Oil "Mobile 10W-40" (semisynthetic): user reviews

Quality lubricant for a long timeIt keeps engine mechanisms from abrasion, premature failure. Therefore, to his choice fit the most responsible. For each type of motor used a special composition. It is approved by the automotive manufacturer after the testing.

Reviews of the oil "Mobile 10W-40" (semisynthetic)represent professional technologists and experienceddrivers. On the basis of these characteristics, each owner of a car or truck will be able to conclude that the presented product can be used. Features of the presented products will be discussed further.

general characteristics

Reviews about the oil "Mobile 10W-40" (semisynthetic), photowhich is presented below, speak of his worthy quality. In our country, the product is widely known and in demand. This is due to its good quality and affordable cost.Oil Mobile 10w-40 semi-synthetic photo review

The company introduces a lot ofvarieties of lubricants. Almost all of them comply with the international standard SAE. This allows the use of Mobil products in the engines of the old and new models.

The viscosity class of 10W-40 is considered practicallyuniversal. This all-season tool, which today is chosen by many drivers in the middle and southern part of Russia. The company "Mobil" issues several funds, corresponding to the presented standard. Huge popularity is enjoyed by semisynthetics. It is considered a more universal lubricant.

The basis of the oil

A series of semi-synthetic oils that producesThe company "Mobil" has special technical characteristics due to its composition. The basis of the product is made up of artificial and mineral components.

Oil motor "Mobile 10W-40" (semisynthetic)has all the advantages of syntheticvarieties of lubricants. Mineral components allow to reduce a little the price of the presented product. Semisynthetics can be used in medium and lightly loaded engine conditions. This is one of the universal products. It is suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines.Oil Mobile 10w-40 semi-synthetic reviews

Semisynthetic oils differlong life and good flow characteristics. The composition of various series includes a certain set of additives. They determine the basic properties and functions of the lubricant presented.


There are several series that have a viscosity class of 10W-40. One of the most popular and budgetary varieties is theoil "Mobile Ultra 10W-40" (semisynthetic). Reviewsspecialists testify to its average quality and affordable price. A can of 1 liter will cost about 270-300 rubles.Oil Mobile 10w-40 semi-synthetic reviews Diesel

Improved characteristics of the series"Super 2000". The cost of a can of 4 liters is approximately 1250-1300 rubles. The Super 2000 series includes a line for diesel engines. It includes more detergent additives. Capacity of 4 liters will cost the buyer about 1550-1600 rubles.

Exclusively for gasoline engines wasa series of "Esso Ultra" was developed. The cost of this product is 1000-1100 rubles. for 4 liters. When choosing the engine oil must take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer. Incorrectly selected oil can adversely affect engine performance.

Ultra series

Reviews of the oil "Mobile 10W-40" (semisynthetic) for winterand the summer left by technologists in varioussources, indicate the advisability of using for many motors of the Ultra series. These lubricants are designed for diesel, as well as gasoline engines for cars, trucks and minibuses.Oil Mobile 10w-40 semi-synthetic reviews for winter

The additives included in the composition providereliable protection of mechanisms under different operating conditions. Good sliding of rubbing steam is ensured both in frost and in heat. The "Ultra" line of products received permits from many world car manufacturers.

The ash content of the oil is 1.3%. The viscosity coefficient is 157 units. The oil starts to set at -33 ° C. The flash point is 223 ° C. According to these key indicators, the presented tool is almost inferior to the analogs.

Super 2000 Series

Reviews of the oil "Mobile Super 10w-40" (semisynthetic)say about the high quality of the presentedproduct. It corresponds to high-end consumables in its technical characteristics. This means successfully protects motors from wear, mechanical failure, oxidation and pollution.Oil Mobile 2000 10w-40 semi-synthetic reviews

The present tool is used in manyvehicles. Due to the presence of mineral components, as well as a special formula, the Super 2000 series is used in older engines. Oil does not destroy insulation materials. At the same time, the quality of the system cleaning remains high.

Also the presented product can be poured incrankcase of gasoline or diesel engines that do not have a particulate filter. It is suitable not only for passenger cars, but also for SUVs, crossovers, small trucks, vans and minibuses. Also it is poured into motors with increased performance characteristics.

Technical characteristics of the "Super" series

Reviews of the oil "Mobile 2000 10W-40" (semisynthetic)provide professional technology. On the basis of their studies, it is possible to draw conclusions about the technical characteristics and operational characteristics of the presented consumable material.Oil Mobile Super 10w-40 semi-synthetic reviews

The viscosity of the product at 100 ° C is 14.4 cSt. At the same time, the ash index will be significantly lower than that of the Ultra series. It is only 0.91%. This is a good indicator, which indicates a high purity of the engine when using the oil "Super 2000".

The flash is also at a highlevel. It is 230 ° C. This indicates a high quality of the lubricant. The pour point of the agent is -30 ºС. This fully corresponds to the standard for the production of oil. The above characteristics indicate the high quality of the "Super" series.

Super Diesel Series

Oil "Mobile Diesel 10W-40" (semisynthetic), reviewswhich is presented in various sources,belongs to the series "Super". Due to its special composition, such oils have a narrower field of application. They provide stable, reliable operation of diesel engines.Motor oil Mobile 10w-40 semisynthetic review

The presented tool can be used whenincreased loads, which periodically occur when the motor is running. The oil "Super Diesel 2000" can be used in engines with old designs. Also it is used when driving a car around the city or the highway. As with overloads, and in normal mode, the lubricant can ensure stable operation of the engine.

The difference of the presented series from the line "Super2000 "consists in a greater number of detergent additives. For diesel engines it is extremely important to ensure a high-quality cleaning of the mechanism from carbon black, soot. The presented series copes well with the task entrusted to it, maintains the cleanliness of the motor during the entire service life.

Esso Ultra series

Esso Ultra series is one of the less popular amongoils "Mobile 1" 10w-40 (semisynthetic). Reviewsexperts say the possibility of usingthe present substance in diesel and gasoline engines. However, technologists still talk about the narrow specialization of the facility. It is recommended to fill it in the crankcase of gasoline engines (including turbo-charged).

The kinematic viscosity is 14.5 cSt at100 ºС. The viscosity at 15 ° C is 873 kg / m³. This indicator corresponds to the requirements of the standard. The flash point is 227 ° C. It freezes at -33 ° C.

All the figures presented correspondhigh requirements of the SAE standard. However, the ash content is 1.2%. Therefore, this oil is not recommended for use in diesel engines that operate under stressed conditions. To do this, you need to buy a series of "Super Diesel".

Expert Reviews

High performance characteristics notedoil "Mobile" 10w-40 (semisynthetic). Reviewsexperts speak about the universality and efficiency of these lubricants. They are able to reliably protect the engine under various operating conditions.

All-season oils of the presented viscosity classprovide easy start of the motor at temperatures up to -25 ºС. In summer, the oil film on the engine parts is not broken at ambient temperatures up to +35 ºС.

The universality of all products of "Mobile"on a semi-synthetic basis. At the same time, the driver is able to select the vehicle most suitable for the vehicle's operating conditions. For this, different series of lubricant are available. According to its technical characteristics, Mobil oils with a viscosity class of 10W-40 fully comply with the requirements of the standards. However, a high ash content in the budget series is a drawback of the product. Replacement of this oil must be performed more often.

Negative feedback from drivers

High quality is known among domestic driversoil "Mobile 10W-40", reviewsbuyers in 5% of cases are negative. This can be due to a large number of fakes. Original oil has better characteristics.

Some drivers claim that to start a motorat a temperature of -30 ºС it is difficult. In this case it is recommended to purchase a product with a different viscosity class. Oil causes noise and vibration. There may be a build-up. To avoid this, you should select the oil in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the motor.

To avoid buying a fake, you need to purchase funds in specialized stores, from trusted vendors.

Positive reviews

Virtually 95% of the surveyed drivers note the high qualityoils "Mobile 10W-40" (semisynthetic). Reviewstestify to the high quality of theproducts. When using this tool, the motor consumes less fuel. There is no accumulation of ash deposits inside the engine. It works stably, noiselessly.

Also, many drivers note the affordable value of the funds presented. At the same time, technical characteristics are not inferior to the analogous composition offered by competitors.

Oil can be used for a long time under various environmental conditions and periodic load. At the same time, it does not lose its qualities during the entire service life.

Having considered the means of "Mobil", which are produced on a semi-synthetic basis and with a viscosity class of 10W-40, one can note their universality and worthy quality.

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