Moon in Sagittarius with a woman: features, characteristics

The moon in Sagittarius in a woman, as a rule, makes hervery positive and cheerful. Such people like freedom and can not stay long locked in the room. Their outlook on life is light. They are very strong, active, and choose classes that require physical effort, for example, sports. They also like to travel and meet new people. Even when these people face difficult life situations, they are energetic and cheerful.
the moon in the archer in a woman The moon in Sagittarius makes a person, as a rule,born athlete. But, unfortunately, they often lack perseverance, they always need changes to move forward again. Such people crave power and popularity. They are inclined to split personality and can act independently and irresponsibly at the same time. This leads to their hot temperament. They can be too impulsive and immediately cut off where they should be measured several times. The best way to put a born with the Moon in Sagittarius is to let him be himself and not try to change it.

So, the Moon in Sagittarius in a woman: a characteristic of her negative and positive qualities will be presented below.

Positive sides

People with the Moon in Sagittarius, as a rule, are positivelook at things, even in difficult situations. They like to challenge the fate of fate, but, nevertheless, they need constant motivation. These people are usually very active and have an optimistic attitude to life. They are usually endowed with great potential, especially intellectual. Having a philosophical mindset, they have their own firm principles regarding life. Even in difficult situations, these people will always hope for the best.

Born under these stars are idealists andborn romanticism. Do not forget about creativity. They have a talent for art and design and are usually successful in those areas where skills are required to locate people such as marketing, sales and education. The lunar Sagittarians have a desire for constant learning, and they often have several different formations. Their main positive qualities are enterprise and the desire to infect other people with their enthusiasm.
moon in the archer at the man ideal woman

Negative qualities

People with the Moon in Sagittarius are very optimistic, butsometimes it transcends all boundaries. Despite the fact that in general this is a good quality, they often inherent in the so-called blind optimism. And this can not be called a positive feature. They are not objective and can not see the whole picture. Impulsiveness combined with blind optimism can make them vulnerable in many situations in which other people can easily fend off a blow. These people can do anything to impress society, which makes them prone to boasting and arrogance. They also have a habit of always telling the truth and doing it quite dramatically when the situation calls for tact.

Moon in Sagittarius with a woman

A woman with the moon in Sagittarius in love can survivequite a lot of emotional turmoil. Under the influence of the crowd, it moves in one direction with the surrounding society. But deep down, she really wants to have an individualistic way of life.

As a rule, it can be seen that a woman is smarter than men atThe use of the positive side of the moon in Sagittarius. Her emotions are dictated by courage. She is well educated, surrounds herself with many friends from all walks of life and tries her best to look happy. In addition, it is capable of diplomacy.
The moon and Uranus in Sagittarius are impressed by womendesire to find their place in life and root their positions. Such a girl is responsive, good-natured, noble and open. She never thinks about whether she is happy, because there is simply no time for it.
black moon in the archery of a woman

Love born under the constellation Sagittarius

A woman with the Moon in Sagittarius learns on her ownerrors. In her youth she falls in love with "wrong" men. And all because of the impulsiveness in choosing a partner. Until a certain age, she does not think about time. All she wants is love. But then comes the time when her relationship with the chosen ones goes awry. This is a huge disappointment, because she is very sensitive in love. The good news is that when it starts to move on, the experience makes it be more legible. A woman with the Moon in Sagittarius should listen more to herself. This makes her less vulnerable and sensitive. Therefore, when the new love story did not live up to her expectations, she no longer feels pain and disappointment in full.

For many women it is a heavy burden if the period of their birth is the Moon in Sagittarius. At the man the ideal of the woman is, undoubtedly, that which was born under the constellation of Sagittarius.

She has an exquisite charm and unique lightness that, like a dope, acts on a strong floor.

The ideal man for a woman with the Moon in Sagittarius- in fact, someone who will not impose on her the tradition of his parents' home. And she needs first of all in a friend, and then in a partner. The woman with the Moon in Sagittarius is true, because her morality is very strong.

Lilith and Selena

Lilith (the Black Moon) in astrology plays an importantrole. It represents our shady side, the deepest fears and how we project these fears on others. Sometimes we know about it, and sometimes we do not even guess. Working on your bad side gives us a chance to overcome what limits the growth of the soul.

Lilit in our stellar calculations helps to understandnegative aspects of our nature and learn to control their ego. White Moon (Selena) helps fight the negative features of the Black Moon (Lilith). The white moon in Sagittarius in a woman shows us her morality and purity. Selena in Sagittarius causes a thirst for justice. It helps to make the right decisions and inspires the choice. Indicates the light path of the sign, as well as its positive qualities. Some people mean a connection with the guardian angel under the White Moon.

The Black Moon demonstrates our worst qualities and what we need to eradicate in ourselves. White, on the contrary, shows the correct way of self-realization.

Lilith in Sagittarius

Black Moon in Sagittarius from a woman makesfeel anxiety and mindless fears. It affects impulsiveness and rash decisions. To deal with the negative impact of its shady side, the girl with Lilith in Sagittarius should take thoughtful approach to her decisions. We need to learn to objectively assess the situation and recognize that the truth is not always unambiguous.

Cancer with the Moon in Sagittarius

In such women, the character can be two-sided. Like most Cancers, she needs a home, a family, and security. But at the same time, Sagittarius's side wants adventure, romance and freedom in general. This contradiction will always live inside the Rakov. Even if they lead a measured lifestyle, still they sometimes want to leave everything and go to Amsterdam. The moon in Sagittarius makes a Cancer woman full of optimism, faith and hope for the future. She does not have the pessimistic features of gloomy Cancer. She is alive, open and cheerful, no matter how many difficulties she encounters in her life. Essential spirituality makes her talkative idealist.

The life of the Cancer woman is filled with sublime goals,and precisely because she has high standards, she always strives for excellence. She has an expansive vision of things. When she has an interest, she can immediately leave all that she does, and rush into the pursuit of some fantasy. From the outside it seems light-hearted and simple. But it turns out much deeper than it is seen. It is full of grandiose ideas and philosophical thoughts. These traits are characteristic of girls whose Sun is in Cancer, the Moon in Sagittarius. A woman with such a layout of planets usually spends a lot of effort to find her love, but she is very faithful when she falls in love. Sometimes in a relationship it becomes boring, and she begins to look for flaws in her chosen one. Things that embody your desire to be an adventurer must be allowed too. She is never shy and speaks always directly and frankly. Fundamentally emotional creature, its tastes are often based on "now like, and then - no." Because emotions control it, it can in the hearts say many things, which later will be regretted.
moon and uranium in the archer at the womanTip: It is worth learning how to gently and tactfully point people at their mistakes, otherwise you may lose many friends.
So, the moon in Sagittarius in a woman: compatibility with other lunar signs, we will consider further.

Lunar compatibility in the elements of Fire

- The moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries. Sagittarius and Aries get along perfectly. They are both eager for adventure and new experiences. The union is full of enthusiasm and energy, they also have good and emotional compatibility. Freedom and independence are just as important to them. Sagittarius, as well as Aries, is fairly straightforward, he often speaks, and then thinks. They are both prone to spontaneous actions. Because of the high level of compatibility between Aries and Sagittarius, they respect each other and common interests. They are honest with each other, and have no need to manipulate or pressure on a partner.

- The moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Leo. Sagittarius and Leo have every chance to become a happy couple. They can be considered related souls: they increase optimism, generosity, and playfulness of each other. Great emotional harmony exists between you. Together they are expansive and enterprising, like games, sports, outrage and life in general! These two are great for each other. You can find them traveling around the world, in nightclubs, and enjoying all kinds of sports.

- The moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Sagittarius. Lunar Sagittarius understands each other like no other. This couple can have a lot of fun together. They are playful and cheerful, like to surround themselves with new acquaintances. They have a tremendous sense of humor and a craving for communication. Travel and adventure is the second nature of both. They like long intellectual conversations and have a philosophical view of life. They know that each of them needs freedom and personal space.

Lunar compatibility of zodiac signs in the elements of Air

- The moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini. Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite in the zodiacal circle, but, as is known, opposites attract. Sagittarius and Gemini love freedom and independence. They share the interests of each other and have a great sense of humor. Both are very curious, like to travel and learn new things. Twins give Sagittarius the passion they need, and he, in turn, brings romance and naivete into the partner's life. They are always addicted to another new adventure.
woman with moon in Sagittarius in love - The moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Libra. This couple has very good chances for a long, strong relationship. They are idealists and prefer to see good and noble traits in people (even if it means not paying attention to simple human factors!). Both are open to communication and love new acquaintances.
- The Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius. The signs are quite compatible. They have a strong relationship, built on friendship and loyalty. They share common interests and adapt easily as needed. In their case, the differences serve to maintain interest in each other.

Lunar compatibility of zodiac signs in the elements of the Earth

- The moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Virgo. This union will be very difficult for both. They will have many conflicts, and we will have to make compromises in order to preserve relations. Both signs look at the world from different points of view.

Practical Virgo will condemn adventurismSagittarius. Their main task is to understand: in fact, they are not so different. If they manage to put themselves in the place of each other, it really will help to smooth out the sharp angles in their relationship.
- The Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Taurus. This can hardly be called an easy union. Taurus can long try to adapt Sagittarius to his way of life. During a conflict, it is very difficult for them to understand each other. They are complete opposites and swear more often than they tolerate. Taurus wants stability and peace, and Sagittarius prefers to stay in the thick of things. Taurus wants harmony and comfort, while Sagittarius wants adventure and new experiences. Finance can create more problems for this pair, since Sagittarius sees in money the means for pleasure, while Taurus regards it as excessive waste.
moon in the archery in female compatibility [- The Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Capricorn. These people seem to be from different planets. Sagittarius is friendly, loves adventure and can not sit for a long time in one place. While Capricorn is a cautious, hard-working domesticated.

Sagittarius will upset the feelingsuncertainty and pessimism of Capricorn. In order to make this union strong, both partners must be ready to make radical changes in how they relate to the world.

Lunar compatibility of zodiac signs in the element of water

- The moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Cancer. Your emotional needs and temperaments are very different, and this frustrates both of you, or at least discomfort.

Cancer is internally tender and responsive andhas a great desire for closeness and a sense of security. Feelings of nostalgia, melancholy, melancholy and anxiety are part of the emotional nature of Cancer. Sagittarius is cheerful and optimistic most of the time and often eager to change the mood and uncertainty of Cancer.
- The Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Scorpio. A couple can have some conflicts. If one of them is ready to cave in, then maybe they will manage to build a lasting relationship, but this can eventually create tension.

Scorpio is a closed, suspicious andconstrained. Lunar Sagittarius is social, optimistic and open. Most likely, the relationship will not last too long if they are unable or unwilling to change their views on life. They are just as different as day and night.
the moon in the archer at the woman's characteristic- The Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces. In such an alliance, both will have to make some compromises in order to maintain relations. They do not work very well. The enthusiasm of Sagittarius can suppress the Pisces.

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