"Neopenotran forte" for women's health

The most common treatment for gynecologicaldiseases are considered vaginal suppositories. These medications can be of any directivity. Today, modern medicines in the form of gynecological suppositories try to do with a very wide spectrum of direction and treatment.

One of the representatives of moderngynecological medicines are candles "Neopenotran forte." This drug is topical, it is a vaginal suppository and has three directions.


"Neopenotran Fort" in its composition hasa derivative of imidazole, which is today a preparation of broad antifungal action. It is active against many fungi, such as Candida, Aspergillus and so on. Yeast-like fungi are harmless inhabitants of the body that live on mucous membranes. But sometimes they become harmful and cause an unpleasant disease - candidiasis. This ailment is extremely easily transmitted sexually.


Metranidazole, which is part of the "Neopenotran Fort," is a broad-spectrum drug. Works in several directions as an anti-inflammatory drug, and antiprotozoal.

In addition to the classic pathogens thatcause inflammation of the genital tract, "Neopenotran forte" is an excellent treatment and has increased activity against "Trichomonas vaginalis" and even more against "Gardnerella vaginalis". These diseases doctors are called the first when the question arises of infertility of both partners. Time treated does not affect the fertility of women.


Metronidazole is very active against anaerobic bacteria, not excluding diseases caused by anaerobic streptococcus.

Indications for use and purpose of the drug inthe form of vaginal suppositories "Neopenotran forte": their use is possible with diseases of the female genital tract, such as candidal vaginitis, vulvovaginitis trichomonas, bacterial vaginitis, vaginosis nonspecific, anaerobic vaginosis, vaginitis caused by gardnerella and so on.

A large number of doctors note improvementthe state of the vaginal mucosa after using these candles. The subsequent analysis proves complete recovery after using the drug "Neopenotran forte." Reviews of patients who used suppositories, prove that the medicine is really effective.


The course of treatment with the drug is usually notexceeds 1 week. In this case, every day in the morning and at night should be used for 1 vaginal candle. Sometimes the course is extended to 2 weeks. This applies to those cases when the gynecologist diagnosed "vaginitis".

Suppositories need to be very carefully administeredin the vagina and quite deep. Do this using special fingertips. It is worth noting that the doctor never revises the dosage of the remedy if the patient is more than 65 years old.


If the product is used excessively, the following symptoms may appear:

  • specific taste of "metal" in the mouth;

  • stomach ache;

  • urine acquires a dark color;

  • excessive headache;

  • manifested stomatitis;

  • there is itching;

  • spontaneous nausea;

  • sometimes even cramps occur;

  • may be profuse vomiting.

In case of such manifestations, you should consult a doctor. He, in turn, will appoint the right treatment. The main thing is to start therapy as soon as possible so that there will be no consequences.

Even if the medicine "Neopenotran forte" prescribeddoctor, it is always necessary to carefully study the instructions before using it. This tool has some contraindications and recommendations for use. If you do not pay attention to this, you can expect unpleasant and dangerous consequences.

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