apparently, it is preferred for domestic spaces, and in the United States or in Europe is not very appreciated. Consequently, either they do not need it, or they have an alternative solution, which is even cheaper and more qualitative.

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