Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo

One of the most talented womencinematography of the last century can rightly be called Selezneva Natalia Igorevna. Her biography shows a rapid growth of popularity and skill throughout her life.

The appearance of incomparable talent

Her work is above all praise. It's hard to find enough eloquent expressions to properly describe the beauty that Natalia Selezneva gives to the world. There is no equal for her, and her talent is characterized by uniqueness. For generations, thousands of people have been in love with her charm.

natalia igorevna seleznevaShe was born in the very heart of the country Natalia SeleznevaIgorevna. Her biography begins in Moscow on June 19 in 1945. The girl grew up in a creative family, because her mother was engaged in artistic activities. My father's profession was photography. In this field, he achieved popularity.

Natalia Igorevna Seleznevabyla since the youngest yearsis inseparably linked with art. Being still very young, she began to engage in poetry, singing. When the relatives gathered together, a pleasant and sweet addition to the evening was her next sketch.

Early start of an acting career

Actress Natalia I. Selezneva walked alongsideThe theater of the Soviet army, while still a girl. Then there was an acquaintance, in which Mikhail Mayorov became a new friend. He took her hand in his and they went together to audition for the production of "30 silver men".

Natalia Selezneva immediately fell in love with the wholethe judiciary board. So her first role was obtained. She became an adornment of a theatrical performance lasting three years. There is a feeling that fate itself led her to an acting career. After some time, Selezneva Natalia Igorevna becomes a participant in another happy event.

The shining of this young star simply attracted the necessary circumstances to it.

selezneva natalia igorevna photo

The first steps in the movie

It was the middle of the 50's. At one play the girl is introduced to the writer Agniya Barto. At her insistence, Natalia Selezneva played one of the heroines that came down from the pages of the book "Alyosha Ptitsyn develops character." The director's opinion was positive, he also became imbued with sympathy for the girl.

And now the set is open to graceful stepslittle actress. Although she had no experience, this flaw was well compensated for by the tremendous charisma that had already erupted at the time. The task was brilliantly executed, and now its popularity began to grow like a snowball.

The next role was in the picture "Girl andcrocodile ", filmed in 1956. In five years her talent is adorned with the film "Alenka". After graduating from school, Natalia firmly knew who would be in the future. 1961-th year - the beginning of training in the theatrical school. Shchukin, where she brilliantly entered the first time. For her, the doors of the classroom, in which Boris Zakhava taught, opened.

selezneva natalja igorevna

The best works

During the student's time was especially charmingSelezneva Natalia Igorevna. Photo - excellent proof of that. Her beautiful face flashes in a variety of paintings, which at that time were produced by Soviet filmmakers. George Gayday - one of the most remarkable people of those, under whose head she had a chance to work. Their cooperation begins in the works on "Operation" Y "and other adventures of Shurik." Her character, the girl Lida, falls into the souls of the audience and makes it incredibly popular. For this role, other interesting suggestions begin to be added.

1965-1970th years were remembered by that Селезневой it was possible to take part in shootings of seven more pictures. She appeared in the "Caliph-stork", the tape "I loved you" and in other great films.

When there are new ideas about it fromGaidai, Natalia Igorevna Selezneva becomes even more popular and beloved. Photo with her like to get almost everyone who had a TV at home. Or at least those who had access to the cinema.

selezneva natalja i gorevna biography

Career Peak

1973-1975 were very fruitful, becauseIt was then that the pictures "Can not be created" and, of course, "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession". These works rapidly multiplied the number of admiring viewers throughout the Soviet Union, they are ranked among the classics of their genre. At this time, Natalia gave all her time to lyrical films and comedies.

Brilliantly, she plays in the pictures "Take care of men,and also "A commode was taken along the street". Many fertile works bring her talent in a humorous genre. The women's projects are decorated with the projects "These incredible songs or Shurik's New Dreams" and "Kabachok 13". In 1981, she received as a reward for all her work and talent - the title of Honored actress of the RSFSR. The next major title will be given to her in 1996, when she will become People's Artist of Russia.

Seleznev natalya and growth

Activity of the actress in the realities of the nineties

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the situationswiftly changed. Her filmography is supplemented by such dramatic pictures as "The Circle of the Doomed" and "The Leg". Similar motifs were adopted by all the cinematography of Russia. And in this case, Selezneva was a model and indicator for many of her colleagues.

With the beginning of the second half of the 90's began to returnhunting for those images that were characteristic of the actress. The second stage of unification with the comedy in her life begins with the multi-series work "House", full of humor of the film "Impotent", as well as a funny "Agent in a miniskirt." An excellent mood is created by her play in the "Diva of Mary" and a number of paintings of this kind. She was invited to the project "Old songs about the main thing" as a guest.


In the new century continued to keep on their fragileshoulders quality of Russian cinema Selezneva Natalia Igorevna. Its height is only 164 centimeters, but how much energy, kindness and charm! She continues to actively withdraw. Although, of course, the peak of glory passed, but the viewer remembers it and takes every opportunity to touch the creativity of this wonderful woman. Good pictures are considered "Vorotila" and "Thieves and criminals", who gained fame in the circles of cinephiles.

Most of her creative energy woman gives the theater satire. The local scene is the point of her constant work.

actress natalja igorevna selezneva

Personal Affairs

With her husband, the actress had an acquaintance in 1968year. This lucky man is Vladimir Andreev. Together they worked on the picture "Caliph-Aist", which brought them closer and made them inseparable for a long time. It's amazing when popular people do not flirt with fame, but appreciate each other and see in art the noble cause of their life, and not a way to amuse self-esteem.

The fact that they have been together for 45 years, speaks about the high moral qualities of these people. Only a truly pure soul can show such a wonderful example.

In their marriage, the heir Yegor appeared,who gave a pair of two grandchildren: Nicholas and Alexei, who are very proud of such a grandmother and grandfather. As we see, Natalia Selezneva is not only a charismatic and talented woman, an excellent actress and creative personality. It is also a real, pure, sincere person, who is much less than good actors of the scene.

And when such wonderful qualities are combined in one person, there is nothing else left than to wish nature to give the earth more such talents.

And today it serves as a model, an example formany girls. Each parent will agree that it is much better to raise their daughters according to the image of Lida's girl created by her than by modern standards of attractiveness.

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Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo Natalia I. Selezneva: biography, filmography, photo