"Nemo", the Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya, invites to visit!

Unforgivable mistake - to rest on the sea and notwatch the dolphin show! These marine animals are famous for their beauty and intelligence. Visit the Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya "Nemo", performances with the participation of marine animals will not leave indifferent spectators of all ages!

Where can I see a show of dolphins in Golubitskaya?

Dolphinarium in the blueberryIn 2011, the Nemo Dolphinarium started its workin the village Golubitskaya. To date, it is one of the largest entertainment centers in its category throughout the Azov Sea. At the same time, the dolphinarium in Golubitskaya can accommodate 800 people. A modern building is easy to see from afar. The water arena, where maritime artists perform, is performed in the form of a summer amphitheater. The pool is open-air, around it there are rising rows with seats for spectators. Thanks to this planning, the events taking place on the water scene and the stage are perfectly visible from any place.

The Nemo Dolphinarium Program

Dolphinarium in the blueberry photoThe duration of the show of marine animals is50-60 minutes. During this time, spectators can see amazing and fun tricks performed by the Black Sea dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and fur seals. Jumping to incredible heights, dancing in the water, playing with balls and rings, as well as singing and drawing - all these are able to naval artists. They are ready to please and amaze the audience every day! Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya photo during the performances allows you to do completely free. Do not forget to save the memory of at least a few of the brightest moments of the show! During the show, dolphins draw a picture, which can be purchased right there during the auction. After the end of the show program, anyone can chat with dolphins closer and even take a picture for memory.

Useful information for tourists

The Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya has the following address: Kurortny boulevard, house 3. The nearest landmarks are the Lada boarding house and amusement park. By public transport, it's easy to get to the dolphinarium, you can use taxi № 105. If you want, you can walk or drive by private car. The Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya has a favorable location. If you want, you can spend a whole day in this area, as there is a beach and an amusement park nearby. The Dolphinarium offers not only interesting performances, but also dolphin therapy sessions. Classes are held individually, by appointment. The cost of one session is from 5000 rubles. Dolphin therapy not only gives pleasant emotions, but also positively affects human health. In the village of Golubitskaya, the Nemo Dolphinarium works only in the warm season. Wintering artists go to the Anapa dolphinarium. During their holidays, dolphins are learning new tricks and are preparing to delight the audience next season.

Reviews of visitors to the Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium in the blueberry addressMost viewers purchase tickets inDolphinarium in order to show the presentation to the child. The show of dolphins in Golubitskaya has rave reviews from all the young spectators. What is surprising, often adult dolphinarium visitors admit that they are grateful to their children for their campaign on this show. Dolphins are very smart, cute and attractive creatures. It is impossible to look at them and remain indifferent, but even more emotions can be obtained if you stroke the animal and take a picture with it for memory. If you are still thinking about whether to visit a dolphinarium in Golubitskaya, rather make a positive decision! In the active tourist season it makes sense to purchase tickets in advance, since before the start of the performance at the box office of the queue.

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Nemo, the Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya, invites to visit Nemo, the Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya, invites to visit Nemo, the Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya, invites to visit Nemo, the Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya, invites to visit Nemo, the Dolphinarium in Golubitskaya, invites to visit