Mushroom soup is delicious!

Mushroom soup is very popular among hostesses of many countries of the world. It is very simple to perform, light and, as a rule, like its unforgettable taste. It is fragrant, pleasant, delicate. Mushrooms for him to pick up with great care. They should be elastic and clean. Due to the fact that fresh champignons on the shelves of stores can be found all year round, you can cook it, despite the season. And it is prepared quickly and easily.

champignon soup

So how to cook soup of champignons

In a saucepan, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil, add the chopped onion and simmer until onion is transparent. Add sliced ​​champignons and fry all together until golden brown. Pour in broth (preferably vegetable or chicken), bring to a boil and cook on medium heat for about ten to fifteen minutes. A few minutes until cooked, add parsley and pepper to taste. Served with sour cream and parsley on the table. This is the easiest recipe and not the only one, since you can cook champignon soup in the form of mashed potatoes.

Another option to create a culinary "masterpiece"

To do this, chop the mushrooms, put in a saucepan, add 2 spoons of boiled rice, 2 spoons of butter, pounded with half a spoon of flour. And cook with a lid on low heat until soft. Then all you need to wipe in a stone mortar or grind in a blender, and then dissolve all the broth, put on steam, add a little oil, mix, lowering the spoon to the bottom and then lifting it. Serve with herbs and crackers.

Third option

Mushroom soup can be cooked in absolutely different variations. Here is another simple recipe: boil water with salt and bay leaves, cut potatoes into cubes and dip it into boiling water. Cook for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, fry the mushrooms with onions in a pan, then send them to the pan. 5 minutes before readiness, pour some vermicelli into the soup and add herbs to taste. The soup is ready. You can enjoy its taste and aroma.

how to cook champignon soup

In the mushroom soup, you can add a huge range of products. They are combined with many vegetables. There is an American celery soup recipe, broccoli is sometimes added, and melted cheese can be put in the broth.In the heat, you can recommend to cook the original soup of champignons with the addition of ginger.

Exotic Ginger Recipe

Finely chop the mushrooms and fry them with onions in a pan for about six minutes. Heat the milk with a few spoons of coconut chips, then filter it and bring to a boil. Add ginger, garlic and boil for seven minutes. Then you need to pour in there half a liter of vegetable broth, mix thoroughly and remove from heat. Next, in a blender bring mushrooms, broth, a little soy sauce, lime juice and white pepper to a uniform state. Cool in the fridge. Serve cold. Thailand is the birthplace of this recipe.

how to cook champignon soup


Champignons are widely used in cooking, not only for cooking soups. They are also often used in salads, main dishes, snacks. They are good and pure. They are loved and appreciated for the rich taste and specific aroma.

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