Northern Uvaly: relief. Where are the North Uvaly?

There are many places on the planet that causemystics trembling, and scientists - the desire to understand, study and make the previously obscure object ordinary, assigning it the next scientific name. So, people are still looking for Shambhala to expose its secrets for everyone to see, or are arguing about the existence of Hyperborea.

Northern Uvaly is one of such objects. On the one hand, they are studied, measured and recorded on a map, and on the other - it is unclear why they became the watershed of the great rivers.

Geographical description

It is located in the northern regions of the East Europeanplains hilly highland stretching for 600 km. This is the Northern Uvaly, the maximum height of which reaches 294 m. The main purpose of this area is in the watershed of the basins of the Volga and Northern Dvina rivers.

The scientists found out that they appeared as a result of glacial and fluvioglacial deposits, which are clearly visible in higher areas in the form of bedrock.

northern dolils

The name "Uval" is given for a reason, sinceit denoted in the old days hilly ridges with gentle slopes, and in the plural, because there are several such ridges. The northern Uvaly Upland extends from the south-west to the northeast, starting from the Unji River and the Ural Mountains.

The rolling hills alternate with the valleys that the rivers cut through, and the swampy areas. The climate in the Northern Uvaly can be called severe, since there are very cold winters and a cool summer.

On dry and elevated areas, coniferous forests grow, alternating with small-leaved forests.

Homeland of the Great Rivers

Northern Uvaly captured the north-western partPerm region, and their relief here is expressed by a slight hummock with a height not exceeding 270 m above sea level. But most of them are in the Vologda and Kirov region, where the relief is constantly changing.

Being a watershed of the rivers of the Volga and Northern Dvina,Uvaly also became the beginning of many great rivers of Russia, such as Kama, Kostroma, Vyatka, Sheksna, Unzh, Sukhona, Vetluga, South, Moloma, Sysola, Sharzhenka and most of their tributaries.

north elevation

For example, the source of Vetluga starts from the North Uval and runs the road in 884 km, crossing the Kirov, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod regions, and in the territory of Mari El flows into the Volga.

The path of the Unji River also begins with the Northern Uvaliand lasts 430 km before entering the Volga in the form of its deep and large left tributary. The reservoirs that take their origin here played a significant role in the relief of the uvals, but the main reason for this unusual structure and direction is their origin.

Relief of the Northern Uvaly

The composition of this elevation largely determines itsview. Northern Uvaly, the relief of which for the most part has a smooth hilly form, consists of their loose Mesozoic rocks, which, in turn, rely on older Permian deposits.

They were formed as a result of tectonic movement of the earth's crust in the region of the Moscow syneclise (gently trough within a single platform).

 where there are northern dolails

Northern Uvaly have a strong foundation, the outgoingdeep into 2000-3000 m, whereas the surface is mainly expressed by clay-marly layers of the Permian and Triassic periods. In the watershed areas, sandy-argillaceous deposits of the Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous periods occur.

Uvaly in the Vologda region

Due to the elevation of the Northern Ugol, the Vologda region is rich in such water bodies:

  • Sukhona is the largest river of the region, where Vologda and Dvina are falling.
  • South with the tributary of Luza.
  • Mologa, Sheksna and Unzha.

Northern Uvaly here are expressed in hilly reliefwith flat swings. In the high places are dominated by forest tracts, in which there are lynx, moose, martens, badgers, wolverines and foxes. Here, mushrooms and berries are abundant in abundance, and the rivers are full of fish.

Northern Ural is a watershed

In the plains of the Northern Uval, there are manybogs in which birds live, and which are real plantations of cranberries. Especially well looked towering over the river Uvaly, covered with snow with spots of green fir trees and pines.

The local population has favorite types of recreationare fishing and hunting, thanks to the generous nature of this region it allows at any time of the year. In the summer season, local marshes are visited by cranberry lovers, and in the woods - mushroom pickers.

Uvaly in the Kirov region

To understand where the North Uvaly are,you need to know how they are located. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that the entire Russian plain has a meridional orientation, whereas they have an inverse morphostructure with a sublatitudinal direction. This suggests that the elevation and the plain were formed in completely different periods of movement of tectonic waves. Today it is manifested in the opposite of their directions.

Thus, the Northern Uvals cut the plainthrough the areas located on it, but do not go to it in parallel. For example, the Kirov region "got" their southern spurs, represented by hills and ridges with a gentle slope and flat, rounded peaks.

 northern districts of Vologda

The whole sublime part of the rivers is riddled with rivers, andFrom the south to it adjoins the weakly hummocked, swamped plain. On the hills are often found large boulders, and most of the highlands and river valleys are covered with dense forests. The main river of the Kirov region Vyatka originates in the northern Uvaly.

Nature of the Northern Uval

Anyone who has ever visited the Northern Uvaly will never forget their strict beauty, the June white nights, and the first yellown foliage in August.

They are also good in winter, although they are harsh -The temperature here often drops to -40 degrees, and the snow cover can reach 170 cm. The main attraction of this region are its numerous reservoirs, each of which is beautiful in its own way.

northern dolly relief

For example, the South River, whose length is 491 km, is notOnly has picturesque beaches with nice beaches and parking places, but also pampers fishermen with an abundance of fish. Here you can catch a pike and burbot, yazya and chub, grayling and asp, perch and minnow.

But the main attraction of these edges -forests, which occupy 70% of the area. They are mostly pine, spruce, fir and larch, aspen, linden and birch, maples, elms and bird cherry. For mushroom pickers, this is a real paradise. They are waiting for podereozoviki and cepes, boletus and mushrooms, borax red and freckles, chanterelles and russules, honey agarics and morels. In the marshes there is an abundance of cranberries, especially in the Lower Kemi area.

Although many believe that the Northern Uvals are a watershed and only, in fact it is not. It is the richest region, stretching for 600 km along the Russian plain.

Northern Uvaly and Hyperborea

Today, many scientists are looking for a mysteriousthe land of Hyperborea, a very specific description of which gave Herodotus. Relying on its geographical indices, such as direction along the sides of the world, along the stars, according to an external description, some of them put forward the hypothesis that this land lay just behind the Northern Uvals, which, as it is said in the description, are both a watershed and the beginning of the great rivers.

Whether this is so, is still unknown, but there are a lot of facts in favor of this theory.

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