Osho about love. Osho: quotes about the love of men and women, about the love of self

First of all, it is worth knowing who Osho is. It is known that this is a famous spiritual leader. Today, many perceive his teaching as the only correct rules of life, but there are also those who believe that his philosophy only harms society. Many times the teachings of this Indian esoteric have been criticized, but over the past few years it has acquired a large number of "satellites". This is due to the fact that most of Osho’s thoughts contain the truth of human existence, as well as the meaning of life.

This spiritual leader gave a special place to statements about love, its manifestations. Many of Osho's statements about love became the basis of today's understanding of this feeling. Moreover, they are the basis for understanding such concepts as family, gender relations.

Osho Biography

This is an Indian Enlightened Master. All over the world he is known as Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh.He has published more than 600 books, they are like a collection of his conversations with students, which Osho spent over a quarter of a century.

Shortly before his death, he announced the dropping of the prefix "Bhagwan Sri", since for most it is interpreted as God. The sannyasins (his students) decided to call him the name Osho already known to us, which first appeared in ancient Japan. In this way, all the disciples addressed the spiritual teachers.

love osho

The letter “O” means tremendous respect, love, gratitude, synchronicity, harmony, and “Sho” means a multidimensional expansion of consciousness.

Being enlightened, Osho was more clearly aware of the instability of the modern existence of mankind in this world. He believed that endless wars, inadmissible handling of the environment: the annual extinction of several thousand species of plants and animals, the cutting down of entire forests, the drainage of the seas, the presence of dangerous nuclear weapons that have indescribable destructive power - all of this will lead to complete disappearance.

In his opinion, one must live naturally, peacefully, turn inward. It is worth taking a little time to be alone, in silence, to watch the inner workings of your mind.

American followers of Osho purchased a ranch in Central Oregon, an area of ​​64 thousand acres. Rajneeshpuram was founded there. The Indian esoteric, having lived on a ranch for 4 years, became, if one can say so, the most audacious experiment of creating a spiritual commune (transnational).

Every summer thousands of his followers from Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America gathered there. As a result, the commune turned into a prosperous city, with more than 15,000 adherents.

In 1984, suddenly, just as he had stopped speaking, he spoke again. Osho was philosophizing about meditation, love, human lack of freedom in the framework of a heavily conditioned, insane world. He accused politicians, priests of corrupting fragile human souls and destroying human freedom.

In 1985, the American government accused the Enlightened Master of violating current immigration laws, and then arrested without warning. In shackles and handcuffs, Osho was held for almost two weeks in custody, refusing a bail. There he suffered physical damage on the basis of a medical examination.In Oklahoma, Osho underwent a large dose of radiation and was intoxicated with thalium. In the prison of Portland, in which the Enlightened Master was subsequently located, a bomb was found. Only he was not evacuated.

His lawyers, worrying about the life of the Master, agreed to acknowledge the immigration violation, Osho left the USA on November 14. Then the commune broke up.

The American government was not satisfied with a violation of the constitution in their country, so when Osho went at the invitation of students to other countries, it, using global influence, tried to make a negative impact on his work, wherever he went. As a result of such a policy on the part of the American government, 21 countries imposed a ban on the entry of both Osho and his companions.

osho about love

In 1986, the Enlightened Master returned to Bombay. His students began to gather around him. In 1987, due to the rapid growth of people coming to Osho, he moved to Pune, after which his International Commune was formed. Daily spiritual discourses, holidays, and meditation weekends were revived.

Osho created a number of new meditations, one of which is the Mystical Rose.It was the most memorable breakthrough in this area, 2500 years after the great Buddha Vipassana meditation. More than a thousand people took part in it (both in the commune and in its meditation centers around the world).

Osho left the body on January 19, 1990. He did not want to identify his teaching with religion. His teaching was focused on the individual, his freedom. It seemed to him a single world, without any restrictions on color, nationality, race.

Osho did not consider himself God, he never believed in prophets, prophecies, messiah. Osho considered them to be selfish people. In this regard, everything he could, he did. What will happen when he is gone, Osho left to the will of existence, since he trusted him absolutely.

The enlightened Master believed that if there is truth in his words, then it will surely survive. That is why Osho called his students not followers, they were his traveling companions.

Osho about love

Regarding the feelings in question, he expressed himself in such a way that he was inside each person. The individual, according to him, is not able to love another member of the human race if he does not love himself.This feeling comes from within, and if the subject is able to love himself, he will be able to share the feeling with the other. It does not speak about the ego, but about the inner light that forces love to open up. You can see that Osho about self-love talks quite a lot. Only after accepting oneself one can open up to another.

osho statements about love

Jealousy from the point of view of Osho

She is the first step to the destruction of true love. Most often, Osho about love said that it is expressed in the desire of a person for good. In this regard, it is understood that in a situation of a lack of a good plan in love, if it causes suffering both to the subject and his partner, then it is no longer about love. The latter cannot, according to Osho, coexist with grim jealousy, since love is not capable of owning someone. Otherwise, it would mean that the individual killed someone and then turned it into his personal property.

In a relationship, freedom must be given, because love is not a limitation, not a sacrifice, but only good, given free of charge.

When a person lives with a partner solely for the sake of money, safety, security, children, and other things, while excluding love, his existence is comparable to prostitution.

Place of expectations in love

The creation of chains is unacceptable, since demands and expectations instantly destroy love. According to the statements of Osho, lovers always have little of this feeling, which is why one should not wait, because waiting is always unjustified. True love can never be disappointed due to the fact that it completely lacks expectations.

Osho speaks of love in such a way that a person should neither wait, nor ask, nor demand. In a situation where love brings only disappointment, the feeling cannot be called real.

Love as art, harmony

Love men and women Osho compared with art. According to his revelations, to understand love, it must be treated as the last. If you want to succeed in it, you need to learn the art gradually.

Both are not given to us at birth, they can be mastered only by following the practice. For example, every dancer learns to dance through the study of plastics, movement. It takes a lot of training to master the art of dance. Moreover, the art of love takes a lot more power, because in the first case only one person is involved, in love - two. There is a meeting of two completely different worlds.In the process of such a rapprochement, a conflict is surely brewing, if you do not know the ways to achieve harmony.

“... A woman who is in love with you can increase your creative abilities, can inspire you to such heights that you have not even dreamed of. And she does not ask for anything in return. She just needs your love, and this is her natural right ... "(Osho). Quotes about love men and women are always relevant. Just a few words contain a deep truth, which many men in our time are incapable of seeing.

osho love quotes short

Love as a hierarchy

Osho spoke about love in this way, because in it, as in the hierarchy, there is an ascent: from the lowest level to the highest, from intimate proximity to the so-called superconsciousness. There are many steps, many levels in love. According to Osho, everything always depends on the person himself: people who are at the top of the hierarchy and those who occupy the lowest positions understand love differently.

Lower form of love

Osho about love in this aspect argues when people fall in love with cars, dogs, things, animals. This is due to the fact that the considered feeling of an ordinary, untrained individual has transformed into something terrible - an ongoing conflict.In the end, this leads to constant squabbles, grabbing each other's throats. This behavior is the lowest form of love.

In the case of using feelings as a bridge (meditation) there is nothing terrible about this. But if you always try to understand the essence, then within the framework of this very understanding, a person starts moving upwards.

Three steps of love by Osho

From his point of view, they are:

  • physical love;
  • psychological;
  • spiritual.

When all three levels are harmonized, divine love (unconditional) arises, the ideal of esotericism, spiritual people, which, according to the Bible, is called God, since it is love.

Highest level

Osho argued that only then love turns into an unconditional form when it ceases to be suffering, dependence. In a situation where love is a state of mind, the so-called lotus of soul and happiness is finally revealed, beginning to emit a delicate fragrance. This can only occur at the highest level.

Osho (quotes about the love of a man and a woman) emphasized that only at the highest level an individual will reach a special divine state of consciousness. At the lowest level, this feeling remains a policy, the manipulation of only one person.

osho love quotes

Osho: love quotes

This topic is devoted to a large number of quotes.Here are a few of them:

  1. "... The mind is a very business-like, computing mechanism, it has nothing to do with love ..."
  2. "... Love is a spiritual experience that has nothing to do with sexes and bodies, but is associated with the deepest inner being ..."
  3. "... Self-love does not imply selfish pride, not at all. In fact, it implies the exact opposite ..." and others.

This is how Osho's well-known quivering feeling described. Quotes about love (short) easily remain in the memory, because they contain the truth that does not age.

Women, in terms of Indian esoteric

Osho about love women spoke from the standpoint of grief, as women were constantly suppressed. He claimed that men for a long time managed the weaker sex. They used every opportunity to do this, and women were always suppressed.

It seemed to him strange that men dominate even in dance, poetry, music. Everything should be the other way around, but women have never been given the opportunity to achieve something meaningful. He believed that if women were prevented from getting an education, society would eventually become poorer.Osho insisted that it is necessary to give respect to the weaker sex. The world must belong to both sexes.

If a man is alone, he creates only war. Life becomes an endless struggle. The story is filled with cruel people who are now considered famous.

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How do men like?

According to Osho, man’s love comes down more to primitive physiological needs. Female love is always higher, stronger, filled with spirituality. That is why a woman is monogamous, the male gender is polygamous. Every man wants to have all the females, and even in this case he will not be satisfied.

Now Osho’s love quotes for men are becoming more and more popular, for example: “... A man’s love is his resting place ...”

Love and fear

According to Osho, there are two types of life: the first is based on fear, the second - on love. In the first case, life will never give a deep relationship, because a person lets in another only to a small extent, after which the wall grows, everything stops.

The one who is love oriented is religious. He does not fear the future, the results and the consequences.Such a person lives in the present.

In youth, people boldly go to love, because there is a very strong desire to love, which suppresses fear. Then the latter, accumulating, fills everything in such a way that there is no place left for free decision-making to give love. People love just because they want to have this feeling. It is inherent in a person initially, but the fears accumulated through life prevent one from being happy.

The difference between love and falling in love

Osho, like the rest of the sages, pointed to the existence of a huge difference between these feelings. What many call love later turns out to be simple falling in love.

Similarly, the relationship that true love generates is different from those built on love. In the first case, they give mutual happiness, and in the second - quarrels and disappointments.

Finally, it is worth recalling that the article examined how the most anxious feeling of Osho understood (quotes about love, see above). Described his point of view on the male perception of love and female. The main love rule of Osho is also voiced (quotes about self-love): without accepting oneself, it will be impossible for another person to open up.

osho about self love

The enlightened master believed that love (no church can stand around it), awareness — qualities that no one can monopolize. Osho wanted people to know themselves, regardless of the opinions of others. To do this, look inside. There is no need for a church or other external organization.

It has always promoted freedom, creativity, individuality. He was always for the beautiful Earth, for the existence of it at the moment, no need to wait for paradise, fear hell, experience greed. It is enough just to be in silence, here, enjoy your existence.

His philosophy is to destroy by all means everything that subsequently becomes slavery: groups, authorities, leaders - these are diseases that should be avoided.

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