Neelams The Glitz 4 * (India, North Goa): hotel rating, reviews

In this article we describe the hotel Neelams TheGlitz 4 * (North Goa, Calangute). What do tourists write about it? The reviews give us a pretty attractive picture. All tourists agree that if the distance of eight hundred meters from the beach is not a problem for you, then you will like the rest in "Nilamse Ze Glitz 4 *". Until recently, this hotel had only three stars on its signboard. But after the recent reconstruction, she upgraded her status to four. The hotel management is included in the group "Nilamas Hotels". Those tourists who are familiar with the services of this network say that the representation in North Goa is quite high.Neelams the glitz 4

Where is the hotel and what is it

Dabolim International Airport is separated fromNeelams The Glitz 4 * forty-five kilometers. So you will have the opportunity to compare those hotels where your passengers are landed on the flight, with the hotel where you will spend your unforgettable vacation. The specificity of North Goa is that in this part of the Indian state there are a lot of cheap guesthouses without any stars. In most cases, these hotels are a few modest bungalows in a private garden. The four-star hotel "Nilams See Glitz" is small. It consists of a three-story building with an adjacent garden. Interestingly, the swimming pool in the hotel is placed unusually: not on the ground, in front of the building, but on the wide terrace of the second floor.

Where to lodge

A hundred and fifty rooms at the Neelams The Glitz 4 *are subdivided into categories: "club-plaza", "select room", "premiere suite" and "elite suite". Most guest rooms have their own small balcony facing the garden. Tourists say: despite the fact that the hotel is located next to the road, the rooms do not hear any noise. The air-conditioning with which the bedrooms are equipped is also very quiet. It is possible to adjust the temperature in the room using the control panel. Reviews note the presence of a spacious safe, where you can put a laptop. The furnishings are complemented by a flat-screen TV, a small refrigerator, a set for self-cooking hot drinks. In the bathroom there is a wonderful hairdryer, and the maids every day put on the shelf in front of a mirror jars with wonderful cosmetic accessories. The suites have a dedicated seating area. The filling of the mini-bar and the Wi-Fi in the room are paid.Neelams the glitz 4 northern goa calangute

How to feed

The cost of accommodation in the hotel Neelams The GlitzBreakfast includes breakfast. They are covered every morning in the restaurant of the hotel "Ze Global". Breakfasts are buffet style. The hotel cooks try to please everyone: guests from India who like to come to Goa for the weekend, and foreign tourists. Therefore, lovers of European breakfasts will find on the table sausages, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese sliced, muesli and yoghurts. And those who want to try Indian dishes can do it, too. The hotel often hosts weddings and other celebrations, for which a banquet room is provided. In the "Zee Typle" bar you can have a snack, quench your thirst with a soft drink or sit with an alcoholic cocktail. Tours in Goa, the prices of which are low (especially in the Northern part of the state), include accommodation in a hotel with breakfast. However, do not worry about food. On the beach of Calangute, 800 meters from the hotel, there is the market "Mapusa Market", and the whole embankment is an uninterrupted chain of catering establishments. Reviews advise "Bella Chao" (located in the hotel "Calypso"), beach cafe "Susa Lobo" and Indian restaurant "Mirabai Goan Village".Hotel Neelams the glitz 4

North Goa

This staff is absolutely different from the rest of India. In Goa, the Portuguese, too, for too long, and then the British, to leave for a long time a European gloss and many Catholic churches. In the late 60s of the last century, the local shore was filled with hippies. It was they, and then the rastamans and other freaks that created Goa glory of the earthly paradise, where parties and parties never stop. Over time, the southern part of the state was recruited from hippies hoteliers. Respectable public (mostly retired from Western Europe) drove the Children of Flowers to the north. The beach of Calangute has become a hippie capital. Gradually a small settlement of freaks has grown here. But high-star hotels penetrate here. If you like noisy youth parties, communication with non-standard public and music in the trance style, then you are just waiting for a wonderful holiday in Goa.

Hotel swimming pool. Calangute Beach

Remoteness from the sea at 800 meters - assurereviews - not a minus, but a plus of the hotel. You can choose the coast, and not be "zotochennym" on one, as it often happens with hotel guests on the first line. Calangute, due to its world fame capital hippies, rarely when it is deserted. But the Neelams The Glitz 4 * is located close to the other coasts. Look for seclusion is on Baga Beach (two kilometers), Candolim (3.5 km), Anjuna (4.5 km), Singuerium (5 km). It's not only deserted, but also much cleaner. And you can overcome the miles by taxi, tuk-tuk or a rented scooter. The swimming pool in the hotel, as we have already pointed out, is located on a wide terrace on the second floor. Sun beds and mattresses and beach towels are provided free of charge. The pool is small, but it's nice to relax near it, especially since free Wi-Fi is great in its area.Calangute beach

The services

Hotel "Nilams See Glitz" guarantees itsFor guests unforgettably a wonderful holiday in Goa. The hotel has a fully equipped conference room, and the business center will provide necessary copies, send a fax or order an interpreter. Security in the hotel guarantees the safety of your car in free parking. For the disabled in the living room is equipped with a room. Reviews say that for breakfast without problems you could find dishes for diabetics. And even in the rooms, along with sachets of sugar, there is always a substitute for it. Particularly warm words are written by tourists about the Ayurvedic center of the hotel. His services are paid, but the reviews are highly recommended to visit him at least once. Tourists were incredibly happy about the fact that there are no discos in the hotel. Around Calangute there is so much night fun that I would like to have at least some kind of oasis of tranquility.Rest on Goa

For children

The policy of the Neelams The Glitz 4 * hotel is thatA child under 5 can stay and eat at the hotel absolutely free of charge. Kids liked the abundance of sweet pastries and exotic fruits for breakfast. Nourish the most capricious karapuza by habitual meal it is possible in a fast food restaurant KFC. A small part of the pool is allocated for children. Reviews open one nuance, which is hushed up by the hoteliers. Near the "Nilams See Glitz" is the hotel "The Grand". You can use all of its infrastructure, including a swimming pool. In "Grande" it is bigger, and for children it is more comfortable.Packages for Goa prices


Russian travel agencies offer absolutelydifferent in terms of cost of a trip to Goa. Prices in the southern part of the state start from 750 US dollars per person for seven nights. But North Goa is somewhat cheaper. A similar tour of the four-star hotel with breakfast will cost $ 770 - as a "trash" in the southern part of the state. The prices for food in local cafes are also approximately the same. For example, a chicken curry will cost only 160 rupees. Savings on accommodation can be spent on excursions. Feedback is not advised to contact our operators. On the beach wanders a lot of agents of the local travel agency, in which the quality of excursions is better, and the prices are lower. You can go on a sea voyage. Reviews recommend a sightseeing tour of Goa. It costs 33 US dollars.

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