Novitsky Sergey Nikolaevich: sports destiny

The TV project "Ice and Fire" on the First Channel gavethe opportunity for many stars to express themselves in a new role. In 2010, former figure skater Novitsky Sergey Nikolayevich appeared in it. His personal life after that became interesting to many viewers.

Its partner in the project was the singer Svetlana Svetikova. Thanks to their performances, this couple has gained a lot of admirers.

Sergei Novitsky (figure skater): personal life, the beginning of sports biography

Many fans remember the European championship of 2009 in figure skating. Not bad on it were Russian athletes. In the category "Dancing on Ice" champions Novitsky Sergey and Khokhlov Yana.

In their piggy bank awards there are also two wins in the Russian championship, bronze in the world championship - 2008, and also two gold medals at the Winter Universiade.

Sergei began to play sports since he was four years old, when in 1985 he was brought to the Moscow sports school by his grandmother.Sergey NovitskyIn the first years of his studies he mastered a solitaryskating, but they did not achieve outstanding results in this field. His maximum achievement was double jumps. This was the reason that in the fourteenth year of his life Novitsky changed direction in figure skating and began to dance.

At the beginning of his career he trained and performedwith partner - Natalia Lepetyukha. However, after a while Natalia decided to stop playing sports, and since 2001, Sergey's partner was Khokhlov Yana. The coach of the dancing couple was Larisa Filina.

The first sports achievements of the new pair

In 2003 Sergey and Yana changed their coach. They became engaged in A. Porkin and choreographer I. Zhuk.

The first serious achievement of the pair was the performance at the national championship in 2005, where the guys earned bronze medals.

The following year they managed to repeat this achievement, and they were selected to the Russian team sent to the city of Turin for the Olympic Games, where they won the twelfth place.sergey novitsky personal lifeThe year 2007 brought silver medals to the dance pair in the Russian championship, the fourth place in the European and the eighth in the world championship in figure skating.

2008 was very successful for them. Sergei Novitsky and Yana Khokhlova took first place in the Russian championship for the first time, perhaps it helped them in this circumstance that the leaders of the national ice dancing team at the time - Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin - did not take part in the competitions.

Their performances in that year and the following year they spent in costumes, which was designed for them by an outstanding Russian fashion designer Zaitsev Vyacheslav.

Further career of skaters

For the first time Novitsky and Khokhlova managed to bypass the best Russian duo (Domnina Oksana and Shabalin Maxim) during the 5th stage of the Cup of Russia tournament Grand Prix of the season 2008-2009.sergey novitsky figure skater personal lifeUnfortunately, from participation in the final partThey had to refuse the Grand Prix, in connection with the fact that Sergei received a strong food poisoning. They even held a warm-up, but the partner's well-being did not allow a couple to get out on the ice to dance the final dance.

The following year, they again managed to become Russian champions in ice dancing.
European Championship-2009 was held in absencethe leading dance duos: Shabalin-Domnina and Shonfelder-Delobel, and the victory was won for the first time by Jan Khokhlova and Sergei Novitsky. The personal life of this couple was usually always out of the zone of attention, but on the sports path they reached a higher limit during this period, they no longer reached this level later.

A series of failures

To the world championship in figure skating 2009Novitsky-Khokhlov pair was preparing and was considered as a contender for one of the prize places, but above 6 places athletes in this competition could not rise.

The Olympic season of 2009-2010 was forthis pair is not entirely successful. The Grand Prix Series in the People's Republic of China brought them only fourth place. In the United States of America they managed to become the second, but they managed to pass to the final part only as reserve.novitsky sergey nikolaevich personal lifeDespite the fact that they had the opportunity to participate in the finals due to the refusal of Americans T. Belmin and B. Agosto, they did not use it because of medical problems.

The Russian championship in 2010 wasmiss, because Novitsky Sergei injured his knee. Nevertheless, he was included in the national team for the European championship, where the pair won the third place.

Completion of sports career

The Vancouver Olympics brought this paironly the ninth place. Turin World Cup also did not impress tangible success. Taking into account the departure from amateur sports Shabalin with Domnina, Novitsky Sergey and Khokhlov Yana had the status of the first pair.

However, the mandatory program they rolled back with the fifth result, and when performing the original dance, Ian stumbled, performing the elements of the footpath.

As a result, they were only on the ninth place on the final scores. Next, the skaters refused to continue the fight in the championship without any explanation.novitsky sergey nikolaevich Somewhat later, there were reports that the reason for withdrawing from the competition was to aggravate the pain in the injured partner's knee.

When the season was over, it was announced that Sergei Novitsky completed his sports career because of an injured leg.

Life after the end of the sport career

Having finished appearances in big sport in the title of Honored Master of Sports, SN Novitsky elected the work of a choreographer and coach of figure skating. He is interested in various projects with interest.

His former partner, Khokhlova Yana Vadimovna,first was a partner with the Lithuanian, Davidus Stagnunas, and then Fyodor Andreev became its partner. They train Shpilband and Zuev in the American city of Canton. Andreev belongs to Marina Zueva's son.

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