Owl Parrot is a wonderful bird

New Zealand is a country with a unique animalpeace. Due to the closed nature of the island, rare species of animals are preserved here - echidna, platypus, capybar, Tasmanian devils. What stands alone is the local kiwi bird, which is a kind of New Zealand symbol. But apart from it, New Zealand is known for another flightless inhabitant with the ridiculous name Kakapo, or the owl parrot.

owl parrotThis bird was actually on the verge of extinctionthese days. But at the same time it is completely harmless, despite its large size. The owl parrot can reach a weight of 2-4 kilograms, and its body length is about 60 centimeters. Unlike his kindred, he completely lost the ability to fly. At most, what can kakapo is capable of is climbing up a tree branch and planning down there. But the length of such a "flight" can reach 50 meters. For this reason, his skeleton is quite different from that of the rest of the parrots - he has undeveloped wings and a low keel. But the bird has a wide pelvis.

Among the relatives, the owl parrot is a long-liver, heEasily can overcome the 95-year-old barrier. In addition, this is the only parrot, leading nightlife. During the day, the Kakapo sleep on the original potholes under the trees, and at night they begin to bypass their territory.

New Zealand Owl ParrotЕще одна особенность, которой обладает The New Zealand owl parrot is its smell. It is very pleasant and similar to the aromas of honey, flowers and beeswax. With the help of the smell, Kakapo warns his relatives about his presence. For this reason, sometimes these parrots are called "natural flavors".

Why the owl parrot?The reason for this name is simple. Only this parrot has a sensitive facial disc, similar to the owl's "face". In general, kakapo look like a funny cross between a parrot and an owl. Their plumage is a mottled yellowish-green hue, covered with dark black and brown strips. Feathers on the faceplate resemble feline vibrissae and perform the same locational function - on them kakapo orientates in space. In addition, they are distinguished by a large beak and short legs with disproportionately large feet. The beak of these parrots is designed to grind food, and feeds on kakapo mainly grass and fruits. Their diet varies, depending on the time of year, the owl parrot chooses certain fruits and seeds.

kakapo or owl parrotWhat is the reason for his disappearance?Why such a calm and sweet bird is on the verge of extinction? It turned out that people are guilty of everything. Before the arrival of New Zealanders from the mainland, Kakapo was replaced in the local ecosystem of bats that were practically absent there. But the sailed Europeans on their ships brought to the island of cats and rats. Small predators quickly found in the face of Kakapo easy prey, because before the owl parrots did not encounter such enemies. In addition, their population began to decline because of the fact that rats learned to destroy their nests located on the ground, to destroy eggs and chicks. Now kakapo survived only in the south-west of the South Island, and their population is scarcely more than 100 individuals. But these birds are able to attach themselves to a person, express their love, are able to compete with dogs and cats. Such parrots can be kept at home, they need a large cage. In addition, periodically the bird must be let out so that it flies.

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Owl Parrot is a wonderful bird Owl Parrot is a wonderful bird Owl Parrot is a wonderful bird Owl Parrot is a wonderful bird Owl Parrot is a wonderful bird