Monster High dolls: fakes. How to distinguish a real doll from a fake?

What should Monster High dolls look like? Fakes among these toys - not uncommon in our time. They are found even in expensive retail stores. If you are really determined to buy an original doll for your child, then you should learn about some moments that will help you find a real toy and distinguish it from a fake.Monster high fake dolls


Want to buy Monster High dolls? How to distinguish a fake, do not know? Then first look carefully at the packaging. She must provide a lot of useful information.

The thing is that Monster High dolls are never fully packaged in cardboard. It consists of only the sides and the back wall. But the front side necessarily includes a transparent plastic. This is done so that you can see the model of the toy being bought.True, now even fakes are sometimes packed this way. Plus, the name of the toy inside is always written on the box.

Comparing Monster High dolls with fakes is not the easiest thing. Therefore, the packaging can tell you a few more facts that distinguish the original from the "left" copies. And now we will understand what is at stake.


Monster High is an American trademark. However, dolls are made in China. Sometimes - in Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia. If you look closely at the packaging, the country of production can be seen with the naked eye. Plus, it should be noted that the plants operate under the license of the Mattel company.dolls monster high fakes photo

Monster High dolls can be made anywhere. Usually also in China. But how in this case can you distinguish a fake from the original? For example, look at the barcode. The Mattel company uses the American coding. It is the same on all products - 46775. If you see these figures, then you can be sure that you have a real product. However, not everything is so simple: many modern creators of fakes learned about this option of protecting toys.And in most cases, this "disorder" is eliminated. So you have to look for other options differences. Now we will learn more about them.


Dolls "Monster High" fakes also have one major drawback compared with the original. This is the presence of hinges. This real Monster High doll is very plastic, and also has many pronounced hinges. They are, as a rule, extremely easy to see even when you first inspect the goods in the package.

Dolls "Monster High" fake swivels are extremely rare. Indeed, for the production of one such model will take a lot of time and money. Let's just say, articulated toys-fakes - this is a very high-quality product, the production of which few people do. However, you should not buy such toys to your child. After all, the price of a fake and the original will be absolutely the same. But the quality is significantly different.


Monster High dolls fakes, photos of which are presented in the article, do not have one very important quality of original toys. It's about wardrobe. More precisely, about the style that is used for each individual doll. After all, "Monster High" - not only monsters, but also the owners of the original clothing, which distinguishes them from dolls high fake swivel

So, for example, Draculaura "dresses" mainly in pink and black colors, Frankie loves to wear everything in the box, Laguna prefers a variety of marine colors and symbols in his wardrobe, Cleo de Nile is always depicted with Egyptian symbolism. For example, with a scarab or a serpent.

As a rule, Monster High fake dolls are made without taking into account such subtleties and features. It is also worth ensuring that the clothes are not glued to the toys, and also do not have any protruding threads. Original toys "Mattel" distinguishes quality even in such trifles as doll clothes.


A face is another sign by which you can determine whether it is an original or a fake. What is it about? In fact, it is very difficult to distinguish a fake by looking at the face of a toy. Nevertheless, if you look closely, it is possible.

It is worth carefully compare the selected product. Especially if you have several models in front of you. Comparing the original and fake dolls "Monster High" - not an easy task. But if for some reason you are faced with these two categories of toys, then you can easily notice the difference in the face.

The fact is that the features of each original Mattel toy are designed individually. That is, in Laguna, for example, they are alone, in Draculaura - others, in Cleo - third ones, and so on. But the fakes are cast all on the same model. Differences can be observed only in makeup and eye of monster high dolls fake

In addition, the original toy "Monster High" has a clear drawing of certain parts of the face - lips, nose and ears. It is worth noting that eyebrows and nasolabial folds are also a sign that in front of you is a real toy, not a fake. The "left" product such features, as a rule, are simply not taken into account.

Color of the skin

Another important factor is skin color. Dolls "Monster High" fakes, photos of which are presented to your attention, are made not very high quality. Especially with regard to skin color. What is it about?

If you look at the face and body of the toy, you can see how the colors of these two parts differ. It is best to bring the doll into the light and take a closer look. The original models have the same skin and face. And smooth.


Smell is a familiar factor that helps to distinguish original toys from fakes. And the Monster High dolls are no exception. Real Mattel dolls have almost no smell.In any case, sometimes it happens, but not sharp. And quickly disappears.comparison of the original and fake dolls monster high

But Monster High dolls have counterfeit, as a rule, very sharp and acrid smell. Predominantly rubber. This is a very common fact of the presence of hazardous components in the composition. This doll is made of plastic, and the head is made of soft PVC.

Little friends

Each Monster High pupa has its pets. And they will help you to make the right choice, as well as to distinguish a real toy from a fake. Manufacturers of "left" toys usually do not go into details about pets heroes. As a rule, this is why you can find ponies, mammoths and other animals complete with a doll. It’s not clear where they come from.

For example, Draculaura should be complete with a bat, Frankie with a dog named Watzit, Claudine with a small and cute kitten, Laguna with a piranha.

This feature is often noticed by children who watch the cartoon of the same name and understand “Monster High”. Adults, as a rule, do not see such trifles. And so they often buy fake toys, unaware of it themselves.So ask in advance what kind of pupa of any pets should be included. This will greatly facilitate your search for the original toy.

Monster high dolls how to distinguish a fake

Hair and figure

So we did a review of the Monster High dolls. Fakes, as you can see, can be determined by very many factors. Nevertheless, we have paid attention to far from everything. There are a few not very noticeable, but extremely important moments.

For example, figure and hair toys. This little doll "Monster High" has a small stoop, as well as a thin and thin figure. You can say, "looks like a match." But fakes, as a rule, are made with a normal figure. Not slouching, and also not quite skinny.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the hair of the doll. After all, in the original model, they are made of high-quality kanekalon, and the color exactly coincides with what the heroine from the animated series has. Fakes are made from different materials. Plus, the color of the bands sometimes does not coincide with the real one.


The last point that can be noticed is the recommended age of the child to play. On the original boxes are usually written "for children from 6 years."This is due to the presence of small parts, as well as hinges in the design.comparison of monster high dolls with fakes

But fakes are found with the words "from 3 years." Sometimes you can even stumble upon a model with an age limit of 0+. If you see such a toy "Monster High", then it is better to leave it in the store. Before you is guaranteed to be a fake. Be careful and careful when choosing a doll. If you pay attention to all the key points, then you will definitely be able to buy high-quality and original product.

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