More on how to draw a Springtrap

Today we will tell you how to draw a Springhrapp in stages. The character we are interested in can draw a simplified or complicated picture. Let's consider both variants.

The basis

how to draw a springtrapStart to decide how to drawSpringtrap, most convenient with the image of the eye. We make them covered up. We add a black nose. Next, we represent the upper part of the mouth and head. We move on to the next stage of solving the question of how to draw a Springtrap. We make the mouth ripped. On the head, we represent two holes. The toy must have a shabby appearance. We turn to the image of the ears. They consist of a pair of elements: the base and the tip. We connect these parts with a thin stick. We make the left ear pinched.

Mouth, hands and feet

We proceed to the next stage of the solution of the problem ofhow to draw a springtrap. Represent the mouth. Draw the jaw. Then even teeth. The top row is slightly larger than the bottom. Empty space should be painted black. We pass to the trunk. In doing so, we make it disproportionate. The head is slightly larger than the body. Draw your hands. To give them shabby, we add black spots. Draw the legs. They are almost the same as the hands. Again, add a black spot. We put a plaster on it. At the final stage, we color the finished drawing.


how to draw a springtrap in stagesThere is another way of solving the problem ofhow to draw a springtrap. You can make an image with a lot of details. We begin to depict the hero from the head. We retreat more from the bottom of our sheet. Thus, it will be possible to place legs and torso. Draw half of the head. We make her shabby. At the next stage, we add a jaw with very rare teeth. The ears are slightly torn. The right should be missing a small piece. The left ear lacks half. We represent the body. We make it as mutilated as possible. At the breast we represent an insert. There is a hole in it. In it the viscera are visible. The hips with the trunk are joined by a very thin gland. Empty the space with black. Draw the legs. They also consist of separate parts that are connected by glands. Hands are represented in a similar way. Now you can proceed to coloring our character. You can also separately depict a portrait of this hero. The sketch in this case is quite simple. We start with the circle, then we give it the shape of the head. And then you can act as described in the first or second variant of the description of the complete picture.

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