OJSC North-West Shipping Company: history. Services, reviews

"North-Western Shipping Company" is one of the oldestshipping companies in Russia, which at the moment is a consolidation of a holding type. The main area of ​​its activity is cargo transportation between the ports of Russia, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The structure of the company

North-West Shipping Company also includes 8 subsidiary companies, in addition to the management company OAO SZP, including:

  • Shipping company "North-West Fleet".

  • "Belozersky port".

  • "Passenger Port".

  • Enterprise "Ascension repair base of the fleet".

  • Company "Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant".

  • Firm "Subservice".

  • "Astrakhan Shipping Company".
  • Company management of the fleet "Volga-Neva".

  • "Volga-Baltic Logistic Company".

north west shipping company

Registered subsidiaries of the company inLeningrad and Vologda regions. St. Petersburg is the city where the head office of the North-Western Shipping Company is located. Address of the holding company: ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 37.

history of the company

This shipping company was created a long time ago - inbeginning of the last century. The decision on its organization was adopted by the Labor and Defense Council in 1923. Initially, OJSC SZP was named "North-Western River Shipping Company". In those early years, at his disposal were 500 ships, of which 76 were commodity-passenger. The main activity of the shipping company was transportation of timber and food.

During the war, the crews of many ships of the companytook direct part in the fighting. The shipping company also evacuated people from besieged Leningrad and supplied food and medicines to the city. On combat positions, the crews delivered ammunition, military equipment and equipment. In 1948, the shipping company established a regular movement of cargo ships along the Volga, and in 1964 began shipping to the ports of the Baltic, Caspian and White Seas.

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The main production structure of the shipping companywas formed in the 80 years. At the same time, many port facilities and the Nevsky Shipyard were reconstructed. In the 90 years the company managed to maintain its strong positions and practically its assets during the privatization. To date, 25% of the holding's shares belong to the state, 56.12% are owned by the Depository Clearing Company, and 10% are owned by private individuals. OJSC North-West Shipping Company was registered in 1994.

Company Services

Today the main activity of the holdingare the transport of goods from the Center of Russia along the Volga and Kama, as well as between the basins of the Mediterranean, Caspian, Baltic, Black and North Seas. The transportation is carried out not only on the territory of the country, but also on the rivers of foreign countries of Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, etc. Annually the company carries up to 6 million tons of cargo for customers, including the largest timber processing, metallurgical, agricultural enterprises.

north west shipping company

In addition to the actual transportation of goods into the scope of the holding's activities:

  • Towing operations.

  • Selection of crews.

  • Operations for the purchase and sale of ships and property.

  • Logistic operations.

Towing operations

To date, the company has implemented alltypes of similar works. Tugs of the North-West Shipping Company move floating cranes, construction platforms, and, if necessary, other vessels. Often the crews of the company have to participate in various kinds of rescue operations or environmental activities.

To obtain the towing service to the customerit is necessary to conclude a contract with the shipping company of the established type. Also such operations are carried out by the company as part of the implementation of work on other orders of business partners. For example, towing may be needed when performing rescue contracts, pilotage, etc.

The company performs the following types of towing:

  • Emergency.The specialists of the shipping company will deliver a lost or damaged vessel to the port.

  • Planned towing of ships and objects.

  • Intra-port towing in raids and in harbor.

north west sea shipping company

OJSC North-West Shipping Company can ordertowing by the main method (on a short line), pushing, lag, etc. Operations are carried out by one vessel and several. The specialists of the company carry out all the preparatory measures necessary for towing: they count on the strength of the equipment, the stability of the vessels, determine the probable ports of refuge, reinforce the superstructures, hulls, decks, cuttings, etc., if necessary.

Crew selection

Work with personnel in OJSC North-WestShipping is paid special attention. Over the years of the company's existence, fleet dynasties have developed, the members of which have devoted themselves entirely to work on river vessels and in ports. As an example, we can mention the Rudous, Bibiksar, Horn, Pozdnyakovs.

For 2015 The company employs more than 1500 employees, most of whom are highly qualified specialists. Therefore, the shipping company has the opportunity to provide recruitment services for domestic dry cargo vessels as well as for foreign ones. The ship's crew usually consists of a captain, rank and file, mechanics, radio specialists, masters, doctors, engineers. All these specialists can be hired in the company if necessary. The employees of the shipping company have sufficient qualifications to ensure safe navigation, adhere to high conscious discipline and comply with the requirements of the Charter.

Ship purchase / sale

The realization of dry cargo is also whatis engaged in the company "North-Western Shipping Company". St. Petersburg is a city in which, as already mentioned, the head office of the company is located. Turning to the managers of the holding, you can buy ships or order their construction. The company offers its customers single-screw and double-screw dry cargo ships (up to 7,000 tons), oil tankers, non-self-propelled vessels.

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Among other things, specialists of the company "SZP"carry out such an operation as the synchronization of cargo transportation by sea and river, as well as by land transport between remote ports and regions. Ordering such a service, the company's customers get the opportunity to save considerable money by reducing the time of delivery of goods, reducing fuel costs, and so on.

Newspaper of the holding

Among other things, the company "North-Western(although more correctly called it river) is one of the founders of the newspaper "Volgo-Nevsky Prospect", the publishing house of which is located in Nizhny Novgorod. It was formed in November 1934 on the basis of a copy of the Leningrad Waterman. They called it the "North-West Waterman". Only in 1947 there were 126 issues of this edition with a circulation of 2,000 copies. Stakhanov's movement reflected in its pages, the work of drummers of production, the work of courts, etc. was reviewed. The editorial staff carried out tremendous work with the readers' letters, answering the questions of interest to them. In 1973 this printed edition was renamed the "Leningrad Rechnik", in 1990 they returned to it the old name. In 1994, due to the financial situation of the company, the newspaper was closed.

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Again, its editorial office beganto implement in 2 years - in 1996. However, the newspaper began to release the newspaper only in 2001. Finally, its release was terminated in 2005 in connection with the establishment of a larger edition of Volgo-Nevsky Prospect distributed in the North-Western, Central and Volga federal districts.

Statistical data

In 2014, the total revenue of OJSC SZP was 6.1 billion rubles (21% more than in the previous year). At the same time about 75% of the income was received from transportation of timber and grain, as well as products of the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy and mineral fertilizers. The growth of the company's economic indicators, according to its management, was achieved mainly thanks to the renewal of the fleet - the sale of 14 old ships and the concentration of traffic on the dry cargo ships built during the last 12 years.

North-West Shipping Company: reviews

The customers' opinion about OJSC NWF was good. Its obligations are fulfilled by the company exactly, in accordance with the concluded contracts. But unfortunately, due to prevailing in the country in recent years is not too favorable economic situation of the holding employees themselves sometimes unflattering speak about it. It's all about the small salary and not too good, bureaucratic attitude to the cadres. And the fact that the management decided to sell the old ships, like not everyone. People want to work and receive a reward worthy of it. However, to change the old dry-cargo ships to new ones, in their opinion, the leadership is in no hurry. But we will assume that the difficulties are in the company temporary, and soon all these problems will be solved.

 North West Shipping Company reviews

In general, the work of the oldest Russianenterprises of OJSC North-West Shipping Company (address of the company: St. Petersburg, B. Morskaya, 37) can be called quite effective. Undoubtedly, the company is profitable, and its activity contributes to the development of the economy not only of the Leningrad region, but of all Russia as a whole.

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