Motoblock "Neva MB-23": description, customer reviews

If you are a lover of an active holiday home, thenhave in the arsenal of special equipment for soil cultivation. For those consumers who are only planning to purchase their site outside the city, the information presented below should be useful. From it you can learn that one of the most common aggregates for soil treatment is a motor-block. However, by visiting the store, consumers are faced with a difficult choice - which model of technology to prefer.

First, it is important to consider the reputationmanufacturer. Secondly, it is recommended to take into account the power of the equipment. Thirdly, you should consider what kind of work you are going to do on the motoblock. It is necessary to recognize that the described technique is quite expensive, therefore it is not recommended to purchase a professional-grade model if you plan to use the device only from time to time and to perform a narrow range of tasks.

Among others in the market of modern equipmentThe motoblock "Neva MB-23" is represented. It is offered by the manufacturer in several trim levels, which will be discussed below. They almost do not differ in anything, but nevertheless it is necessary to consider their characteristics. Before making a choice, you must evaluate the set of functions that a technician has. Do not overpay for a model that will not realize all of its options in the conditions of your suburban area.

Many consumers before making a purchaseread the reviews, one of them quite often it is possible to understand which model is better to prefer. Experts advise to follow the experience of the majority. After all, otherwise there is a risk of acquiring a professional class model that will not realize all its abilities. The consumer overpaid, and in fact could save on acquiring a model of the middle class, which is cheaper.

motoblock nba mb 23

Description of motoblock brand MB-23H-9.0

This motoblock "Neva MB-23" costs from 44,200 rubles. It is an equipment that can be used on garden plots. The technique will perfectly perform the tasks assigned to it in the preparation of soil for the planting of cultivated plants. The device works at the expense of Honda engine, whose capacity is 9 liters. from. This indicates that the motoblock will be able to cope even with the processing of virgin soil.

The manufacturer has provided the consumer with the possibility of using attachments, namely:

  • potato digger;
  • plow;
  • grousers;
  • hiller.

The operator will be able to usea gearbox that allows the device to move at four speeds forward and two - back. On high gears it is convenient to carry out transportation, as for lower gears, then they can be treated with soil. Motoblock "Neva MB-23" has quite large wheels with aggressive tread pattern. All this improves cross-country ability and guarantees good grip. One of the wheels can be unlocked if necessary, which helps to facilitate turns.

motorboat neva mb 23 reviews

Feedback on the main features of the model

Consumers choose the above-described model of equipment for a variety of reasons, among them:

  • high permeability;
  • simple management;
  • rapid filling of the tank;
  • availability of reliable power plant.

With regard to patency, it is guaranteedwheels that can pass through any surface, including one that has an uneven terrain. Buyers especially note comfortable management. It is guaranteed by a handle that allows adjustment.

The operator will be able to fill the tankquite simply. To do this, the manufacturer supplied it with a wide neck, through which it is quite easy to fill the fuel. Motoblock "Neva MB-23" has a reliable power unit. The engine quite easily copes with the processing of soil of any character. Among the additional advantages consumers identify the presence of a reverse, it provides better maneuverability. It is impossible not to mention also the gear-chain reducer, which is enclosed in an aluminum casing.

The engine is used, which I like very muchowners of vast territories. The depth of plowing is 20 cm, this figure can be called quite impressive. Attachments that can be used additionally are presented in a wide range.

motoblocks nba mb 23 review owners

Reviews about the characteristics

Motoblock "Neva MB-23", which can be reviewedto guide you when you choose, weighs 102 kg. Power, according to consumers, is quite high and reaches 6.7 kW. There is a fuel tank in the structure, its capacity allows long time to work without refueling, because its volume is equivalent to 3.6 liters.

Buyers especially note a rather highthe rotational speed of the mill, it reaches 160 revolutions per minute. The diameter of the mills is 36 cm. The manufacturer supplied the equipment with a gasoline engine. Buying a motoblock "Neva MB-23", you should definitely read about it. Of these you can find out that there is no electrical start in the device. However, it is important to pay attention to other features, among them it is necessary to distinguish the width of plowing, it is 86 cm.

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Description of the motoblock brand MB-23C-9.0

Another model motoblock, which was mentionedin the subtitle above, is presented by the manufacturer. It has a slightly higher cost - from 52,700 rubles. This equipment is similar in characteristics to the previous one. You can use the device on the backyard or garden plot.

The equipment is characterized by high efficiency andeasily copes with cultivation and tillage. This motoblock "Neva-MB 23 C 9 0 pro" is supplemented with a four-stroke engine from the manufacturer Robin-Subaru, whose capacity reaches 9 liters. from. Six-speed gearbox provides comfortable transportation of cargo and soil treatment. The motoblock is multifunctional, this feature is provided by the possibility of installing various rigging, namely, grousers, hillers, plows, potato diggers and carts.

motoblock neva mb 23 with 9 0 pro

Reviews about the main features and technical characteristics of the model

Considering the above-described model, you will understand,that its features and technical characteristics are similar to MB-23H-9.0. MB-23 C-9 0, according to consumers, also has good cross-country ability, provides easy control and easy filling of the fuel tank.

The device operates due to reliable powerinstallation for 9 liters. from. In this design, there is a reverse, the equipment is supplied with a clamped motor, and for better maneuverability, the operator will be able to unlock one of the wheels. The main difference, according to buyers, is in the engines. The first model as a producer is Honda, while the second model - Robin-Subaru.

motoblock neva mb 23 b 10 0

Description of the motoblock brand MB-23B-8.0

If you liked the Neva MB-23 motoblocks,feedback of owners about them before purchasing this product must be read. For example, if we are talking about the MB-23B-8.0 model, then we will have to pay 41,200 rubles for it. This motor-block represents the equipment working at the expense of four-cycle diesel engine of mark Briggs & Stratton. Its power is 8 liters. from.

The device can be used for cultivation of plots of land and plowing of the territory, including virgin land. The machine can be used in conjunction with attachments of the following type:

  • plow;
  • grousers;
  • carts;
  • hillside;
  • scraper.

The design has large wheels withaggressive tread pattern. This improves the grip and improves the patency of the equipment. One of the wheels, as in each of the above models, if necessary, can be unlocked, which facilitates turns.

motoblock neva mb 23 b 10

Reviews about the main features and technical characteristics

The above motoblock, in the opinion of consumers, has the same positive qualities as the equipment mentioned in the article. Among the other advantages are:

  • good cross-country ability;
  • Comfortable management;
  • availability of reliable power plant;
  • easy filling of the tank.

For maneuverability, the unit can usefunction of reverse. The depth of plowing, according to consumers, is quite impressive and is 20 cm. Additionally, it is possible to use attachments that increase the efficiency of the device. The difference between this version of the unit is the engine model - I / C. Almost all other characteristics remain the same, including the diameter of the mills, the speed of their rotation and the type of reducer used.

According to users, another differenceis in the capacity of the fuel tank, in this version of the device it is somewhat smaller and is 3.2 liters. Power motoblock is also different, it is equal to 5.96 kW. There is no electric start in this version of the motoblock. The width of the plowing remains the same. It is worth mentioning separately the transfer of power to active attachments. In this case, a power take-off shaft is used. As for the above models, they use a pulley, and the transmission is a belt.

Description of the motoblock brand MB-23B-10.0

This motoblock "Neva MB-23 10" representsequipment, pay for which will be from 48,700 rubles. This device is used to perform a variety of agricultural works. The unit perfectly copes with plowing virgin heavy soil. It works at the expense of a four-stroke engine, the power of which is 10 liters. from.

In this design, too, there are large wheelswith a protector, which increase the ability to adhere to the soil and improve patency. One of the wheels can also be unlocked. Motoblock differs multifunctionality, it can be used in conjunction with a digger, hiller, cart, plow and grouser.

Reviews about features and technical characteristics

The above motoblock "Neva MB-23 B-10 0" has almost the same positive features as the above-described models, among them it is necessary to distinguish:

  • excellent cross-country ability;
  • easy filling of the tank;
  • Comfortable management;
  • availability of reliable power plant.

Consumers like this model for highPower, as well as an impressive width of plowing. As a transfer of power to the active attachments, a power take-off shaft is used. This motoblock "Neva MB-23 10", about which should help you make the right choice, has a rather impressive engine volume, which is 305 cm3. This factor, in the opinion of consumers, is quite often decisive when choosing equipment for soil treatment.

Customer feedback on the features of operation

In order that the motor block "Neva MB-23" ("Subaru" - "brand used engine) has served as long as possible, according to consumers, it should be operated according to the instructions. Having become acquainted with it, you will be able to understand that in the workplace, in no case should there be people and animals. From it you need to eliminate all items that can be caught up in the work pieces of equipment. Here it is necessary to carry stones, because they can damage the units of the motoblock.

The master should wear firm shoes andspecial clothing before starting work. Before starting the engine, it must be ensured that the shift lever is in the neutral position. When the Neva MB-23 B 10 motoblock is used, which you could read about above, filling of its fuel tank should be carried out from outside the premises. The fuel tank must then be securely closed with a lid.

Adjustments are not allowed whenrunning engine. As an exception, they are those recommended by the manufacturer. Before starting work, make sure that the threaded connections are securely tightened. The equipment and its engine are equipped with warning signs. They need to be familiarized with, because they are able to ensure the safety of work.

The engine must not be run indoors, either.How exhaust fumes are dangerous to life. Feet of the feet and hands should not be kept near the rotating parts of the device and replaceable tools. When working with cutters, wear protective goggles. Motoblock "Neva MB-23 B 10" is able to handle even hard soil. In this case, several calls may be required, while it is important to increase the depth of processing each time. In such soil can contain stones. If they are quite large, the motoblock digs them out, the cutters must rotate as slowly as possible. If there is a collision with an extraneous object, the engine must be stopped, the equipment inspected for damage and rectified before re-starting.


Motoblock "Neva MB-23 C-9 0" should periodicallyclean working parts. Before performing these manipulations, the master should wear mittens and use a limiter. Sometimes another suitable object is used. It is important to remember that the truck must not work with excessive vibration. If this happens, the engine must be stopped and try to figure out the cause.

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