Nicholas Rogers: career, personal life, hobbies

Nicholas Rogers, whose photo is presented in the material, is a famous Australian actor and model. The artist is familiar to the domestic television viewer primarily by participating in such successful projects as The Cave of the Golden Rose, Pirates. The tail of the devil. What is Nicholas Rogers doing now? How did his career in cinema?

early years

Nicolas Rogers

Nicholas Rogers was born on March 6, 1969 in Sydney. From a young age, a boy with his brothers spent all his free time on the ocean. Here guys spent hours practicing the ability to “catch the wave” on a surfboard. The original hobby has borne fruit. Very soon, Nicholas Rogers began to occupy prizes in surfing competitions for juniors, driving around Australia.

A boy from an early age showed himself a real rebel. At the age of 10, he ran away from home for the first time, protesting against the parent's ban on surfing.For his misdemeanor, Nicholas Rogers was sent to a boarding school, where he had to confront the strict foundations of an educational institution.

In 17 years, the guy returned to his hobby. The young surfer had a tall, athletic physique and a pretty face. Therefore, it is not surprising that well-known photographers soon noticed him. Rogers photographs began to appear on the pages of various fashion magazines. Rogers was also noticed by representatives of a number of well-known fashion brands: Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Ray Ban, Armani. The guy began to regularly participate in photo shoots to promote new clothing collections.

Starting a movie career

Nicolas Rogers Movies

In 1993, the type of Nicholas Rogers attracted the famous Italian director Lamberto Bava. The artist was invited to casting in Italy and selected for the role among several hundred applicants. The star of the modeling business was offered a contract to participate in the TV show “The Cave of the Golden Rose”. At that time, it was already filmed for four seasons of the series. Therefore, many viewers were surprised at the appearance on the screen of a young artist without stage experience. The main bet was made on the attractive appearance of the actor.Although Nicholas Rogers was not a masterful game, the new hero still liked the show fans.

It is worth noting that the plot twists and turns of the series "The Cave of Golden Rose", which unfolded in the fifth season of the TV project, surprised the audience. Most fans of the film expected that the character of Rogers - the courageous and seductive Tarabas - would finally enter into a love affair with the charming main character Fantagiro. However, this fate went to a completely different person who emerged from nowhere in the project. There was no limit to the indignation of the audience about such a decision by the writers. Therefore, the series, the filming of which was planned before the seventh season, was soon forced to close.

Most successful role

The collaboration between novice artist Rogers and well-known director Baw continued. In 1999, Lamberto invited Nicholas to the main role in a four-part series about the adventures of fearless corsairs called “Pirates. The tail of the devil. The ability of a young actor to dive and keep well on the water had come in handy during the shooting.Due to his type of conqueror of women's hearts, love of the ocean, inborn fearlessness and rebellious character, the actor perfectly adapted to the role of the pirate of Evil Rock. After the film was released on wide television screens, Nicholas Rogers acquired the status of one of the sex symbols of the time in world cinema. Millions of fans were crazy about the actor.

In what other projects did Nicholas Rogers appear? The films did not bring complete satisfaction to the actor. He was always drawn to the waves and the ocean. After successful filming in the saga of pirates, the artist only once appeared on the screen in the film "Razor Blade", which was released in 2005. Then Nicholas finally decided to abandon filming and return to his homeland in Australia.

Nicholas Rogers: Filmography

Nicolas Rogers is now

During his rather short career in cinema, Rogers managed to play in the following films:

  • The Cave of the Golden Rose (1994).
  • "The Princess and the Pauper" (1997).
  • “Laura is not here” (1998).
  • "Pirate. The Devil's Tail (1999).
  • "Mary, the daughter of his son" (2000).
  • The Razor Blade (2005).

Personal life

Nicolas Rogers photo

In 2007, Rogers married an actress and longtime friend Angela. In the same year a son appeared in the family. The couple moved to Sydney, where he lives to this day.

Nicholas founded a furniture factory.The former actor continues to lead an active social life. His friends and clients remain the owners of fashion brands, representatives of model agencies, show business figures.

Hobbies and passions

Nicolas Rogers Filmography

Today, Nicholas Rogers continues to get involved in surfing. The artist is also involved in music and billiards. The actor is pretty good at playing the guitar and speaking to friends.

Rogers is interested in events in the fashion world. It can be regularly seen at shows in Paris, where the artist flies with his family. Here Nicholas promotes his own business.

Rogers has a whole army of fans of his talent around the world. Fans of the former actor have repeatedly organized Internet campaigns aimed at his return to the cinema. However, as Nicholas himself has repeatedly stated, in the future he is not going to link his life with the filming of films. Most of all, the actor appreciates a calm, measured life at home and free time, which is entirely devoted to the family.

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