Mother's Day in Russia

Mother's Day in Russia is gradually entering into eachhouse, and this is excellent, because how many kind words you say to your mother, they will never be superfluous. There are probably not more than one country left that does not celebrate this holiday. Mother's Day is a holiday of eternity, and it is difficult to argue with this, because from generation to generation for any person, mother is the main person in life. When a woman becomes a mother, she reveals such wonderful qualities as love, kindness, care and self-sacrifice. Mother's Day in Russia takes a special place among the many holidays, since absolutely no one will remain indifferent to it, and it is on this day that you want to say thankful words to all mothers who give their children kindness, affection, love and tenderness.

The history of the appearance of the holiday under the name "International Mother's Day"

From time immemorial, the mother is the continuer of the genus anda woman who gives life to a new generation. She was revered at all times. The most ancient holiday, dedicated to the mother, is the festival of the goddess Rei, who was the wife of the god Kronos and the mother of numerous goddesses and gods. This festival was held in the spring in ancient Greece.

Around 250 BC, a religious festival was celebrated in Rome, dedicated to the mother-goddess Cybele. It lasted exactly three days: from 15 to 18 March.

In England, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, the fourthSunday of Great Lent celebrated Mother's Sunday. It was considered a holiday of all English mothers. On this day, the English visited their mothers and brought them a cake called "mother's cake." Absolutely all the servants who lived and worked in rich families had a day off and certainly had to spend it with their own mothers.

The tradition of treating mothers with a cake thatdecorated with twelve balls of marzipan, exists in the UK so far. In addition, on Mother's Day, it is customary to save mothers from work at home and shift care to the shoulders of the stronger sex.

The second attempt by the inhabitants of America to take one dayin the year the mother was much more successful than the previous one. In 1907, one of the residents of America, Anna Jervis from the state of Philadelphia, who had prematurely died her own mother, began to shower the legislative and state organs of the United States with letters, setting out her request to establish Mother's Day. Within three years, her incredible perseverance had yielded results. In 1910, the State of Virginia was the first officially to celebrate Mothers Day. Four years later, the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, formally established Mother's Day in all the states of America, and has since been celebrated every year. Then the second Sunday in May was a mother's day in 23 countries, and more than 30 countries chose other days for its celebration.

When do they celebrate Mother's Day?

This holiday has appeared recently - Mother's Day inRussia began to celebrate in the year 98 on the last November Sunday. The initiative to establish the Mother's Day was shown by the State Duma Committee for Family, Youth and Women. In Ukraine, the day of all mothers celebrate c 99 years on the second Sunday in May, as well as in Japan, Canada, China and the United States. It is necessary to distinguish Mother's Day from the eighth of March, when they congratulate all the representatives of the weaker sex. Mothers Day is celebrated only by mothers and expectant mothers - pregnant women.

Mother's Day in Russia congratulates all childrenfavorite moms with their holiday, thank for tireless care, love, devotion and patience. The mother is the basis of the extension of the human race. Mother's instinct is inherent in nature in every woman, and when she becomes a mother, she reveals the best qualities and degenerates into herself. Absolutely for every person, mother is the most precious thing in life.

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