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Problem writing is one of the most difficult tasks in the school curriculum. Arguing on this topic is very difficult, because everyone looks at life in his own way. Misunderstanding and even lack of desire to understand each other leads to conflicts. Perhaps the confrontation of generations provoked by the changing spirit of the epochs. Every family has its “fathers and children,” and in every family, sooner or later, a similar problem arises.

How considered I. S. Turgenev

In the work “The problem of fathers and children” I would like to mention the works of the classics of Russian literature. In the eponymous novel by I. S. Turgenev, the conflict of “fathers and children” is revealed on the example of representatives of different generations. It does not manifest itself in domestic conflicts, but is hidden much deeper - at the cultural level of perception.

Bazarov is a representative of a new, younger generation. He acts in accordance with his desires, makes what seems to him convenient or advantageous.He does not accept music, literature and art, considering them to be a waste of time. Just what you can touch and see matters to him. Kirsanovs seem to him to be real eccentrics, whose life is absolutely useless to society. How can they like to improve the lives of their people? And yet, without such eccentrics, poetry, music, and art would have sunk into oblivion long ago.

composing the problem of fathers and children

Wall of misunderstanding

Kirsanov likes Pushkin’s poetry, but Bazarov does not understand it, since he does not recognize the ideals of the poet. In this simple example lies the basic conflict of generations, the eternal problem of fathers and children, they do not understand each other. This is how a wall of misunderstanding grows between people, about which there will be a lot of talk in an essay on the theme “The problem of fathers and children”.

Every person is a carrier of the cultural and regulatory principles of his era. But not everyone is given to keep up with the times and absorb the "fashionable" trends. The formation of a person as a person occurs at the beginning of his life, and then he simply follows the already learned rules of behavior. The formation of personality is influenced not only by the family, but also by the school, friends and the media.And the larger the gap in age, the higher the wall of misunderstanding between “fathers and children”.

Problem occurrence

If you move away from the origins of literature and plunge into real life, then the problem in question most often occurs in school, between teacher and student. To compose The Problem of Fathers and Children, such an example would be most welcome.

problem of fathers and children essay

The schools are still taught by old school teachers who were brought up in the harsh post-war years. They have long formed their own values, rules of conduct and views on life, which they can not challenge. Often, such teachers cannot accept a liberal attitude to life and begin to point out to the student the right, as it seems to them, path. The very same opinion of the student is almost not taken into account. And it is good if a student, as a sign of respect for elders, makes concessions, but this is not always the case. Modern children tend to put their individuality above the opinions of their elders, and a conflict of generations arises, where the two parties cannot accept someone else's opinion.

Parents are always right?

By the same principle arise conflicts in the family. Lost in thinking about the problem of fathers and children, in the composition I would certainly like to mention one phrase, which everyone probably heard. "Adults are always right."It doesn’t matter under what circumstances, but the child will one day hear this fatal sentence: “The father (or mother) is always right (right).” Here are just adults, too, people, and people tend to make mistakes. And the main mistake of the "fathers" lies in the fact that they are sure that they are right. Trying to give a good, from their point of view, advice, they don’t notice how they start to impose their thoughts, ideals and demeanor that they don’t keep up with the times. Children suffer from this. Without noticing anything bad about themselves, the “fathers” persistently insist on how to act, thereby breaking the individuality of the “children”, destroying them as personalities.

Perhaps for a simple school essay “The Problem of Fathers and Children” the described phenomenon will seem too exaggerated, but this will be another proof that all difficult situations arise due to misunderstandings.

an essay on the problem of fathers and children

Hear, not listen

Modern "fathers" do not understand the desire of "children" to quit a stable job for the sake of a beloved thing. They do not understand the desire to develop as a person, and not to bury themselves in a dull life. They just brought them up differently, and they firmly believe that the way they acted is right.

They listen to each other, but do not hear.Everyone is sure that he is right and is trying to prove it with all his might. So there is a problem. The latter eventually develops into a conflict that can last for many years.

composing reasoning problem of fathers and children

Different generations

The reasoning about the problem of fathers and children — whether in a work or in real life — is an eternal topic. And she worries people of different generations. Moreover, the confrontation of life positions arises not only in the family, but in all forms of human activity. Each generation lives in its own time, which forms its core values ​​and belief system, which it is ready to defend.

At one time, the opinions and life principles of elders were considered the basics of human existence. Here are just children, adopting life experience, very often want to get rid of the onslaught of adults, creating their lives differently. It seems to them that they can build it much better, paint it with bright colors and show another world to their older comrades. Noble, isn't it? That's just the "fathers" do not think so, the relationship with the "other" generation seems to them problematic. Not even that. The new generation is a solid, incomprehensible and insoluble problem.

Conflict of interest

But if we consider an essay on the problem of fathers and children from a scientific point of view, then we can conclude that the problem is not at all that “Soviet” people look at the world differently. And even the era has nothing to do with it. The problem of the relationship between fathers and children was relevant at all times, its main cause was a conflict of interest.

problem of the relationship of fathers and children essay

In the essay “The problem of fathers and children” it is difficult to describe all the nuances of this issue, therefore, we consider the conflict of interests only from the point of view of family relationships. Parents are worried about their child and want to protect him from problems. Therefore they are not allowed to walk late in the evening, they are forced to learn and constantly indicate what and how to do. They do so from humane considerations, only the child does not understand this. He tries to learn about the world and strive for something new, and parents do not just give this new thing, so they also try to protect from it (no matter from what considerations they do this). And how can a conflict not arise here ?!

At first this is an internal conflict: the child does not want to bring pain to his parents, but he strives for the new and does not want to lag behind his peers.Over time, there is a gap between fathers and children. “Fathers” are behind the times and think that their children are still children. Meanwhile, the “children” are already ready to be independent, only parental care pulls them down. As a result, dialogue between fathers and children disappears, a problem arises that at any moment may turn into a conflict.

Can I fix the situation?

This is how the problem of fathers and children arises, it can be viewed from different perspectives, but the essence will remain unchanged: at some point, fathers and children simply begin to speak different languages.

composition thinking about the problem of fathers and children

Reflecting on the problem of the relationship between fathers and children, in the essay I would like to write a universal way to solve it. It is a pity that such a magic drug does not exist. Sociologists and educators are confident that the whole thing is in education. It should be aimed at creating an independent, active and sensible person who is committed to development and is not afraid to make decisions. And also has moral guidelines that will help overcome ignorance. But simple “not learned” people are sure that you just need to be able to make concessions to each other, hear each other and understand, creating at the same time such bonds that both fathers and children will need.

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