Moscow-Vladivostok train: reviews of tourists

Our country is so huge that not everyonea Russian can boast of having crossed it from edge to edge. After all, we are so eager to get acquainted with all the overseas beauties that we completely forgot what a beautiful Russia is. However, in recent years, interest in traveling within the country has grown significantly. Many of our compatriots board a train and spend six days just on an incredible journey that expands the horizons and gives an opportunity to look at our country in a new way. Annually this route is used not only by Russians, but also by foreigners who seek to know real Russia. But you can do it only when you are far from big cities, where ordinary people live with their joys and misfortunes. To make this trip, you will need the next train "Moscow-Vladivostok". Reviews about him, as well as various nuances of this trip, told by different people, became the topic of our article.

Moscow Vladivostok train reviews

Route "Moscow - Vladivostok": features and description

It is possible to cross our country from edge to edge onlyon one route - "Moscow - Vladivostok". The train (we will tell you about it in the next sections of the article) will rush you through many cities, where you will fully enjoy the local color. In parallel, you will change seven time zones and several climatic zones.

On the way passengers will be approximatelyone hundred and forty-four hours. During this time, they will pass fourteen regions, three provinces, one autonomous region and one autonomous district, and will also be able to cross sixteen major rivers. That is why the train 002 "Moscow-Vladivostok" reviews are very ambiguous. Someone this trip causes delight, and someone is given very hard. But in any case, we did not find a single person who would be indifferent to this trip.

Moscow-Vladivostok train departsthis trip can, according to many tourists, become a real basis for a book about Russia) from the Yaroslavl station. The end point is the Vladivostok railway station, which is located in the most beautiful bay of the Golden Horn. Just a few steps from the station in front of tired travelers a view of the Sea of ​​Japan opens. And as many say, this spectacle is worth several days on the road.

train 100e Moscow Vladivostok reviews

Trains to Vladivostok: a brief description

If you try to book a ticket tothe extreme point of our country and back, then, most likely, you will be offered the "Russia" train along the "Moscow-Vladivostok" and "Vladivostok-Moscow" routes. Reviews about it are always mostly enthusiastic, which is not surprising - this train is branded and provides many additional services. We will tell you about this composition a bit later.

You can also get a train 100E"Moscow-Vladivostok". Reviews about it, we also give in this article. But most often foreigners and our compatriots prefer to buy tickets for the first train, although both belong to the fast category and cover a distance of nine thousand kilometers in practically the same time interval. All the difference is in the comfort of the cars and, of course, the price of the ticket.

The cost of traveling from Moscow to Vladivostok

If you are planning to cross the country torailway transport, then keep in mind that this is quite an expensive pleasure. Many tourists note that the cost of a ticket for a train and an aircraft is almost identical, sometimes air travel costs even a few thousand dollars less. But for those who choose the next one on the route "Moscow - Vladivostok" train (reviews about this trip sometimes resemble an adventure novel), it is the road that is important and what they can get during the six-day trip - impressions.

Of course, the ticket price fluctuates depending on thefrom the season, the class of the car and the number of additional services included in the cost, but keep in mind that on average you have to give at least fourteen thousand rubles one way. To this amount, it is necessary to add the cost of food on the road, because it, too, can make an impressive expense item. If all this does not scare you, and you are ready to travel, then the following information will be very useful to you.

Train 002 Moscow Vladivostok reviews

Classification of trains by numbers

The numbers of trains are not just a set of numbers, although sometimes it seems to travelers. But how are these numbers formed? And what kind of information is concealed in oneself?

Let's try to answer your questions, becauseThe information obtained will help you navigate the journey by rail. So, everyone knows that each team has its own number. In this way you can find out the characteristics of the train and even its direction. At the moment there is such a system:

  • fast trains that run year round are designated by numbers from 001 to 150;
  • fast single or seasonal trains have the following numerical designations: from 151 to 298;
  • numbers from 301 to 450 are assigned to ordinary passenger convoys;
  • the passenger train of single and seasonal destination will have a numerical designation in the range from 451 to 598;
  • Speed ​​trains are indicated by numbers 701-750;
  • The newest trains, such as "Sapsan", developing speed from one hundred and sixty kilometers per hour, will go under the designations 751-788.

It is also important to understand that the even number indicates the direction of the composition to the north or east. And the odd ones go south or west.

train moscow vladivostok photos review

Letter classification of trains

Many inexperienced travelers who buytrain tickets are rare, very worried about the fact that next to the train number is often a letter. It carries a certain semantic load. For example, how can you decipher the designation that the 001M Vladivostok-Moscow train has? Unfortunately, passengers do not disclose passengers' opinions. If you focus on the digital notation, it is clear that the composition is fast. And what about the letter "M"? What is its meaning?

Everything is very simple here. The matter is that digital combinations have extremely limited set, but letters together with figures give more opportunities in designation of compositions. With their help, the train becomes unique, the letter allows you to find out which way the train will leave. In our example, the figure "M" appeared, it indicates that the train is on the Moscow railway. But the train 100E "Moscow-Vladivostok" (reviews about it are very numerous) will go along the Far-Eastern railway.

Therefore, depending on the direction of the numbercomposition may be the same, but the letter designation is amenable to correction. Most often passengers do not even notice the letter code on the ticket, it is not announced and on the speakerphone at the train station. However, such information may be useful to you.

Train 002M "Moscow-Vladivostok"

Reviews about this composition is worth reading to those whoplans to make a trip on it in the near future. Such daredevils will need additional information about this route, which we can provide.

The composition goes all the way throughTrans-Siberian Railway, and this route is considered to be one of the longest in the world. This alone is worthy of interest. In addition, not every time is given a chance to see with own eyes all the greatness of your country. On the way, the train makes about sixty stops and belongs to the Federal Passenger Company.

It's hard to talk about this train without mentioning its history, so we decided to bring some important historical facts.

Train 001m Vladivostok Moscow reviews

Route History

The Trans-Siberian Railway is one of the mostgrandiose construction projects of our country. In 1916, the bridge across the Amur River was completed and the first train "Moscow-Vladivostok" was launched (reviews, the photo of the composition, unfortunately, has not been preserved anywhere). Then the train was an ordinary passenger, and it took him more than one week to overcome the path. But in 1966 the first Moscow-Vladivostok train was put on the route. The passengers' comments about him were enthusiastic. And it is not surprising, because his cars were exceptionally new, and the service was strikingly different from that to which Soviet citizens are accustomed. Therefore, for almost everyone, a long journey turned into an exciting adventure.

The color of the wagons of the company train for many yearsmanaged to change several times. The original cherry tint was replaced by green, red and raspberry. For the past sixteen years the whole composition has been painted in the Russian tricolor. Originally the train went through Yaroslavl, and now through Nizhny Novgorod.

Brief description of the composition

The train departs from Moscow on odd days, inthe opposite direction from Vladivostok, he goes, on the contrary, on even days. Usually the cars are numbered from the "head", if you leave Vladivostok, then you should count the cars from the end of the train.

Usually in one composition no more than seventeenwagons. It is interesting that this train includes such men's and women's cars that are so rare for Russia. Buy a ticket for the company train can only be in the coupe, luxury coupe or in the CB. There are no reserved carriages in this structure.

train moscow Vladivostok reviews 2016

Comfort of the train: a general description

Since the passengers have a rather long timetravel, then usually in the company train is all the most necessary and not only. Each car is equipped with a bio-toilet, shower rooms, utility rooms where you can iron things and blow dry your hair. If you need a refrigerator or a microwave oven on the way, they will also be provided at your service.

Each compartment is equipped with an electronic lock, whichopens with a plastic card. This excludes the possibility of theft, when passengers are absent in their place. In the compartment there are TVs, on which a daily broadcast of various films. And you can eat in the restaurant car, when buying a ticket with hot meals tourists will receive meals directly from it.

Train 099e Vladivostok Moscow reviews

Train "Moscow-Vladivostok", reviews (2016-2017 year)

In order to form your own opinion abouta journey from Moscow to Vladivostok, it is worth to study the reviews of passengers more closely. Thanks to them you can get reliable information, so to speak, first-hand.

All travelers noted the incredible puritywagons and their arrangement. In the compartment everything is decorated in a pleasant turquoise color (it is the most common), the shelves are very interestingly reclined - they do not need to be cleaned because they are fastened with special straps. To the pluses of the car, women always include a large mirror, located on the door of the coupe. It allows you to see yourself in full growth. The shelves are closed with doors covered with a soft cloth.

A lot of positive feedback was receivedtoilet room. All passengers noted that there are no problems with hot water, soap and cleanliness. This is always carefully monitored by guides. A nice plus is the fact that the doors in the cars open and close automatically.

A lot of positive feedback isTime travel. The interior decoration of the restaurant car leaves much to be desired, but the art of cooks is beyond praise. Passengers are pleased with delicious and always fresh food. And the prices in the restaurant are quite acceptable for every person.

It is interesting that in this train usually goes verymany foreigners, but almost all of them go to Irkutsk. After all, Baikal is their cherished dream, and only very rare desperate heads reach Vladivostok.

A nice addition to all the other advantages of the car is the light board. It shows the time and temperature in the car. For passengers it is, of course, a trifle, but very useful.

To the minuses of the train, most passengers attribute the absence of the promised soul. Instead, there is a room with a chair and a bucket of hot water.

Passenger train "Moscow-Vladivostok"

If you go on a trip on the usualpassenger train, it will have the marking 100E, in the opposite direction is the train 099E "Vladivostok-Moscow." Feedback on this route, we also give in this article a little later. And now let us briefly describe the features of this composition.

So, an ordinary passenger train hasreserved cars along with compartment cars. Those who often travel, argue that eight years ago, the train consisted of general wagons. But it was rather difficult to name such a comfortable and pleasant trip.

The cars in the composition are no longer new and quite shabby. Many windows do not open, and conditioners do not turn on the conditioners. There are a lot of broken shelves and hooks in a reserved seat, so you will not be able to enjoy a trip like in a company train.

Most often these compounds are not includedcar-restaurant, and all the way passengers "enjoy" the flavors of Chinese noodles, which almost everyone eats. Keep in mind that the path on the passenger train will take seven days.

Reviews about the trip to Vladivostok

What can I say about a seven-day trip in the usualpassenger train? To be honest, there are very few positive reviews of this trip. In general, such an extreme is solved only by desperate people who dream of new impressions. Be sure that in dirty and poorly ventilated cars of emotions you will get even more than expected.

The contingent of passengers of such trains is diverse:

  • women with children (in summer);
  • demobilization;
  • guest workers with families;
  • business trips and the like.

Many passengers note that all seven days intrain drink a lot of alcohol. From this and so the stale air gets an unimaginable aroma. Therefore, on every station almost all travelers leave the platform without exception.

Final note to the article

If you still travel from the capitalour country to Vladivostok by train, then be sure to leave feedback about it. After all, in this way you will help other people decide whether they should succumb to this adventure or better to travel in a different way.

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