New Year traditions in Russia and abroad

New Year is the most anticipated holiday and children, andadult generation. This day is associated with the expectation of a miracle, gifts and cardinal changes in life. Let us consider in more detail the customs of celebrating this remarkable event in different countries.

New Year traditionsNew Year traditions of China and Japan

The date of the meeting of the Japanese New Year is not differentfrom the Russian - on January 1. On this day, the Japanese go to the temple, where the Old Year accompanies the bells and all the hardships go away. New Year traditions of Japan suggest the presence of a Christmas tree, which is often decorated with other exotic plants. Close to our Russian heart, tangerines are also used as a symbol of the holiday in the country of the rising sun. Mandarines, laid out on rice cakes, bring happiness and well-being to the house.

Chinese New Year has its beginning 17-19January. The Chinese are fans of noisy festivities, for which the traditional explosions of fireworks and the launch of sky lanterns. By the way, many peoples sincerely believe that noisy explosions of pyrotechnics can protect people from the invasion of evil spirits.

Traditions of celebration in Germany

The Germans like to celebrate in a noisy company. The table usually does not break from all sorts of dishes, preference is given to light snacks. The traditional dish is fondue, and drinking is accepted krushon.

Those who wish to celebrate especially brightly are invited to attend the annual party in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. New Year's traditions of Germany also include the launch of fireworks.

How to celebrate the New YearNew Year traditions of RussiaRussia

The Russian New Year starts on the night of December 31. New Year traditions of Russia are largely borrowed from foreign experience, but there are also truly our peculiarities.

The holiday is invariably associated with the tree,Champagne, salad "Olivier", tangerines and Santa Claus. To celebrate it is accepted in a circle of a family or friends, and on a table there should not be an empty seat because of every possible dishes.

Without a Christmas tree New Year is almost impossible,it must be dressed up on the eve of the holiday. Instead of glass toys in some houses, they decorate the green beauty with sweets, gingerbread and tangerines. In fact, the smell of needles and citrus is traditionally New Year's in Russia.

It is difficult to find a family that will refuse a salad"Olivier" on New Year's Eve. The old year is accompanied by a glass of champagne. And the main congratulation for all residents of the country is traditionally pronounced by the President from TV screens. The arrival of the New Year is necessarily accompanied by a battle of chimes, under which it is customary to drink champagne and shower each other with congratulations. In recent years on the holiday you can hear the cannonade of firecrackers.

New Year's holidays in RussiaNew Year's holidays in Russia

New Year Russians celebrate for two weeks. Traditional, in addition to the New Year, is Christmas, as well as a holiday, whose name is very contradictory, is the Old New Year. It is the last in this list that is marked exclusively by residents of the countries of the former USSR.

Christmas comes to the house on January 6. On this Christian holiday it is customary to fill the table with 12 dishes, the most traditional of which is kutya. At Christmas, their godparents come to their godparents from the evenings.

Old New Year is often called Russianphenomenon. It is celebrated two weeks after the New Year. The tradition to meet again The New Year begins in 1918, when the chronology changed.

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New Year traditions in Russia and abroad New Year traditions in Russia and abroad New Year traditions in Russia and abroad New Year traditions in Russia and abroad New Year traditions in Russia and abroad