"Onegin Dacha" (Rostov-on-Don): description, reviews

Find a good place to relax - it's likeprovide yourself with a constant source of positive emotions and impressions. "Onegin Dacha" (Rostov-on-Don) is one of those institutions that think through every step to make visitors feel the best way.

Location and mode of operation

For a short time of its existence, the restaurant"Onegin Dacha" (Rostov-on-Don) managed to earn a reputation as one of the best places for pastime. The convenient location of this establishment has made it quite popular. Being in the center of Rostov, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Large flower beds and coniferous bushes perfectly blended with the atmosphere of Rostov streets and allocated the restaurant "Onegin Dacha" among gray buildings.Onegin giving Rostov on DonIn truth, there are visitors whoFor the first time get acquainted with this place, wishing to make a photo against its background. Located at: Chekhov Street, 45B (between Pushkinskaya and Suvorova streets), the restaurant welcomes all connoisseurs of a cozy atmosphere and haute cuisine. From Sunday to Thursday, you can relax in its walls from 9 am to midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays - up to 1 night.


The restaurant "Onegin Dacha" offers itsvisitors a lot of opportunities for a quiet, quiet evening in the company of close people. The whole institution is divided into two main halls - "Winter Garden" and "Cherry Orchard". There is also a summer terrace and a balcony. The restaurant is perfect for weddings, corporate events and other celebrations. Interior decoration is so original that additional decoration of the halls is not necessary. This place has become legendary from the first stages of its work. His story is a rare example of when an institution starts at once on a grand scale, rather than swinging for years.Russian kitchenVisitors are invited to become part of thean amazing, magical atmosphere. They also have a fireplace room and a library. The restaurant "Onegin Dacha" is remembered for the youngest guests who can stay at small tables or in rocking chairs while parents enjoy each other's company. The assortment of delicious dishes of Russian cuisine will surprise with its variety.

It is difficult to imagine such a place without a musicalsupport. The restaurant regularly hosts jazz bands. "Onegin Dacha" choose large families for gatherings with relatives, businessmen for business meetings, couples in love for romantic dates.


Recreation will be at times better if it will bepass not only for a delicious meal, but also in an unusual, beautiful place. Restaurant "Onegin Dacha" (Rostov-on-Don) attracts with its appearance and causes the desire to stay in it a little more. A rich interior, where every detail plays its important role, enchants even the most demanding visitors.

Having crossed the threshold of the institution "Onegin Dacha", you canget to the perfect other time. Guests have a very strange feeling when they come from the bustling modern streets into the hall, where the atmosphere blows in the spirit of the 19th century. The name of this place displays the main idea in the interior.Onegin giving Rostov on don menuRich, luxurious rooms, in which you wantnot just sit, and arrange a magnificent ball, elegance, thought out to the smallest detail - all this resembles a country house in the world created by Alexander Pushkin in the work "Eugene Onegin." The use of various natural materials, interesting tiles, exquisite sofas and chairs, wicker chairs, unusual chandeliers in the form of ancient bird cages, chic curtains, candlesticks and other decor elements - all this turns the usual meal into something incredible and memorable.


The institution becomes a favorite not whencomes the admiration for his surroundings, and when for the first time you taste his dishes. Restaurant "Onegin Dacha" (Rostov-on-Don), the menu of which is represented by various traditional dishes, gives every visitor the opportunity to plunge into gastronomic pleasure.

In this place, Russian cuisine was perfectly matched andthe basics of French cooking. Guests can try unusual flavors from the restaurant's chef. For example, breakfast in the institution will be remembered by a burger with berries and brioche, pancakes with pike roe or fritters from roe of carp (this bird often appears in the ingredients for many dishes in the institution). Even more impressive pike perch, baked with sour cream, duck with apples or cock in wine.

"Onegin Dacha", the prices of which correspondthe quality of the restaurant, offers exceptionally delicious dishes. The salad "Olivier", loved by everyone, is served with tiger prawns and veal tongue for 540 rubles. A tender croissant costs 90 rubles. The price of a serving of casserole with cottage cheese and apricots is 290 rubles.


The restaurant "Onegin Dacha" (Rostov-on-Don) is full oflove of Russian culture of the XIX century and it is felt from the first minutes of stay in the institution. An intimate, relaxing and cozy atmosphere envelops every visitor. It is difficult to remember about everyday problems and cares in such a situation.restaurant onegin dacha Rostov on DonPolite staff will give everyone due attention andwill fulfill any requirement, guaranteeing quality rest to the guests of "Onegin Dacha". Incredible Russian cuisine with elements of French cuisine will delight even the most refined gourmet. A good drink will perfectly complement the dinner. It is impossible to come to this restaurant once, because the desire to repeat the sensations will constantly pursue those who liked the institution.


Restaurant "Onegin Dacha" (Rostov-on-Don) receivesa lot of positive feedback from visitors. Many of them call it a bohemian place. A high level of service, courteous waiters and their appearance create the best impression of the work of the institution.Onegin cottage prices Try the unknown dishes - the presentpleasure. And in this restaurant, each dish is a real work of culinary art. Enthusiastic reviews of visitors quickly spread throughout the city. This once again proves that the restaurant "Onegin Dacha" is a unique place for pastime.

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