Montenegro Airlines: reviews, aircraft fleet

Montenegro has long been a favorite placerest of our compatriots. On the one hand, this country is so similar to the well-groomed and bright Europe, and on the other - is perceived by many Russians as something close and native. Tourists often tell how in some small streets of small cities in Montenegro they had the impression of falling into the old and good Soviet times with all its attributes. The combination of these factors with a luxurious sea coast turns Montenegrin resorts into the most popular places for recreation.

Most tourists appreciate the cheapness ofMontenegro, it became possible thanks to inexpensive flights organized by the airline Montenegro Airlines. Reviews of its passengers contain a complete description of the air carrier.

Since this company belongs to one of the mostyoung, most Russian travelers are unfamiliar with it. However, from the very first day of its existence, Montenegro Airlines (we will devote several sections of the article on flights to this carrier) has become the main airline of its country, which represents Montenegro all over the world. Today we will tell you about its history, airplane park and other things that a passenger needs to know before buying a flight ticket. Reviews about Montenegro Airlines will allow readers to get an idea of ​​the reliability of this small company that performs the lion's share of flights from Moscow to Montenegro.

montenegro airlines reviews

Brief description of the air carrier

Montenegro Airlines is a young but ambitiousand a dynamically developing company representing Montenegro in other countries. It is a national carrier and successfully copes with its duties, constantly replenishing the aircraft fleet and improving the level of service on board.

Judging by the reviews, Montenegro Airlines commitsonly international flights. In Montenegro departures are carried out from Podgorica and Tivat. In these cities there are two international airports, the distance between them does not exceed eighty kilometers. Tourists can use regular and charter flights, transportation is carried out by two types of aircraft. About them, we'll tell the readers a little later.

History of the company

It is noteworthy, but officially the air carrier waswas created even before the recognized state of Montenegro appeared on the map. According to the papers, the company appeared in the distant nineteen-fourth year of the last century, when Montenegro was still considered part of Yugoslavia. Therefore, Montenegro Airlines made its first flight only two years after its appearance. It was during this period that she was able to acquire her first airliner. A significant flight was made to Italy, at the end of the nineties of the twentieth century, the airline owned two far from new aircraft. However, as a result of the complex situation in the Republic of Yugoslavia, accompanied by regular bombing, it was forced to temporarily suspend its activities.

Certain difficulties arose in MontenegroAirlines and in Serbia. The fact is that the company's office was located there. But, declaring their independence, the Serbian authorities demanded that the air carrier leave its country and change the routes that previously passed within its airspace. However, over time, the relationship was still resolved through the opening of the Serbian branch. This proved to be the wisest decision that allowed the air company to regain the most profitable and popular routes.

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Geography of flights

Montenegro Airlines have mastered enoughmany routes. To date, they fly to virtually all European countries and are firmly entrenched in the Asian region. The airline can offer its passengers flights to twenty-five countries around the world on forty routes.

It is worth noting that Montenegro Airlines alreadya few years nationalized, but part of the shares of the carrier belongs to private investors. They are striving to develop the company, which has a positive effect on its rating in their country and abroad. Experts say that over the past few years, thanks to the hard work of the company's management, its ratings are steadily growing.

Air company achievements

In the Balkan region, Montenegro Airlines is verypopular and often a pioneer. For example, the airline was the first to become a member of IATA. This prestigious organization is a kind of measure of the qualitative work of air carriers. Also pilots of the company by the year 2000 became holders of IIIA certificates. Similar documents can boast only employees of large air companies. And in the Balkans, Montenegro Airlines is the only organization that works with pilots of such a high class.

For most tourists it is very important that the flightwas safe, and the time of departure was not postponed. If you also relate yourself to this category of travelers, then it will be useful for you to know that "Montenegrin Airlines" are considered one of the most punctual carriers. Eight years ago the company was even awarded a special certificate confirming this honorary title.

montenegro airlines reviews 2017

Aircraft fleet

The Balkan carrier owns a smallaircraft fleet, which slightly limits the geography of flights. Airliners are represented by two famous models - "Fokker" and Embraer 195. Reviews about Montenegro Airlines often contain a description of these aircraft and stories about the level of their comfort.

It is worth noting that the first airlinersthe companies became Fokkers. Their average age exceeded twenty years, with the passage of time the aircraft fleet was replenished by Embraer aircraft. They have allowed to expand the geography of flights and even to master previously inaccessible long-distance routes.

All the aircraft of the company are equipped with modern technical means, which increase the safety of flights and prevent the breakdown of navigation systems.

How to buy a ticket for Montenegro Airlines flight?

Despite the fact that the company is small enough, it has many offices around the world. Most of them are located in major European cities, one office is located in Moscow.

In all missions, passengers can freely purchase air tickets for any available destinations. You can pay in cash or by credit card.

The company also has its own website, whereprovides for the sale of tickets. However, keep in mind that in this case only one payment method is possible - by credit card. Otherwise, the payment will not be accepted, and you will not be able to receive the route receipt to your e-mail address.

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Customer loyalty program

For those customers who often useservices Montenegro Airlines, introduced a special loyalty program. Passengers using it receive an individual account. It will be accumulated miles for the already completed flights. Their number directly depends on the distance of the route and the class of service. For example, passengers flying YM 612 Montenegro Airlines, flying economy and business class, despite the same flight time, will still have a different number of miles. Therefore, if you want to accumulate bonuses as much as possible, fly just the business class.

Miles can be spent on purchasing tickets or various services on board and at the airport of departure.

Services and Services

Montenegro Airlines has a very interestingofficial site. It constantly updates information about discounts and sales, and you can book transport and hotel room. Typically, air carrier websites are limited to information about the company, routes, and ticket sales. Therefore, Montenegro Airlines stands out from the general mass of air companies.

In all directions, the company offers two classes of service, a wide range of drinks and dishes.

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Rules of transportation of luggage in Montenegro Airlines

Before the flight, every passenger should readwith the internal rules of the airline, regulating the carriage of luggage. According to them, each tourist can freely carry a bag weighing up to twenty kilograms. Passengers of business class have the opportunity to increase this figure by another ten kilograms. Children under two years of age who occupy one seat on the plane with their parents can take one bag to the luggage compartment of the airliner, the weight of which does not exceed ten kilograms and one stroller or cradle.

In the rules of Montenegro Airlines, one piece of luggage weighing ten kilograms is considered a hand luggage. And the overall dimensions of the bag should fit within the established one hundred and fifteen centimeters.

In case of exceeding the norms, the passenger must pay for his luggage at the tariffs declared by the carrier.

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Montenegro Airlines: reviews of 2017

For many potential passengers are very importantreal reviews about the airline. Today we will consider the positive and negative points marked by our compatriots using the services of Montenegro Airlines.

YM 611 is a fairly common flight fromRussians, its end point is the resort town of Tivat. Therefore, on various sites you can find a lot of comments about such flights. What do people like "Montenegrin Airlines" like?

Very often passengers note the cleanlinessairliners. They are always nice to be in, and the convenience of the layout of the cabin allows you to turn the flight into a pleasant pastime. In many salons in the row there are two chairs. It is very appealing to people traveling in pairs. Of the most comfortable seats are those that are located next to the emergency exits.

In reviews, the punctuality of the company is mentioned. Departure delays occur quite infrequently and do not last longer than thirty minutes.

Stewardesses and stewards are distinguished by courtesy, although they do not speak Russian. They are always ready to help their passengers and make their flight as comfortable as possible.

Often tourists celebrate the professionalism of pilots. Thanks to them, even people suffering from aerophobia, say that they have not experienced any unpleasant sensations during the flight.

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Negative feedback about the company

Among the minuses in the air carrier's work are ourcompatriots often provide meager food. On this subject on the Internet, there are more than all claims. Usually on its routes Montenegro Airlines provides as a lunch a sandwich and one kind of drink. Surprisingly, there are often no tea and coffee on board.

Mention passengers and problems with the toiletpaper in the sanitary rooms on board the company's air liners. According to tourists, after thirty minutes of flight it is difficult to find onboard even ordinary napkins.

Also to the minuses, Russians also include a weak levelservice in the business class. Passengers do not have a separate check-in desk and enter the salon along with the rest of the travelers. Lunch for tourists of this category is different from the economy only by serving, but not by the quality and variety of food.

Despite the noted disadvantages, travelers recommend Montenegro Airlines for flights to Montenegro.

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