Nemet hand at night: causes and prevention

The most common reason is, however,strangely, the wrong size of your pillow. When resting on a large cushion, blood circulation is disrupted due to a strong arch of the cervical spine. The solution to the problem is simple - use low pillows, or even better - orthopedic, taking the shape of your body.

my hands go numb at night

An uncomfortable posture during sleep is alsothe answer to the question of why the hands are numb at night. Nursing women for their own comfort sleep, resting their heads on their outstretched arms. Changing the position, you immediately feel the difference. Hands raised up, impede blood circulation. This is the reason that the arm grows numb at night.

If you are used to sleeping in your pajamas, do not buy it in a small size. It should not impede your movements and squeeze your body at night. Going to bed, take off your jewelry, be it a ring or a bracelet.

If the cause of the numbness of the hands is poor blood circulation, physiotherapy and manual therapy are recommended, which improve the circulation of blood in the body.

Exercises that help quickly get rid of uncomfortable sensations:

1. Pull your hands up, hold them and clench your fists 50 times.

2. Squeeze the brushes into fists, placing them on a horizontal surface.

3. Do carpal rotations one way, then the other.
why do dumb hands at night

Numbness of the hands as a symptom of a disease

The inconvenience associated with the fact that the arm is numb at night can be associated with the development of diseases:

- Chronic form of circulatory disorders,which is a symptom of such diseases as hypertension, ischemia, anemia, endocrine system diseases. For heart disease is characterized by a weak pushing of blood, blood vessels lose elasticity.

- Neurological pathologies contribute to the drowsiness of the hands at night.

- Causes can hide in hypovitaminosis - a lack of vitamins of group B.

- Polyneuropathic manifestations are also characterized by numbness of the extremities.

- The presence of tunnel syndrome delivers a feeling of pain and numbness due to squeezing muscle tissue.

- Osteochondrosis manifestations in the cervical spine, the symptoms of which are painful sensations in the neck, provoke what the arm grows dumb at night.

Your actions with numb hands

Do not ignore this problem at all. Symptoms, in which there is a feeling that the arm is numb at night, can warn of serious diseases. Therefore, making sure that household factors (the size of the pillow, pajamas) are not involved, consult a specialist who will prescribe the necessary examination for you from a hematologist, cardiologist, neurologist.
my hands go numb at night

Preventive actions

So that you do not worry about such an unpleasant phenomenon,as a numbness of the hands, get rid of bad habits - smoking, excessive drinking; revise your daily diet - eat as little as possible fatty foods, because with high cholesterol in the blood, the risk of blockage of blood vessels is high. Move more, especially if you are sedentary.

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Nemet hand at night: causes and prevention Nemet hand at night: causes and prevention Nemet hand at night: causes and prevention Nemet hand at night: causes and prevention Nemet hand at night: causes and prevention