Overview of the motherboard ASUS P8B75-M LX

An inexpensive motherboard of an entry-level with fairly good specifications, allowing to assemble personal computers of the initial and intermediate level, is all ASUS P8B75-MLX. Its capabilities, technical and software specifications, as well as feedback of the owners of this accessory will be discussed in detail in this material.

asus p8b75 m

Niche of this computer accessory and its capabilities

On the creation of computer systems of primary and secondaryThe average level is oriented ASUS P8B75-M. The characteristics of this product are much better than the solutions based on the H61 chipset (the most affordable set of system logic for this platform), but worse than the Z77 (the most advanced chipset for LGA1155). Therefore, in combination with P8V75-M, any central processor of the 2nd or even the third generation can be theoretically installed on the basis of the Kor architecture. But only chips with index K in such a bundle will not be able to fully reveal their potential: this set of system logic does not allow increasing the multiplier even for those chips with which it is unlocked. Therefore, the overclocking capabilities in this case are minimal - only on the system bus, and even in a limited amount. In other respects, the possibilities of solutions based on such a product are enough to create a medium-sized computer configuration, which will be relevant for another 2-3 years.


The ASUS P8B75-M package includes the following:

  • The motherboard of this model.

  • Manual for the most common languages.

  • Warranty card.

  • CD with additional application software and a complete set of all necessary drivers.

  • A metal plate for mounting the card on the back side of the PC's system unit.

  • A set of 2 cords for connecting drives.

On the one hand, it seems like a modest equipment for today. But we do not forget that this middle-level solution and the above list is quite enough to collect a PC of this class.

motherboard asus p8b75 m plus

PCB Layout

The overall dimensions of this product are 198 x 244. In the center of the top half of the board is a processor socket. To the left of it, at the very edge of the board, is a side panel with ports and interface connectors. On the opposite side - two slots for RAM and a power connector. Under the socket there are expansion slots for installing the graphics adapter and additional external controllers. There are also 6 ports for connecting drives. One of them is white, and it supports the specifications of SATA 3.0, and all the others - blue, and in this case we are talking about supporting SATA 2.0 specifications. Next to them are the connection contacts of the front panel of the system unit and additional ports of the USS.

A set of system logic

The ASUS P8B75-M solution, as noted earlier,based on a set of system logic of the average level of B75 from Intel. Physically, this chipset can address 32 GB of RAM immediately, but in this case, limiting the size of the PCB and reducing the number of slots from 4 to 2 resulted in that there can be only 16 GB of RAM in such a PC. Another disadvantage of this chipset is the lack of the ability to overclock the semiconductor chip with the unlocked multiplier. Therefore, processors with an index K in combination with this board will look quite unconvincing and show a level of performance comparable to chips that have this frequency multiplier blocked. Among other chips of this chipset, you can note the direct implementation of the PCI bus. Of course, this is an outdated standard, but its availability allows you to save on purchasing additional controllers in some cases when updating a PC.

motherboard asus p8b75 m lx

Processor connector and supported CPU types

At the heart of this motherboard is the processorconnector LGA1155. Therefore, such a motherboard can install all the chips based on the "Kor" architecture of the 2nd generation, codenamed "Sandy Bridge". The second family of chips that supports this solution is the "Ivy Bridge" or the "Cor" architecture processors of the third generation. More preferable is the installation of the last type of CPU. They have higher clock speeds and, as a result, higher performance.

List of interfaces

Typical for a device of this class setports and connectors is equipped with ASUS P8B75-M LX motherboard. As expected, it only has one PS / 2 port, which can be connected to either a keyboard or a manipulator. Ports of the standard USB in this case 6. Two of them are blue, and they support the specifications of USB 3.0. The other 4 operate in the USB 2.0 mode, and the data exchange rate is much lower. To connect to a local area network, this computer component only has one RJ-45 port. Also there is a minimum list of 3.5-mm audio jacks for organizing input and output of audio signals in a PC. Graphics ports are only 2: D-Sub and DVI. But HDMI in this case is not, and it clearly is not enough. Most modern monitors are equipped with just such a port, and this is already a significant drawback of this board. A peculiar solution to this problem is the installation of a discrete video card with such a port.

motherboard asus p8b75 m

List of expansion slots

The situation with the expansion slots in ASUS P8B75-M LX is not bad. Characteristics indicate the presence of such of them:

  • There are only 2 slots for installing RAM. This design solution is due to the form factor of the board (MicroATX) and its positioning. And because of this in such a computer system can be installed only 16 GB of RAM instead of 32 GB, which at the maximum of B75 can address.

  • Only one PCI Express 16X slot inThis case is allocated to the installation of a discrete graphics adapter. Given that the PC based on this board can be either initial or intermediate, then one mid-level video accelerator will be enough to unlock the potential of such a personal computer.

  • To install additional controllers there are 2slot PCI Express 1X and one slot of the now outdated PCI standard. This design solution will, if necessary, expand the functionality of such a computer at minimal cost.


The ASUS P8B75-M motherboard is not designed forcreating a high-performance personal computer. As a result, the BIOS in this case has a fairly small number of configurable parameters. But after all, for a PC of middle and entry level, more is not needed.

motherboard asus p8b75 m le


The key plus of this motherboard model isexcellent value for money, functionality and quality. We can say that as a minus of this product, there is no overclocking capability and a small amount of RAM (maximum 16 GB). But this was true for the decisions of the premium segment. But for medium-sized and entry-level personal computers, this situation is not so terrible. Some owners complain about the lack of a second slot for installing the graphics adapter in this case. But then when assembling the PC, you had to choose another product. For example, the motherboard ASUS P8B75-M LE boasts just such functionality. Her cost was comparable.

asus p8b75 m specs

Cost and relevance of the solution now

Motherboard ASUS P8B75-M Plus at the momentIts output allowed to create excellent personal computers of both the initial and intermediate level. But this is true for 2012-2013. Now this platform was replaced by more recent solutions based on LGA1150 and, of course, LGA1151. Therefore, it is more correct when assembling a PC to pay attention to them. Well, this solution is perfect for those cases when the motherboard in the PC on the basis of LGA1155 is broken and it is necessary to restore its operability in an urgent order. Of course, it is impossible to acquire it in a new state. But you can find such a supported motherboard without any problems on various trading platforms on the Web. At the same time, its price will go down to a modest 40-60 dollars, depending on the state. But in a new state, such an accessory could be purchased in mid-2015, and it cost him then $ 65.

asus p8b75 m lx specs


An excellent solution in 2012 and 2013 forthe creation of a middle-entry and entry-level PC was the motherboard ASUS P8B75-M. And not only LX models, but also LE. Now, when assembling a new PC, it is better to choose more fresh platforms. Well, this board is perfect for repairing an old PC based on LGA1155.

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