Nokia 6131: specifications, features and reviews

Nokia 6131 is a mid-level clamshell, which can be used both in Europe and in the USA thanks to the support of 4 GSM bands.

Main characteristics

The size of the phone is relatively large and includes a QVGA display with 16 million colors, an additional color screen, a camera, a music player and a memory expansion slot. The kit also includes a battery, a manual, a disc and a headset that can be used to make calls and listen to FM radio or music stored in the Nokia 6131. ​​The battery is rather weak. The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 820 mA ∙ h provides 3 h 20 min. talk and up to 240 hours of work in standby mode.


The phone is too big even in the closed state, although its antenna is internal. In the open form, the device is quite bulky and noticeable, and in the pocket of its 112-gram weight is difficult not to feel. But for the same reasons, the device is comfortable in the hand and easy to use.It is very easy to open the phone with one hand thanks to the spring mechanism (the button is located on the right), but in order to close it, you have to use both hands, as there is nothing that could help to do this. In the closed state, the assembly is sturdy, but when the device needs to be applied to the ear, it staggers slightly. The body is made of matte plastic, which is combined with a white glossy stripe around the display and keyboard.

nokia 6131

Nokia 6131: Screen Specs

The relatively large size of the phone due to the size of the displays. The external screen has a resolution of 128x160 pixels and displays more than 262 thousand colors, and the main 2.2-inch QVGA and 16 million. Despite these characteristics, the image quality does not make a great impression. The colors are not sufficiently saturated, and the contrast is too low, although the less effective on Samsung X820 paper with 262K colors looks much better. Fortunately, the screen is bright and the text can be read outdoors, although the display becomes very pale.


The buttons are located in the bottom of the case. Despite the bumpy surface, they are difficult to distinguish when touched.The buttons are made of dark glossy plastic and hard to touch. This makes them uncomfortable, especially navigational, but their size is quite large, and typing errors rarely occur. The white backlight is bright and evenly distributed throughout the keyboard. Side buttons do not light up.

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Standard connectors for charging, headphones, data, etc. are placed at the top of the phone and closed with a hard lid, which is fully consistent with the style of the model. The location of the memory card slot is rather strange - it is on the left, but under the battery cover. No indicator of missed events or calls. This function is performed by the flashing external display.

For local wireless communication, the phone supports Bluetooth 2.0, but the A2DP profile is not available for stereo, and you have to use wired headphones to listen to music. There is an infrared port, and you can also connect to a PC using a USB cable.

nokia 6131 specifications


Home screen design failed due to too small font options. Most of the page is empty and is occupied by wallpaper. The main menu is rendered as 3x3 icons, and the remaining parameters are displayed after scrolling.The icons are animated, but they look simple and ugly. The background can be changed using various themes for the Nokia 6131. ​​According to user feedback, this also changes the appearance of the icons.

The phone book is displayed as a list, and when you add a contact, only 2 fields are available for 2 names and numbers. If you need to enter any other information about the contact (for example, a photo), you must first save the contact, and then select the add details option. This is normal for the average user, but people who like to add images, ringtones and phone numbers will lose a lot of time and nerves. During an incoming call, the contact picture is very small. This makes no sense: with a screen of 320x240 pixels, the image should be larger.

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The organizer is standard, but offers many possibilities. Unfortunately, there is only one alarm clock that can be set for specific days. Plans for a particular day can be added to the calendar. The calculator has a scientific mode in which users see little sense, although it is still nice to know that it is. When you start the timer, the remaining time is displayed both on the external and on the internal display.The text message menu is standard for Nokia. T9 helps to speed up text entry, there are several default templates. Additional features are instant messaging and email client.


The Nokia 6131 camera is equipped with a 1.3 MP sensor, which is outdated for a phone of this class. It is located on the front panel and has neither a flash nor a mirror, but allows the use of an external display. The maximum resolution is 1024x768 pixels for photos and 176x144 for video. The launch of the camera takes less than 2 seconds. The digital zoom is very fast, although useless. Available only options for color effects and night mode.

The color rendition of the photographs is incorrect, as purple dominates, and in some photos the purple halos are clearly visible, covering most or even the whole image. Shooting in low light conditions (for example, indoors) results in distortion of the image, since digital noise completely covers them. Decent photos can only be obtained with very bright light (a combination of natural and artificial lighting).

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Multimedia and games

Music lovers will find in Nokia 6131 a very mediocre music player andMP3 and AAC support. The interface is quite simple, and the only feature is the presence of several equalizers. In addition, the phone is equipped with FM-radio, but in order to use it, you must connect the included headphones, since they perform the function of the antenna. The interface is quite simple and convenient, you can save up to 20 stations and assign names to them, so that you can easily find them.

Model 6131 supports Java MIDP 2.0, and the phone comes with several pre-installed games. One of them is the third version of Snake. There are also several applications, including world clocks, that would look better in the organizer menu.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Nokia 6131 phone works quite fast, and there are no noticeable delays even when opening large images, games or when launching the camera. Users note that the volume of the call is very high, the call signal is clearly audible from a pocket or bag. Vibrating alert invisible and not felt when the phone is in your pocket. The volume of the sound during the conversation is average, the voices sound satisfactory, but not as clear as we would like, especially in comparison with other models.

The Nokia 6131 is a typical representative of mid-range 2006 phones. The only thing that distinguishes it is the number of colors supported. But they don't look so good in reality. The phone is large, the assembly is of sufficient quality, the opening mechanism is a big plus. The speaker makes a pleasant impression, it is loud and clear, but the sound during a conversation is of insufficient quality, and the vibration of the sound is too weak, which is not very happy with the owners of this phone. In the presence of a music player, but not enough advanced functionality, and in contrast to the radio to use it is not so easy.

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