Moscow - Vladikavkaz: road of contrasts

Russia is a huge country,the sun sets. Sunset in Moscow is invariably accompanied by a sunrise in Vladivostok. Russia is a country of contrasts. Federal foundations led to serious differences in each subject. Regions of Russia are very different in terms of social, economic and cultural development. Traveling in Russia is very exciting, because in each region there is something of its own. One of the popular routes is Moscow - Vladikavkaz. The road from the Russian capital to the southern city by car will definitely leave different impressions. However, the most important thing is that it will demonstrate a smooth transition from one culture to another.Vladikavkaz Moscow

Road far

Travel across Russia is always aa surprise for travelers from the countries of the European Union. Distances are something that has long been forgotten in Europe. Any trip to Russia is perceived by Europeans as a long road. As usual, for any long journey you need to prepare well, and carefully plan everything. Between Vladikavkaz and Moscow, the distance is about 1761 km, which is quite a lot.

It varies depending on howthe tourist is going to reach the destination. Traditionally, there are only three options. It's a car, a train and an airplane. Contrary to popular belief, a plane ticket is not always the most expensive. It happens that the road by car is much more expensive. It all depends on how much fuel the car has. The cheapest option, but not the fastest and not the most convenient, is the train on the route Moscow - Vladikavkaz.


The cost of tickets for any type of transport is alwayschanges. The pricing policy is built in such a way that tickets are cheaper in winter and more expensive in summer. Such seasonal orientation causes significant inconvenience and forces travelers to buy tickets in advance.

By car

The car is always more convenient than a train. Especially in the event that the goal is not the destination, but the road itself. However, a car is an expensive pleasure. Fuel costs can always exceed what is desired, especially given that in southern regions fuel is not of such good quality as that to which we are accustomed. Experienced drivers recommend always taking along one or more fuel filters and a few cans with good gasoline. The road is a place full of surprises, especially on the route Moscow - Vladikavkaz. The distance by car is 1,762 km. The time of the road can not be said for sure. It depends too much on the circumstances. Load of roads, speed of movement, weather conditions - all this will inevitably affect the time. In this regard, a train trip is much more profitable.

Vladikavkaz Moscow distance

In Russia there are many subjects, and on the way to one of thethey have to attend and others. This is inevitable and always interesting. At times, not only the names of regions change, but also architecture, people and even language. This is an excellent opportunity to join the cultural diversity of Russia. This chance does not always fall.

Advantages of traveling by car

The way by car is good because it is not necessary to go straight. You can independently build a detour route and visit even more regions.Moscow Vladikavkaz distance by car

The direct route on the route Moscow - Vladikavkazruns through the Tula, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Rostov regions, the Krasnodar Territory, the Stavropol Territory, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic and North Ossetia. The most strained part of the road is the road from Kabardino-Balkaria to North Ossetia. In these subjects, a lot of gasoline of very poor quality, broken roads and a very colorful local population. Careful to be and dining in roadside cafes. Unusual dishes can cause problems with the stomach, which itself will spoil the mood of both the driver and passengers.


An alternative to the car is the train. Railways in Russia are extremely developed, and the train can be reached almost anywhere. As a rule, this is the safest and cheapest way. However, it is associated with a lower degree of comfort and mobility. The traveler can get acquainted with the life of the regions only from the train window and at the railway stations of large cities.

Moscow Vladikavkaz train route

Buy train ticket from Moscow to Vladikavkazat any railway station or on the Internet. The ticket price is always different. It fluctuates constantly, because it depends on many factors. This is not only seasonal changes, but also the exchange rate, the date of departure of the train, the type of car, additional services and much more. The cheapest car is cheap, but it's not very comfortable to go there. The lack of air conditioners makes any summer trip to the southern regions similar to torture.

You can buy a ticket to a more expensive car andeven on more modern rolling stock. This will surely make the trip much more enjoyable. In some cars there is even a private toilet and shower in each compartment.

The train route Moscow - Vladikavkaz is simple. He, just like the automobile, runs through several subjects. Stops, as a rule, are made only in the largest cities. The train route may vary. Fast go faster because they make fewer stops. On average, a train ride from Moscow to Vladikavkaz takes 1 day 13 hours. It's slower than the car.

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