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If you are a car owner, then it’s hardly a secret to you that choosing a tire is often one of the most difficult. First, you always need to keep in mind the seasons, that is, in time to acquire both summer and winter tires. Secondly, there are now a huge number of manufacturers offering a wide variety of variations, among which it will be difficult to choose something concrete. Well, and thirdly, when it comes to winter tires, then you need to make a choice between proven studded and experimental non-studded tires.

Each of these species has its own advantages and disadvantages, but this does not make it easier to choose between them. That is why you should read this article - here you will learn about the products of one of the most popular and well-known companies.

Nexen's specialty is tires, reviews of which almost all are positive. However, even within the same brand you can find dozens of different models, and the choice to make is still not easy.That is why only the best tires manufactured by Nexen will be considered here. User feedback on these models will support the basic information provided by the manufacturer.

Nexen Classe Premiere

The first model, which will be discussed, - Classe Premiere from Nexen - tires, reviews of which are the most impressive. According to users who have already experienced this rubber, it deserves the highest rating, that is, ten out of ten. But why? What is so good about her?

nexen tires review

So, first of all it is necessary to designate what this is generally for the model, and then go into the details. This is a summer radial rubber, the method of sealing of which is tubeless. Tires are designed for passenger cars. Considering that it is summer tires, it definitely has no spikes, in addition, there is no RunFlat technology available, which would allow the car to move for some time even with a punched tire.

These are premium tires for cars that were released relatively recently - they are equipped with an incredibly effective tread pattern, which guarantees you the best possible handling and 100% stability on the course.

This rubber is also great for use on wet roads - again, thanks to the unique tread pattern, water is drained from the tire quickly and efficiently. What else guarantees this beautiful tread pattern? It allows you to reduce rolling resistance, increase thrust, thereby significantly reducing the cost of gasoline.

Separately, it should be said about the vulnerable part of many tires - shoulder area. In this case, it is very durable, which will increase the service life of the product, as well as improve the car’s handling and provide absolutely safe braking.

Do those people who have already managed to use this Nexen rubber in real life agree with the positive description presented above? Tires, reviews of which are extremely positive and ultimately give a result of ten points, immediately inspire confidence. In their reviews, people confirm that this rubber really has the highest class and corresponds to the level of the leading world brands. If all the tires of this Korean company will be the same, then it will soon be able to fill up the list of world brands in the field of automobile tire production.

Nexen Roadian H / T (SUV)

Most likely, most motorists have heard that there are Nexen Roadian tires. Reviews of these products abound. But should you try them? To do this, you need to know what they are. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that they are not intended for passenger cars, but for SUVs, as the prefix SUV already says in the title.

winter tires nexen reviews

As in the case of the previous model, these tires are radial and tubeless, but at the same time belong to the class of all-season rubber. Like the previous model, this rubber does not have any spikes or RanFlat technology. However, despite this, users really like this model - most people say that it is more suitable for summer, and not for winter.

At first glance, the picture may not seem very effective, but over time you will see that it is more than good - it does an excellent job of adhering to any surfaces in dry weather, perfectly removes water and dirt in wet weather. Thus, these tires at the same time and perfectly hold the road, and do not make noise almost on any surface.

Separately, people note excellent braking performance and, as is the case with the previous model, strong sidewalls.Well, another point that users note in their reviews is that the ratio of price and quality of this model is better than any praise. And all this results in an average rating of 9.8 out of 10, which is quite a bit less than the leader of this list. In this case, you can choose from the widest set of configurations, including Nexen (tires) R15 - reviews indicate an impressive advantage of the Korean manufacturer.

Nexen CP672

It's time to look at another model of summer tires - as can be judged by user reviews, summer tires from the manufacturer are better than winter tires, since the first three places are taken by summer and all-season tires.

As for this particular model, according to basic data, it differs little from the first option - this is radial tubeless rubber for cars. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that users note in their reviews: in Korea, these tires run as all-season tires, and in the very same reviews there is confirmation of this.

nexen winguard winspike tires reviews

Many people who “pereobuli” your car in this “Nexen”, note that in the spring and autumn they can be very comfortable to ride.Moreover, some reviews say that even when the frost suddenly hit, Nexen coped with a crust of ice on the road. So if you need reliable tires that will perfectly brake and keep the road in dry weather, and also do not lose this functionality on a wet road or even during frosts, then you should pay attention to this model. Its average rating according to users is 9.1 points out of 10, which is a very good result.

Nexen Winguard WinSpike

If you look at the general popularity of the products of the brand "Nexen", and not at the estimates, then it is the Nexen Winguard WinSpike tires, reviews of which can be found in large numbers, are the most famous and used everywhere. This is the first winter model on the list, but, like previous versions, it is radial and tubeless.

As for its specification, then it is worth starting, naturally, from the fact that it is studded, which is pleasant to many Russian motorists who do not like radical changes, therefore they are in no hurry to switch to non-studded rubber. If you are such a purist, then you definitely should pay attention to this model, because all the reviews say: it really is one of the best in its price segment.

People say that one of the main advantages of this rubber is its noiselessness, which is rarely found among studded winter tires. Also, many users note that the tires are very soft, and this greatly improves the driving experience. At the same time, they remain resistant, unlike many mild winter options.

tires nexen winguard ice reviews

What rating did Nexen Winguard WinSpike get? User reviews are mostly positive, so the final score is 8.8 out of 10, which is the best indicator among all winter tires of this manufacturer.

Nexen winguard

Unlike the previous model, the Nexen Winguard tires, whose reviews are only positive, are just what many drivers are trying to avoid, namely non-studded tires. However, if you have not tried such products yet, then you should definitely give them a chance - and it’s quite possible to start with this model, as users rate it at an average of 8.7 points out of 10. This is a very high figure - the second of winter and the fifth among all tires of this manufacturer.

However, in this case, it is also worth noting that some users were unhappy with the result after they moved from studded rubber to non-studded.The main characteristic that impressed people who wrote their reviews was the noiseless operation of such products. This is exactly what non-studded tires stand out in the first place. However, people are unhappy that braking and traction on snow and ice leave much to be desired. In this situation, the exact opposite is the Nexen Winguard Spike tires, reviews of which did not contain any negative information.

nexen winguard tires reviews

Another drawback that people identify is the shallow slits of the slats in the tread pattern. Many believe that it is this flaw that greatly affects tire performance. Thus, from the reviews we conclude that you can purchase this rubber if you live in a warmer part of Russia. In the north, where winters are always harsh, it is unlikely to produce the results you expect. But even with all these negative marks, we cannot say that the Nexen Winguard winter tires are bad. Reviews with positive ratings prevail, so you should pay attention to this model and try it out, but do not judge strictly, if you only change from studded rubber to non-studded.

Nexen Roadian HP SUV

And here is another product designed not for passenger cars, but for SUVs. These are quite interesting summer tires Nexen, reviews of which, though not as laudatory as in the case with the previous ones, are still quite good. This can be said already on the basis of the fact that the average user rating is 8.5 out of 10 points, and each person who wrote a review would recommend this rubber to others.

tires nexen roadian reviews

These are high-speed tires of extra comfort that delight many drivers in Russia. Of course, users immediately note that it’s not worth waiting for miracles from the budget Korean rubber, but it copes with its tasks perfectly. Those motorists who have already tried it out, note that it does an excellent job with working on various surfaces. But if you want to squeeze the maximum out of them, then you should take them if you are going to spend seventy percent of the time on asphalt, and only thirty percent on other surfaces, such as earth, sand or dirt.

Nexen N5000

This is another model of summer tires for passenger cars - this segment of the Nexen is very well developed.The model is distinguished by its extremely low cost, but its estimates are already slightly lower than the previous ones. To be more precise, on average, these tires received 8.3 points in reviews, and not every person reported that they would recommend this rubber to other motorists.

Describe the products can be quite simple - this is the real ideal budget tires. They do not make a lot of noise, keep the road well, they can leave for a couple of seasons without any wear and tear. But the incredible results, they will not show, so you should not write a negative review, if you do not get the same performance, which show branded tires, costing two to three times more expensive.

 winter tires nexen winspike reviews

Nexen Winguard SUV

Here are some other Nexen winter tires for SUVs, the reviews of which are positive. This model on average gets the same points as the previous one, that is, 8.3. This is a great example of those tires that are designed specifically for use not on asphalt, but on rough terrain.

Many people who purchased this rubber, in a review, wrote that the result on the freeway was not very impressive, but it worked brilliantly on a dirt road.

What else is told about the tires Nexen Winguard SUV reviews? People also note that the lack of spikes is noticeable on not-the-simplest areas, for example, on an icy rise, but with a competent approach and a good gearbox you can cope with such obstacles arising in your way. In general, this is a very good winter tires Nexen, reviews of which are still impressive and allow this model to enter the top ten from the specified manufacturer.

Nexen winspike

The last two models, which hit the top ten from this manufacturer, have not so impressive marks - 8.1 and 7.9 points, respectively. However, this does not mean that they are bad. This is still an impressive figure, which many models from other manufacturers are not trying to achieve, which are much more expensive.

What distinguishes the Nexen Winspike winter tires from the rest? User feedback sheds light on why this model received more than eight points. First, its unique distinction is versatility. The fact is that these tires are suitable for both cars and SUVs. The model has been on the market for five years, and during that time it has managed to gain truly impressive popularity.That she has the most reviews, if we take into account their total. However, in the reviews themselves there are enough controversial points, since many users do not come to a single point of view regarding the properties of this model.

These are studded tires, so many people pay attention to the fact that, compared with at least the Winguard WinSpike model already described above, they have far from impressive properties when traveling on winter surfaces. This does not mean that they do not do well with their work, but unfortunately they cannot be called excellent either. Therefore, in most cases, users advise them, but at the same time clarify that this is far from ideal, and on a snowy or icy road you can sometimes have some difficulties for which you should be prepared. However, in general, it is still possible to praise the Nexen Winspike tires - although the reviews about them are not one hundred percent positive, the model received more than deserved marks in the region of eight.

Nexen Winguard Ice

Well, and the latest model of rubber from this manufacturer, which closes the top ten, - Nexen Winguard Ice eshiny. Reviews of this product are not as impressive as the first ten models.This is the first rubber, which was evaluated on average by a score that turned out to be lower than eight. More precisely, users in their reviews gave these products an average of 7.8 points, which is not so much compared to the best models, but still not so bad if you take into account tires that are inferior in various indicators.

So, this is another model of winter non-studded rubber designed for passenger cars. What can Nexen Winguard Ice tires offer? User feedback gives a lot of information about this model, so you can carefully study the opinions of drivers.

To save time searching for consumer opinions, keep reading this article. Below you can find out in brief what exactly the users who have already tried out this model emit in these tires. As the main advantages of motorists note the noiselessness and low cost of rubber. As for the shortcomings, people consider not the best indicators of traction and braking on snow and ice, that is, those characteristics that most drivers pay attention to in the first place.

We should also note that the reliability of this rubber is at a fairly high level, and the best time to use it is when the asphalt is clean.Unfortunately, in the northern regions of Russia such cases are rare, so you need to carefully approach the choice of tires, paying attention to what weather conditions prevail in your region.

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