Muggle - who is this?

Do you know who the Muggle is? This is a simple person. So called their wizards in a series of books and films about Harry Potter. They do not just can not conjure. They think differently. After all, most of them can not even imagine that there is another world ... The mysterious world of magic ...

Mug is an ordinary person

So, more. “Muggle” is the naming of a person by the wizards of the world of “Harry Potter”, even in cases when they have nothing against people. Even Harry himself calls them that. In short, for wizards, a muggle is a creature of a lower class. So considered. And no matter how good he is, he is far from a real wizard in any case.Muggle is

Gene magic

Rowling herself in one of her interviews explained something in detail. The author of the famous series told that in the world invented by her, there is a special gene of magic, which is responsible for the emergence of magical abilities. This gene is dominant. Therefore, in the event that at least one of the parents is a magician, the child is likely to be such. Although sometimes there are failures.In the family of wizards can be born a muggle. This is the so-called "squib". However, there are other exceptions to the rules. A wizard may also appear in a Muggle family. This can happen if once upon a time there was at least one magician in the family.muggles and wizards

The main differences

And now the main question. Muggles and wizards, of course, have several major differences. With the most basic - everything is clear. Muggles have no magic power.

The next difference is their appearance. Wizards wear robes. In any adult mage mantle is a mandatory attribute of clothing. For muggles, such an outfit, of course, is an oddity. In addition, wizards love to decorate their clothes in various ways. For example, with the help of strange brooches. Their headgear Muggles are also considered strange. And even more so - the presence of a magic wand. Maglums have to defend against the enemy with pistols, gas cartridges, stun guns and other devices.

Adult wizards often go with long hair. This is not a rule. However, it does not seem strange wizards. It’s not at all typical of a maglam. For them, a man with long hair is some kind of rocker.

Muggle behavior, according to wizards, is incredibly mysterious and at times even dangerous. Although purely in the physical sense, they look the same.who is a muggle from harry potter


Well, in the school of magic Hogwarts there is even a special discipline called "Muggling". In these lessons, little wizards study, of course, muggles. This science helps students better understand ordinary people, their psychology and inner world.

Here you are taught to understand the person in front of you: whether he is a magician or a maggle. An educated magician will not give himself away and ask the person directly the question: “Who are you?” After all, Muggles for the most part do not know about the existence of wizards.

The main signs on which, according to the magicians, Mugla can be recognized, it is their stupid look, because they have never been distinguished with a special mind, therefore they look as if they were hit on the head; dresses or trouser suits; strange hairstyles, often unsuccessful experiments with hair. In short, nothing complicated.

So you had to figure out who the Harry Potter Muggle is. Between them and the wizards, as a rule, there is enmity.Although most muggles, as mentioned above, do not even know about the existence of the magical world. But some still know something. Most often these are the parents in whose family little wizards are born. In general, reading books and watching movies about Harry Potter, you can get great pleasure. Two opposing worlds and their opposition can not fail to attract lovers of exciting works in the fantasy genre.

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