Nikolay Kruglov: biography (briefly)

Nikolay Kruglov (junior) is a well-known sportsman, biathlete, participant of two Olympiads and simply titled athlete. Son of the Soviet biathlete Nikolai Kruglov.


Nikolay Kruglov

Nikolai Nikolayevich Kruglov was born in Nizhny Novgorod in April 1981. It comes from a sports dynasty. His father is a titled Soviet biathlete.

Sports in the life of Nicholas was always. From the age of two he was skiing. He studied all his childhood in the tennis section, but these lessons did not bring him pleasure, he often skipped, and then completely abandoned this sport.

But the skiing races attracted himunpredictability and speed. From the seventh grade Nikolai Kruglov was engaged in the children's sports school in Nizhny Novgorod. Since immediately began to appear good results, a year later the boy was identified in the school of the Olympic reserve. His coach was Yuri Kuzmin.

In the eleventh class, Kruglov won his first title, becoming the champion of Russia among the young men (in cross-country skiing). It was then that he clearly decided for himself that he wanted to do sports professionally.

From 1999 to 2010, Nikolay Kruglov spoke in thebiathlon. First for the youth team of Russia, then for the main. After the termination of the sports career for some time he worked in the press-service of airline "Utair". Then in 2014 he headed the Office of Corporate Communications in the same company.

Nikolay Kruglov Biathlon

Nikolai Kruglov, whose biography is unthinkable without sports, managed to work as deputy minister of sports and youth policy of the Nizhny Novgorod region, but soon realized that politics is not his.

Now, apart from his main employment, he acts as a biathlon expert and commentator on some sports TV channels.

Sports career

In 1999, Nikolai Kruglov moved from skiingraces in biathlon and moved to Khanty-Mansiysk to train. The first season brings him good luck. He wins two gold at the European Junior Championships and two silver medals at the World Championships.

Since 2002, Nicholas is in the coremen's national biathlon team. His career is very successful. In 2005 in Austria he became the second in the classical relay race. In the same year, he won gold at the World Championships in a mixed relay race.

Nikolay Kruglov - biathlete with a capital letter, inhis piggy bank dozens of medals from the world championships and Europe. However, the main achievement is the athlete's participation in the Winter Olympics. In 2006, in Turin, he together with his team-mates won the silver awards of the main sporting event of the fourth century.Nikolai Kruglov biathlonist

The next two seasons after the Olympics also becamesuccessful for Nicholas. On his neck, there were some more precious awards. In 2009, the results of the athlete went to a decline. He himself explained this by saying that he wants to save energy for the future Olympics.

In 2010, Nicholas was trusted in Vancouverindividual race. The first three stages he conducted brilliantly and confidently outstripped all his rivals. But the fourth stage was a real tragedy - Kruglov fell. Yes, it's so unfortunate that his rifle broke. He was forced to carry it in his hands to the finish. Russia remained without medals.

Nikolay Kruglov, biathlon for which became a matter of life, in the same year completed his sports career.


Nikolai Konstantinovich Kruglov, the famousSoviet athlete, two-time Olympic champion in 1976, made for his son Nikolai Kruglov almost impossible. To ensure that Nikolai Nikolayevich got to the Olympics, huge funding was required. Kruglov Sr. sold two of his gold Olympic medals for this. He did not inform his son about this. Much later, Nikolai learned about his father's deed and decided to return the rewards at whatever cost. After the speech in Turin, he bought them at auction for thirty thousand dollars.

This touching story became one of the novels of the Russian movie "Champions", released in 2014.Nikolay Kruglov biography

Interesting Facts

  1. He graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the specialty "Combating Economic Crimes".
  2. Speaks English and German.
  3. He is fond of cars, helicopter sports,aquabike, music. Nikolay is a good singer. Twice a week he plays hockey. Do not mind skiing. He claims that after the end of his sports career, he began life anew.
  4. His best friend is Maxim Chudov, also a biathlete.

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