Olga Groznaya: biography and personal life of TV host

The heroine of this article is Olga Groznaya. Biography TV presenter is interested in her numerous fans. Do you also want to know where she was born, on whom she studied and how she became a popular person? We are ready to share the necessary information.Olga is a terrible biography

Olga Groznaya: Biography

A well-known TV presenter appeared in the world 12October 1966 in one of the Moscow maternity homes. She was always a mobile and sociable child. Olga studied well at school. All the teachers praised her. The girl had many friends in the class.

At the end of high school, our heroine is soand did not decide on the profession. Olga's mother dreamed that her daughter will receive an economic education. And the girl decided not to upset her parent. She entered the Academy of National Economy. G. Plekhanov. In 1988, she was awarded a diploma of graduation from the university.


According to the Academy's specialty "trade economist" Olga did not work for a day. The girl realized that she wasted five years of her life. After all, her mother was dreaming about this profession, and not herself.

Olga Groznaya, whose biography today weis considered, moved into the modeling business. Her appearance was ideal: blond hair, pretty face, gray eyes, pouting lips, slender figure.

Our heroine managed to build in a short timesuccessful modeling career. She participated in fashion shows, photo sessions and beauty contests. In her moneybox there are several honorary titles, for example "Miss Photo".Olga the terrible TV presenter

TV presenter's work

Blond beauty and did not think to leavemodel business. On TV, she got by accident. It happened in the early 1990s. The blonde quickly got used to the new place and won the love of the audience. Olga Groznaya is a TV presenter, known for such peradachs as "Segodnyachko", "Vremenchko", "Date", "Time of business people". The lack of journalistic education did not put Olga at all on TV. But excellent external data and natural charm, on the contrary, greatly helped her.

In 1994, one authoritative publication calledOlga Groznaya is the most elegant TV presenter. This event was very pleased with her. In 1997, the festival of leading weather programs was held. The event was attended by representatives of the journalistic brethren from different countries. Olga Groznaya is a TV presenter who won a prize at this festival.Olga's terrible age

First marriage

Slim and attractive blonde alwayswas popular with the male. From a young age, the boys ran after her, confessed their love and gave flowers. But the girl was in no hurry to start a serious relationship. In the first place she had studies. However, even after receiving higher education, Olga was not in a hurry to create a family and have children. Probably, all because on the horizon there was no worthy candidate for the role of spouse.

For the first time our heroine got married in 1991. Her chosen one was musician and director Yuri Bykarsky. Their acquaintance took place long before Olga appeared on television. But a serious relationship, growing into a marriage, began only a few years later. Spouse helped Olga constructive criticism of her work on TV.

Soon the couple had a daughter, who was named Olesya. Yuri was on the seventh heaven with happiness. Every day after work, he hurried home, where his beloved girls were waiting for him.

Not everyone knows that Olga herselfbusiness is not Terrible. She borrowed this name from her mother-in-law-the mother of her first husband. Unfortunately, the marriage with Yuri did not last long. But the former spouses managed to maintain good relations.Olga's formidable wife is less

Olga Groznaya is the wife of Men'shov

Meeting TV presenter and People's Artistwas held in the 1990s. Evgeni Men'shov was still married then. He only perceived Olga as a friend. A few years later, the artist's spouse died of cancer. And our heroine became for him some kind of vent, an angel-keeper. Only thanks to her support, Menchov was able to get out of the severe depression.

In 2008, a lavish wedding was held in Moscow. In the role of the bride and groom, Evgeni Menshov and Olga Groznaya performed. Age did not become a hindrance to their relationship. The 42-year-old TV presenter and the 60-year-old artist on the wedding day glowed with happiness. The celebration took place in the restaurant "Prague". There were invited 30 people, including friends, colleagues and close relatives from the bride and groom. Tiffany's engagement rings were brought by the TV presenter from San Francisco.

Evgeni Menshov received Olga's daughter and brought up as her own. Harmony and understanding prevailed in the family. In recent years, the people's artist was very sick. May 19, 2015, Evgeni Menshov left this world.


We talked about where she was born, studied andworked Olga Groznaya. The biography of the TV presenter was examined in detail. Our heroine is a talented, beautiful and purposeful woman. In her life there was everything: a successful career, a lot of love and a bitter loss.

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Olga Groznaya: biography and personal life of TV host Olga Groznaya: biography and personal life of TV host Olga Groznaya: biography and personal life of TV host Olga Groznaya: biography and personal life of TV host Olga Groznaya: biography and personal life of TV host Olga Groznaya: biography and personal life of TV host Olga Groznaya: biography and personal life of TV host