Mogilev, sanatorium "Sosny": photos and reviews of tourists

On the Belarusian land, fortunately, there are manyplaces where nature has preserved its primordial nature, where in forests it is not difficult to get lost, meadows shine with a variety of colors, and rivers slowly carry their waters to the sea.mogilev health resort pine


One of such corners is the city of Mogilev. Sanatorium "Sosny" is located among a dense forest, filled with the scent of pine needles and fresh foliage. Very close, not more than 400 meters from residential buildings, the flowing Dnieper is proudly flowing, along the shore of which there is an extended route of travel. All the guests, who come to the sanatorium "Sosny" at any time of the year, are engaged in its development. Mogilev is located only ten kilometers from the health resort.

A bit of history

Even in the distant Soviet 1973 beganthe construction of a sanatorium designed for 300 people. The same number of visitors can be accommodated today, of which 130 places can be allocated to children. The territory covers an area of ​​15 hectares, all of which are under protection.

sanatorium of the pine of Mogilev

For almost 40 years the health resort has not been exposedfull-scale repair. Only in 2011 the reconstruction of residential and medical buildings was completed, and the buildings that make up the sanatorium "Sosny" (Mogilev region) have found their modern finished appearance.

Residential base

Currently, the health resort includes a curative and 3sleeping building, club and spa. Six-story building offers double accommodation on a block system. In the rooms, in addition to new furniture, there is a TV, amenities are provided on the resort pine Mogilev regionThe two-story building is ready to accommodate itsguests in the apartment type rooms, in which, for the convenience of the guests, a full kitchen is equipped with a roomy refrigerator. They can accommodate from 2 to 4 people, and there is enough space for an extra bed in the room. The four-storey building has two-room superior resort pine mogilev prices

During the reconstruction, all obsolete furniture wasreplaced by modern, in finishing the premises the maximum use of natural materials. The presence of a TV with a rich choice of channels will not get bored before going to bed.

Therapeutic base

One of the best clinics that possessesMogilev, - sanatorium "Sosny" - from the day of its foundation, specializes in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs, problems of the musculoskeletal system. But the most famous health resort was due to its gynecological profile. Experienced doctors successfully cope with the treatment of female inflammatory diseases and even infertility. Specialists resorts are widely used:

  • Electrosvetotherapy.
  • Thermotherapy.
  • Mud and mud.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Halotherapy and inhalation.
  • Massage.

If necessary, physicians on site areadditional diagnostic studies, then medications are prescribed. Often they are combined with traditional methods, such as phyto-and aromatherapy, the reception of mineral water.

From the very first day after arrival at the sanatorium"Pines" (Mogilev) for each patient is selected the level of physical activity necessary for him and a group or individual form of physical therapy is prescribed. In accordance with the recommendations of the therapist diet food is selected.

Water procedures

For everyone who comes to rest and recoverhealth in Mogilev, sanatorium "Sosny" offers various types of hydrotherapeutic procedures. And this is not only the drinking of highly mineralized water according to the individual scheme prescribed by the doctor. This and a measured swimming in the pool with mineral water, intense underwater massage, as well as various types of shower: Sharko, circulatory and resort pines phone Mogilev

Considering the profile, which the sanatorium "Sosny"(Mogilev region) adheres over the years, it is not surprising that the variety of baths offered by doctors for their patients is becoming surprising. These are mineral and coniferous, pearl and turpentine, iodine-bromine and coniferous-mineral.

To prevent the occurrence of diseases of the respiratory system, a visit to the sauna is of positive importance.

Catering services

For holiday-makers, five meals are provided in the dining room of the sanatorium. Some rooms have a kitchen that allows you to cook your favorite dishes without any about sanatorium pineAll the necessary products can bebuy in a shop on the territory of a health resort, or go to Mogilev. Sanatorium "Sosny" is not different, according to the holidaymakers, a special variety prepared by the chefs dishes, Therefore, a small supply of provisions will not be superfluous. Guest reviews often express regret at the lack of any fruit in the menu or in the free sale on the territory of the sanatorium.

Prices for rest and treatment

One of the most budgetary health resorts in Belarus,offering excellent quality of rest and treatment, is the sanatorium "Sosny" (Mogilev). Prices for vouchers for adults with accommodation in a double block start from 1900 rubles per day. The cost of living in an apartment is 2090 rubles. Children under 7 years old pay a fee of 1,650 rubles, for children of an older age 1,740 rubles.

The cost of the tour includes five meals a day, accommodation, as well as treatment, selected by an experienced doctor.mogilev health resort pine

A great demand is for weekend stays,thanks to which it is possible to enjoy unique nature and restore health, and for those who prefer to leave Mogilev only for the weekend. Sanatorium "Sosny" offers such a holiday at a price of 1570 rubles. Feedback from visitors does not give the opportunity to doubt the correctness of this choice.

Additional services

For those who want to feel the impact of anyprocedure, or undergo an additional examination, and the doctor for any reason did not appoint them, it is worthwhile to know that any study and treatment procedure can be conducted on a fee basis. There is an additional fee for visiting the pool and sauna.

Conducting leisure activities

On the territory of the sanatorium there are excellentsports grounds on which teams can deploy an exciting game, having received all the necessary equipment in the administration. In winter there is a ski center. Outdoors there is also a wonderful playground for children, which are taken to the sanatorium from three years old.

In the first building doors are hospitably openedlibraries, where an interesting book can be found both for the child and for those who love female novels. Excursions for the Mogilev region and memorable places of Belarus are organized for the guests of the sanatorium.

Despite regular discos and creativeevenings, reviews about the sanatorium "Pines" often criticize their monotony and lack of additional entertainment. Especially this issue worries the visitors of the health resort with children who would happily take part in a variety of animation programs.

But the treatment of disaffected littleremains. The site of reviews is full of words of gratitude to the treating doctors, and the attendants who help cope with the ailments and make every day enjoyable.

Acquisition of permits

Currently, for the organization of medical tours withmany tourism firms are willing to take part. However, those who have a limited budget can directly contact the Sosny sanatorium, the telephone (Mogilev is in Belarus) + 375 222 71 09 08. The benevolent managers do their best to take into account the wishes of potential vacationers and make their stay in the health resort useful and memorable.

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Mogilev, sanatorium Sosny: photos and reviews of tourists Mogilev, sanatorium Sosny: photos and reviews of tourists Mogilev, sanatorium Sosny: photos and reviews of tourists Mogilev, sanatorium Sosny: photos and reviews of tourists Mogilev, sanatorium Sosny: photos and reviews of tourists Mogilev, sanatorium Sosny: photos and reviews of tourists Mogilev, sanatorium Sosny: photos and reviews of tourists Mogilev, sanatorium Sosny: photos and reviews of tourists