Numbness of the left arm

At the present time, numbness of the left arm is enougha frequent phenomenon. It is observed in many people, regardless of their sex or age. But do not panic. Since such a condition can be caused by a disease of the vessels or nerves of the hand, and also cause cervical neuralgia.

In addition, such a symptom may well bepoint and unhealthy heart. Mostly, such an inaccuracy in the diagnosis is due to the presence of several zones in the hands, where numbness or upset of the sensitivity of the skin itself often occurs.

Those who suffer from heart disease,the numbness of the little finger on the left hand and the ring finger is noted. It appears, as a rule, at night. And further from the fingers there is a spreading of numbness along the entire arm from the inner side to the forearm.

In the case when fingertips on bothhands during the beginning of spring or the end of winter, it can signal a lack of vitamins A and B group. And the manifestation of such a symptom in people older than 45 years often serves as evidence of the onset of development of atherosclerosis of the vessels of both hands.

Numbness of the left arm (in principle, like the right one)often occurs in people who for a sufficiently long time perform some kind of monotonous work. For example, it can be sewing, typing or knitting and many other activities. Often this is accompanied by stiffness of movements or convulsive reduction of fingers.

It also suggests that the neuromuscularthe device of the hand is subject to functional overload. There are cases when both the middle and index fingers numb at the same time. This process begins on the back of the hand, and then gradually spreads directly to the outside of the palm.

In this case, weakness in the hand and painsensations when flexing. Signaling it can either about the ulnar joint disease, or about the shoulder injury, namely its nerve plexus. It should be noted that often enough there is numbness of the left hand not all, namely certain fingers. In addition, such feelings can occur in the right hand, and both hands simultaneously.

So, if the index finger and the thumb grow dumbeither the middle and the index one, and often both hands, then we can talk about the disease of the cervical vertebrae. Though also it can be and disease of deep cervical muscles squeezing nerve roots, or intervertebral disks. This reduces the strength in the fingers, and in the area of ​​the shoulder and the outside of the forearm, in some cases, pain occurs.

Numbness of the left hand and, of course, rightis often a consequence of the chronic use of alcoholic beverages and smoking. Because they lead to poisoning not only of the nervous system, but of the whole organism as a whole. Often, on the palmar side of the hand, the index, middle and ring finger become numb, and often all, with subsequent spread to the forearms.

It should be noted that very often to numb handscause causes that are far from the location of such unpleasant sensations. Such a malaise can be triggered by a violation of the functions of certain internal organs, stress, transferred operations, spasms in the chest cavity, formed after pneumonia.

A very serious situation when there is anumbness of the little finger of the left hand, which indicates heart disease. Although in situations where numb fingers signal for nervous disorders, you should be extremely careful and take the situation with all responsibility.

Whatever it was, and what would not have been observedsymptoms, you need to seek the advice of a specialist. Only he will be able to evaluate all the symptoms, identify the cause, which determines them, and prescribe a course of treatment. After all, self-diagnosis and self-treatment often lead to a deplorable result, since in this case the probability of running the disease increases dramatically.

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