November 19 - World Day of Men

Since ancient times, men, as defenders of the motherlandand the family hearth, there were special honor and respect. Despite this, the World Men's Day, celebrated on November 19, has not yet taken root. In Russia, as in many other countries, do not forget the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland (or the Red Army Day in the old manner), which is celebrated on February 23 every year for many decades. It's no secret that, in theory, this holiday is meant for those who have served in the army and have learned all the hardships of military field conditions, and this merit can not boast of any representative of the male half of the population. Moreover, the tendency of women to join the army and the service is actively gaining momentum. Young girls and women who graduated from higher educational institutions, specializing in training for military service and "citizen", also deserve congratulations on the Defender of the Fatherland Day, but they are for some reason forgotten. Greetings on this day are addressed to boys, students and adult men, regardless of whether they served or not.

World Men's Day is a holiday absolutelyfor all representatives of the strong half of humanity, regardless of their age, marital status and individual characteristics. The holiday is relatively new, first became known in 1999 thanks to the island state of Trinidad and Tobago, where it was suggested to celebrate Men's Day and thereby draw attention to gender discrimination. This event was conceived by a certain Jerome Tiluxingh from the University of West Indies. The theme of the role of a man in society was greatly worried by the doctor for many years. The date of November 19 was chosen by him not by chance, for it was on this day that his father was born. They supported the idea of ​​the countries of the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and North America, as well as Australia and the United Nations. Initially, the organizers emphasized that there is a need to pay special attention to the health of men and boys. Improving gender balance is the main goal of the event. The idea was also adopted by UNESCO.

Before the holiday became traditional for themany countries after its establishment in 1999, it was spoken about in the 1960s, but they proposed to mark February 23 and be called the International Men's Day. For the first time an attempt to celebrate it was made in the USA in 1994, but the public did not cause any interest. The only country where the World Men's Day was celebrated on February 23, congratulations to which were received by absolutely all representatives of the strong half, was Malta. In 2009, the date was postponed to November 19.

World Men Day is an excellent occasion not onlycongratulate their friends, brothers, fathers and grandfathers on the holiday, but also remember how important is the problem of discrimination of men, their health, their role in social and family life. The organizers pay attention to various problems that affect men, cover them in the media, work in schools and universities, and educate the younger generation. Men's problems, as the founders themselves say, do not differ from women's ones, because the strong half is also concerned with the themes of marriage, family relations, health and education. The role of a man in society loses its significance - and this is another misfortune with which the representatives of the organization would like to turn to society. Aboriginal patriarchy replaces equality and matriarchy, and positively it affects society or not - it's time to find out.

In Russia on this day, all representatives of a stronghalf can also accept congratulations. World day of men in our homeland is celebrated on November 3, somewhat earlier than in other countries. "Take care of men!" - this is the slogan with which organizers of the holiday address the people, and it is worth listening to.

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