Motorola Moto G: review of the model, customer reviews and experts

Motorola Moto G appeared on sale in late 2013of the year. This is a smaller version of the flagship company Moto X. If the price of the flagship and its hardware stuffing caused censure, then with this device the situation changed radically. Low cost and excellent "iron" budget segment distinguish it against the background of competitors.

motorola moto g

Hardware platform

As the central processor in Motorola Moto GThe 4-core chip from "Kualcom" is used. More specifically, MSM 8226. It refers to the family "Shepdragon 400" and is built on the basis of the architecture of the A7. The maximum clock frequency at which it can operate is 1.2 GHz. It is in the segment of entry-level smartphones that its computing power will be enough to solve most problems. This is watching movies, listening to audio tracks, surfing the sites, unpretentious games and reading books - with all this he will cope without problems. In principle, even complex and demanding toys should go on it under certain settings, but here a small diagonal of the display will not allow it to fully immerse in the process of gameplay. As the graphics adapter it uses "Adreno 305", which perfectly complements the CPU and its computing capabilities.

motorola moto g review

Display, cameras and everything connected with them

The most convenient from the position of usethe screen diagonal of the Motorola Moto G, which is 4 and a half inches. At this size it is convenient to solve most problems, except, as was noted earlier, the most demanding dynamic toys of the latest generation. At the heart of the display is a qualitative matrix, manufactured using the "IPS" technology. Its resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. All this allows you to get a high-quality and clear image, which really pleases the eye. One of the main disadvantages of this model is the main camera. To be precise, this is the absence of an automatic image stabilization system. Therefore, to get a really high-quality picture with poor lighting is problematic. Of course, there is a highlight, but it does not solve this problem. In general, the quality of the images obtained with this device is rather mediocre. At the heart of the front camera is a 1.3 M sensor. This is enough to make video calls.


A rather ambiguous situation develops withmemory subsystem of this device. Random access memory has a fixed size of 1 GB. It is based on the most common DDR3 chips at the moment. The built-in drive can be either 8 GB or 16 GB. And you can not increase this volume with an external memory card. Phone Motorola Moto G is not equipped with a slot for their installation. A certain compensation for this is the allocation of 50 GB to "Google Drive" for a period of 2 years. And absolutely free. But the trouble is that it is not always possible to fully load information on them and to unload it. Especially when working in networks of the 2nd generation and with files large enough. So you will have to use the volume of the flash memory inside the device for the most part.

motorola moto g reviews

Housing and ease of use

The sides and the back cover of the Motorola Moto G16GB Black (as well as in a cheaper version with 8 GB on board) are made of quality structured plastic with matte finish. The build quality of the case is impeccable. And with such a coating traces on it practically do not remain. In turn, the front panel is made of glass "Gorilla Eye" of the 3rd generation. It is resistant to scratches. But it's not recommended to check for strength with concrete or asphalt. Can crack. On the top edge of the smartphone is a microphone for suppressing external noises during a call and an audio jack for 3.5 mm. On the left side of the device there is nothing, but on the right there are all control buttons: turning on and off the gadget and swinging the volume. From the bottom there is a connector of the format "MicroUSB" and a talking microphone. Three standard touch buttons are the bottom of the screen. Above the display is a conversational speaker and a front camera. The second loud speaker is output, as it should be, to the back of the smartphone, where there is also a main camera and a flash. In principle, from the perspective of ergonomics in this smartphone, everything is done so that they can only be operated with one hand. The only thing that causes censure is the performance of the touch keys: they can be accidentally clicked while performing manipulations at the bottom of the screen.

Battery capacity and autonomy

A lot of complaints are caused by the battery of this device. More precisely, its capacity is 2070 mAh. And the same value for the battery of the Motorola Moto G Dual Sim. Reviewsowners of any of the gadgets related to thisline of devices indicate insufficient battery capacity. With intensive use of the device and maximum brightness of the screen, its resources are enough for 8 hours of battery life. Then you need to recharge for 1.5-2 hours. At the same time, although the back cover of the smartphone is removed, but the battery is soldered into the device and it's quite problematic to remove it on its own. Therefore, if the battery fails without the help of a service center, you can not do.

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OS and software

The Motorola Moto G smartphone is installedThe most popular software platform is Android. At the time of the release of the device, Motorola was owned by Google, that is, the developer of the system software. Hence a number of advantages and disadvantages of this apparatus. Updates, he gets one of the first. But there are no expectations for the appearance of the version 5.0 of the system software. Not quite a fresh processor in it is installed. And so - OS version 4.4.2 is enough for comfortable work. At the same time there should not be any problems with compatibility and smooth operation of the interface. All this is the undeniable advantage of this gadget. But the lack of Russified firmware is a significant disadvantage. The only way to solve this problem is to install additional software for the Russification of the device. The rest of the set of applications is standard for such a software platform.

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Set of interfaces

All important interfaces are supported by Motorola Moto G. The review of the technical documentation on it indicates the presence of the following sensors and sensors:

  • "Wai-Fai" - with its help you can dataany volume to download and unload from the "Google Drive". Also, this method of transferring information at speeds up to 150 Mbps is great for surfing Internet resources, communicating in social services and watching videos online.
  • This unit is capable of operating in almostall the networks that are available today, except "LTE". But this standard has not yet become widespread. In turn, 2Z allows to transmit information using it at a speed of about 0.5 Mbit / s. This is enough to view news, unpretentious sites or social networks. But 3Z already allows, like "Vai-Fay", to work with information of almost any volume.
  • "Blutuz" - the best tool that allows you to transfer a small amount of information on similar devices.
  • At once with two navigation systems is capable ofto work the ZHPS-sensor. It is supported as the most popular on the world scale, ZhPS, and domestic GLONASS. So, there should not be problems with determining the location in the presence of such a gadget.
  • A classic round socket with a diameter of 3.5 mm is intended for connecting an external stereo system. It can be both headphones and speakers.
  • Another important interface is MicroUsB. It is used to connect to a computer and to charge the built-in battery. Just worth noting that the smartphone does not come with a charger, so it will have to be purchased separately.

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Expert Reviews and Ownership

All that was previously described, you can determine on the basis of technical documentation and descriptions on the Motorola Moto G. Reviewsthe real owners of the device are much more valuable. It is they who will be devoted to this section. They indicate the following advantages of this model:

  • A fairly efficient processor for this class of devices.
  • One of the latest versions of the operating system.
  • Well-grounded software that functions with virtually no problems.
  • Excellent screen, which has excellent color rendering.
  • Sufficient amount of RAM and built-in flash drive.

He has the following disadvantages:

  • Problems with the interface Russification - you need to install additional software.
  • There is no automatic stabilization system in the main camera, which makes the quality of the images much worse.
  • Small capacity of the complete battery. In this case, it is impossible to replace it in the event of a breakdown.

motorola moto g dual sim reviews

Let's sum up the results

The disadvantages indicated by the paragraph are not soessential for a Motorola Moto G level device. This is a budget smartphone, so you do not have to expect an impeccable camera or a large capacity battery in it. In the rest it is an ideal gadget, which has a high level of performance and a modest price of $ 200. For this money, you get a device with a good hardware platform and one of the latest versions of the OS.

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