Overalls "Pilguni". Description and customer reviews.

Any parent with the birth of a child thinks that,what kind of outerwear to buy for your baby. With all the diversity of brands, young moms and dads are lost in choice. Sure, I want to buy the best. Overalls "Pilguni" has won the hearts of many parents by the fact that at its relatively low cost it makes it possible to choose the model that will suit at any age and any season.

Polish quality


The "Piluni" brand came to us from Poland. It appeared in the nineties of the 20th century. The "parent" of the clothes of this firm is considered to be Jacek Pan. He worked for a long time in Italy in the design department. Soon he decides to return to his homeland in Poland. There he meets a girl, who later becomes his wife, the couple are born two wonderful kids, twins. After that, inspired by fatherhood, he starts working in the field of design, wishing to come up with unusual, stylish, warm and comfortable clothes for his children for all seasons. The result can be considered successful for today's brand "Pilguni". Comfortable overalls "Pilguni" reviews collected very positive.

This is understandable: a loving father, developing clothes for his children, wanted to provide for all the little things, while creating warm and comfortable things. And it came out wonderful.

What to prefer?

pilguni overall photo

Depending on the time of the year, overallshave different characteristics. Of course, the winter version will be much warmer, and its composition necessarily contains fur. But the manufacturer promises that in case you decide even in a severe frost to walk in a jumpsuit that does not have a fur lining, your baby will not freeze. It is necessary to put on a warm blouse under a suit.

"Pilguni" can be worn by babies from birth. At an extract from a maternity hospital it is possible to use an envelope which then is easy for altering in high-grade overalls.

Therefore, the baby can make his first steps in the same winter kit.

And remember: Do not delay for a long time with a choice of outerwear. Out of season, you can easily choose the color of the overalls of your choice. But with the onset of winter you will have to choose clothes from the remaining, unallocated assortment. Therefore, it is better to take care of the purchase in advance.


The greatest demand is the "Pilguni" overall, which is transformed from a warm envelope into a full-fledged combat suit.

It is very easy to do this: just fasten the socks, separate the zipper that separates the legs, and unfasten the fastening buttons from the bottom. Voilà! And a real warm overall is ready. In it, you can carry a child in a stroller, carry in kangaroos and even carry on your hands.

If you plan to travel in a car, it will not be difficult to transport the baby in it, without taking it out of a cozy envelope.

Usually isosoft or sheepskin is used as a heater. Both that, and other material perfectly keep heat.

Many people prefer sheepskin, considering thatnatural wool will better keep warm. The "Pilguni" jumpsuit, the photo of which is presented in the article, really has a sheepskin fur. But today science does not stand still, and the artificial insulator isozoft is no worse than warms the baby, saving precious heat in the cold season.

overalls pilguni reviews

It is worth noting that plus sheepskin support is that it can be removed in the off-season and put on in the cold. The artificial insulator does not have separate fastenings, therefore you can not remove it separately.

Transfers "Pilguni": customer reviews

While the child does not know how to walk and rolls inhe certainly needs a nice warm envelope. But very soon the kid will stomp. Do I need to buy separate outerwear? If you bought a Pelguni overall, you do not need to think about it. Just transform your favorite envelope into a comfortable combe and enjoy the first steps!

It is very convenient that the size range is suitable for children from birth to up to two years. The sale comes in sizes 68, 74 and 80.

overalls transformers pilguni reviews

However, if you use the supplied slippers-booties, then the overalls will be slightly larger.

When choosing a jumpsuit for your child, take into account your climatic conditions. But even for the northern winters "Pilguni" will do the best.

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