Nexen (tires): owner reviews, types and specifications

Quality tires - a guarantee of good handling on the road, regardless of the weather. Today, hundreds of manufacturers offer their products in the Russian market. True, not every one of them is popular. Yes, and I want to buy only what is famous for its quality. This manufacturer "Nexen". Tires, reviews of which are almost always positive, are very popular in Russia, which is quite logical.neksen tires reviews

Manufacturer with years of experience

The Japanese company "Nexen" appeared back in 1942. Although the first tires began to be produced only in the 54th, and only in 1972 the company entered the world market. Now "Nexen" is more than just an organization for the production of rubber for cars and trucks. The company's products are distributed in 120 countries around the world, for which many factories were built around the planet. Annual income from sales is about 600 million dollars, and this already says a lot.

Nexen (tires), reviews of which are extremely positive, have a number of key advantages, which distinguishes them from competitors, which we will discuss in this article. The company also provides a wide range of sizes for summer, all-season and winter tires, so there should not be any problems with the choice.

Winter tires "Nexen": reviews and benefits

It is no secret that riding in the winter is the most dangerous, as evidenced by the number of accidents during this period. Most of the accidents are associated with insufficient quality of winter tires, its high wear and tear or none at all. As for the "Nexen", the most popular model among consumers - Winguard. This is a line of winter tires for SUVs and crossovers, which differs from competitors in low noise and high quality.winter neksen tires reviews

Rubber is quite soft and not noisy. Thanks to this, a decent acoustic effect is achieved in a car even at high speeds. Special additives in rubber allowed the manufacturer to reduce the tread wear rate and improve the engagement. If you want to buy more or less budget and quality option, then buy winter tires "Nexen".Reviews suggest that driving in the snow is one of the best options in this price range.

Tires "Nexen" summer: consumer reviews

As for summer tires, the situation here is quite positive. All models have an extremely high score on a 10-point scale: from 7.1 to 10. This is enough to understand: rubber is really good.

For driving in the summer period, high speeds are characteristic, especially when it comes to the track, as well as slip and heavy braking. All this contributes to the rapid wear of tires. Rubber "Nexen" withstands such loads for 3 seasons, after which it is recommended to replace it with a new one. This is also due to the fact that it is extremely soft and has a symmetrical tread. This provides high controllability on asphalt and smoothing small irregularities on the road surface. In the category of summer tires, the highest rating went to the Classe Premiere model. It should be borne in mind that there are high-speed tires that allow driving at high speed, but even they do not provide stability when aquaplaning, you should not forget about neksen summer reviews

All season tires

Many motorists prefer to put "all season". Their price is slightly higher than that of summer or winter, but they allow operation both in snow and in heat. Such tires due to a specific configuration of the tread provide controllability in snow and rain, through mud and ice. Of course, this in a certain way affects their wear, so if you actively ride on cars all year round, then this rubber will last no more than a few seasons.

Still, tires in this category are bought less than just summer or winter, but for a ride around the city in any weather fit just fine. They are characterized by the same advantages as for previous tires:

  • low noise level;
  • high level of control;
  • soft tiresNexen summer tire reviews

All this, along with an affordable price, makes irreplaceable all-season Nexen (tires). Reviews also confirm this repeatedly. Which is the best proof of product quality.

About the advantages and disadvantages

Of course, there are also disadvantages here, which need to be said first. First, despite the fact that the manufacturer uses special additives that reduce tread wear, due to its softness, the tires do not go for long.Secondly, many complain of rubber drying and the appearance of microcracks after 1-2 seasons of operation, which is also a disadvantage.

On the other hand, a lot of advantages. For example, tires "Nexen Winspike." Reviews of these tires say not only about the high quality of rubber and low noise, but also about good handling, even on ice. This is extremely important, because it is on ice that most of the tires are powerless, which leads to a loss of controllability of the vehicle. Another feature is a symmetrical tread. It makes driving easier and more enjoyable. This directly affects the stability of the car at high speeds and when entering into sharp turns.nexen vinspike tires reviews

Should I buy?

Here we are with you and reviewed reviews about tires "Nexen". Summer or winter - always help out Nexen. These tires have a moderate price tag, which is not the case with most European manufacturers. If we add to this a sufficiently high quality, then it is not surprising that this company has such sales all over the world.

But you still need to understand that it is desirable to observe the speed limit indicated on the tires, and also not to use tires with maximum tread wear.All this can lead to unpleasant consequences, and there is no point in blaming the manufacturer. You should always drive carefully in the winter, regardless of whether you have tires from European or domestic manufacturers. In general, for the daily ride will be an excellent choice "Nexen" (tires). Reviews confirm their quality. But even here the negative is occasionally found. Ideal tires do not exist, but the ability to choose them for themselves plays a big role. This is very important, because the correct selection of rubber to some extent will ensure you safety and confidence on the roads.

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