Outing wedding in the Crimea: organization and conduct

Wedding in Crimea is a bright event that will last a long timewill remain in the memory of all those present and, of course, the newlyweds themselves. This is a solemn event - the birthday of a new family, so it is so important to think over every detail and every detail, so that even decorations on tables and festive elements bring only positive emotions.

Possible wedding scenarios on the Black Sea coast

wedding in the Crimea

Natural sights of Crimeanpeninsula - these are ideal conditions for organizing the most memorable and most solemn wedding ceremony. For today, newlyweds can choose one of the most common variants of the celebration:

  • Wedding in the European style.It is a kind of social event witha buffet table, which is most often held outdoors. Wedding tables are large enough for all present guests to be able to choose their own company by their own interests. Easy music has to soulful conversations with a glass of sparkling wine.
  • A fabulous wedding with different characters.Surely everyone has a favorite fairy tale and heroes. So why not put some of the most memorable stories into reality? Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White - the bride can try on any fairy image.
  • Wedding gangsters.This style, especially recently,is becoming more popular. A wedding in the Crimea with a gangster accent is an unforgettable story with the characteristic elements of this style. Expensive cigars and sleek ringlets, impressive weapons and unranked luxury - this scenario will be remembered by every guest.
  • Retro-style never goes out of fashion.The main thing is to endure the whole wedding ceremony in this spirit.

Organization of a wedding in the Crimea - an event,requiring a creative and original approach. Currently, an increasing number of newlyweds prefer to organize thematic parties, in which even the elements of the decor are subject to the same scenario.

wedding in the Crimea description

The practical side of the question

Certainly, any wedding celebration has several inalienable elements. Here is the standard list of expenses:

  • The host of the wedding event.
  • Photoshoot and video shooting.
  • A restaurant.
  • Music, lighting and special effects.

Of course, no one cancels the bridal gowns of the bride and groom, close friends, who must match one another.

Wedding in Crimea and its organization - procedurequite troublesome and expensive. Of course, you can order the restaurant and the host yourself, take care of the decent decoration of the hall and exit registration, think over all the details and details, but this will take a lot of time and nerve cells. That is why modern newlyweds are increasingly giving preference to professional organizers of wedding ceremonies, who know their work and perform it at the highest level.

visiting wedding of Crimea

Black Sea coast

Wedding ceremony on the Crimean peninsula -it, first of all, amazing landscapes and magnificent photos. Currently, the format of "Weddings for Two" is gaining popularity - it's a great opportunity to register your relationships without unnecessary eyes and strangers, make stunning photos, and really enjoy a secluded vacation.

How to successfully choose a place for visitingregistration? First of all, it should be noted that such sites are paid and free. The most picturesque landscapes are met by newlyweds at Cape Fiolent, near Cossack Bay, and also not far from Balaklava.

In the palaces, private hotels and luxury restaurants, you can check-out and hold a wedding celebration. Of course, the cost of rent varies depending on many factors.

The most important thing is the weather ...

Wedding in the Crimea, a photo of which is eloquenttestifies to the coloring of landscapes and their splendor, should not be overshadowed by weather conditions. That's why this issue worries the young, and especially the bride, because for her the worst thing that can happen is rain during the wedding ceremony.

wedding in Crimea reviews

However, as practice showssolemn events, the climate of Crimea does not cloud the happiest day in the life of newlyweds. The weather on the peninsula pleases the culprits of the celebration and all the guests, however there are some trends that will help to avoid small troubles.

So, for example, it is best to organize a weddingin September - the air temperature is not so high, but the sea is as warm as in the summer. October is also suitable for a solemn event, as most foreign tourists have already parted, and weather conditions have a good rest and a busy pastime.

Outing wedding (Crimea)

Why newlyweds are increasingly preferredan exit ceremony? There are a lot of answers here. First of all, this is a unique opportunity to create a non-standard, creative ceremony, sustained in a unified style. Modern bride and groom increasingly depart from the widespread canons and traditions, prefer the manifestation of individuality.

symbolic wedding in Crimea

Registration in the REGISTRY OFFICE and exit ceremony are absolutely different in cost of action, however the price is quite justified, at least for the following reasons:

  • Possibility of holding a celebration in any place you like.
  • Create your own style and design, which will be subject to the smallest details of the decor.
  • Possibility to coordinate in detail each stage of registration of marriage, as well as to conduct several traditional rituals or customs
  • Great photo session and video shooting.

Undoubtedly, most newlyweds are interested in the question of how much a wedding is worth in the Crimea. The description of the items from which the cost of the visiting ceremony is summed up is as follows:

  • Rent of a site on which registration of marriage itself will take place (it can be in Simferopol, Yalta, Crimea, etc.).
  • Decoration of the site.
  • Direct organization and holding of the wedding ceremony.
  • Sound and music accompaniment.
  • Coordination of the newlyweds and all invited.
  • Cocktail.

In fact, this is the main points from which the total cost of the exit registration is formed.

wedding in the Crimea

Wedding in Crimea: places

The first place among the most common andpreferred places for the exit wedding ceremony is Simferopol. In this city there are a lot of beautiful places that will become an ideal decoration for the most exciting event in the life of two people. Picturesque parks, drowning in lush vegetation, luxury restaurants that offer special places for registration of marriage, as well as a huge number of sites that are broken off the waterfront - all these are ideal conditions for the celebration.

Restaurants "Chistiye Prudy", "Vremena Goda" or "Marina Grove" are not only excellent options for an outing ceremony. This is also the most suitable conditions for the whole celebration.

It is worth noting that this city is differentthe most extensive opportunities for weddings. There are numerous tourist complexes and recreation centers, fashionable hotels and luxury restaurants.

Price issue: expensive resorts

In itself, this celebration already refers to the numberexpensive, but the wedding in the Crimea - and an additional source of costs. Nevertheless, this kind of event most often happens once in a lifetime, so you can shell out for it.

Perhaps, one of the most expensive resortsis Yalta. The high cost is due primarily to the fact that here, in addition to beautiful natural scenery, it is possible to make vivid and impressive photos next to unique architectural and historical sights. Livadia or Massandra beach - not the best option for the celebration, but Simeiz or the village of Katsiveli represent the most suitable conditions for the ceremony.

Budget Options

For those who do not have the capacity to doa luxurious wedding ceremony, there are more affordable options. Sudak - a city that is famous for the best sandy beaches - is the most suitable place for organizing such an event as a wedding in the Crimea. The description of the resort eloquently shows that there are all conditions for outbound registration, and for a noisy feast. So, for example, the wedding ceremony itself can be organized near the Genoese fortress, which will become a magnificent decoration for a stylistic photo shoot.

Comfortable hotels and private mini-hotelsoffer ideal conditions for holding celebrations and recreation for all guests. Numerous restaurants of Sudak hospitably open the doors for everyone who wishes to organize a beautiful wedding on the Black Sea coast.

Independently or with the help of a professional?

Carrying out of wedding (Crimea) - action fromdischarge of especially troublesome, so the choice of the facilitator should be given special attention, because it is from this person and the whole team that the mood of the guests and the overall impression depends. To date, there is simply a colossal number of various agencies that offer wedding celebrations from the very beginning to the end.

A good wedding organizer is a person,who is well versed in all wedding nuances and nuances. Find it easy, but it is worth knowing some features of searching for a true professional. First of all, it's worthwhile to beware of companies that have only one presenter, one musician and performer - this means that customers simply will not have a choice. It is desirable to carefully study the proposals of this market, which offer services for organizing such an event as a wedding in the Crimea. Feedback will also help to make the right choice in favor of this or that presenter.

The most suitable time

As it was said before, the beginning of autumn isideal period for the solemn event. Symbolic wedding in the Crimea in the autumn style is a great idea that will make the event even more memorable and touching.

wedding in the Crimea photo

September - the beginning of the velvet season in the Crimeanthe peninsula. The air is not so hot, but the water in the sea still remains comfortable for bathing, which means that the newlyweds and all the guests will feel very good. Actually, the wedding decor in autumn style will be thought over - it will emphasize the individuality of the ceremony and its characteristic features.

Wedding, smoothly flowing into a honeymoon

Wedding in the Crimea is not only beautifulceremony and a bright event. This is also a unique opportunity to spend your honeymoon on one of the most picturesque peninsulas. Many newlyweds stay on the Black Sea coast for some time to really enjoy the impressions from the first days of their life together and immerse themselves in a calming atmosphere.

Honeymoon on the Crimean peninsula is a great opportunity to enjoy each other's company in a relaxed atmosphere.

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