I lost the sound on Windows 10, what to do?

After the release of the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is actively trying to transplant all users to the new OS. Meanwhile, many owners of pretty battered PCs and laptops experience some problems after upgrading the system to the latest version. But such prosaic trivia does not bother the Redmond corporation, and the technical support service is silent.

The most common problem after the transition to the "top ten" - the lack of sound in headphones or speakers. This is not surprising, because not all audio chips are still supported by the manufacturer. What to do if sound is missing in Windows 10? Let's look at this problem in more detail.

windows 10 sound is gone

Possible causes of the problem

The lack of sound in the "top ten" can have a variety of reasons. But the most common is the lack of drivers for hardware for this operating system. Now manufacturers are not particularly keen to support outdated components. Therefore, to find suitable drivers is sometimes quite problematic.Also, the cause may be the failure of the audio controller. Here, in general, it is difficult to do anything (except for replacing an audio chip). But the latter is very unlikely. If after installing Windows 10, the sound disappeared, then with a high degree of probability there is a problem in the software. After all, at the "seven" everything worked fine.

missing sound on windows 10 what to do

However, if the drivers work incorrectly, the controller may be damaged. This problem, although caused by software, is hardware. And here is only one way out - chip replacement. There is also an option in which all the drivers are installed, but the sound is lost in the headphones in Windows 10. This is very often the case when using a multi-stream audio output circuit. Here it is necessary to fine-tune the software that comes with the driver. What to do if there is no sound in the top ten? About this below.

Driver installation

Check the absence of the desired driver is very simple. Just go to the device manager. If in place of the name of the sound device there is an inscription like "Device with HDA support", then there are no drivers. In order to find the right drivers, you need to refer to the site of the manufacturer of the device entirely (if we are talking about laptops), and not its individual component.If the sound icon disappears in Windows 10, installing or updating drivers can help in this case.

missing sound on windows 10 computer

After the necessary driver has been found, you need to download it. Installation takes place as usual. There is nothing supernatural about it. After installing the component, you must restart the computer for the changes to take effect. After loading the operating system, the sound icon should return (if it was not there) and the sound itself appears. This is the answer to the question of what to do if the sound disappeared in Windows 10.

Software setup

And if even after installing the drivers, the sound disappears on Windows 10? What to do in this case? You can try to customize the software that came with the driver. Often you just need to adjust the audio output in multi-threaded mode. This problem arises mainly from laptop owners. To do this, go to the sound settings program (for each manufacturer it is called differently) and look for something similar to the "Mixing Options". There you need to select the "Settings" and the method of "scientific spear" to make the speaker system work.

after updating windows 10 the sound was gone

In some programs that come with a driver, there is a special graphic marking of the jack through which the sound is currently being output. Focusing on this picture, you can configure the sound adapter so that it works. If the sound is lost on a computer with Windows 10, then the above manipulations may well help. The main thing is to determine why there is no sound. And if the installation of the driver did not help, then the problem is in the software or in the controller itself.

If the sound disappeared after updating the OS

It also happens that the sound disappears after the next update of the "tens". This is due to the fact that the component drivers were automatically updated. And they did not fit this controller. What should I do if the sound disappears after updating Windows 10? Here we will help roll back the driver. It is very simple to do this: just go to the “Device Manager” and right-click on the device you need. Then you need to select "Properties", the "Driver" tab and click on the "Roll back" button. After that, you need to restart your PC or laptop.

update windows 10 missing sound

If this operation did not help, then you can remove the device and reinstall the driver.Such problems can sometimes cause an incorrect update of Windows 10. If the sound is gone and the driver rollback does not help, then in the same “Device Manager” on the “Driver” tab, click on the “Delete Device” button and restart the computer. Now you need to install the sound device driver that was downloaded in advance and restart the machine again. After these manipulations, the sound should work as expected.

Hardware problems

Sometimes, if the sound is missing in Windows 10, it may be caused by the hardware properties of the controller. The most innocuous option is that the audio chip simply cannot work with the ten. In this case, you will have to "roll back" to an older version of the operating system. Ideally, the one where the sound worked perfectly. It is also quite possible failure of the jack for connecting headphones or speaker system. Here only replacement of the corresponding connector will help. But this is unlikely, since the problem would have been discovered on the old system.

missing windows 10 sound icon

The number of hardware faults should include the problem with the audio chip itself. It can be caused by software, due to the lack of necessary drivers.The chip may be physically damaged due to improper use by the operating system. And here nothing will help except replacing the audio chip. If the sound is missing on Windows 10, then you need to roll back to the previous version of the OS and check the operation of the controller. If it does not work, then it should be replaced.

If there is no sound in a particular application

If the sound is not only in Aimp or Skype, then this means that some application uses a sound card in exclusive mode. In order to check this, you need to open the properties of the sound equipment in the "Management Panel" and carefully review all the tabs. If this is the case, then exclusive mode should be disabled for this program. After that, the sound should work fine. However, sometimes this does not work. The easiest way to fix the situation is to remove the program that seized the absolute power over the sound adapter.

Beginner problems

Novice PC users often by negligence reduce the volume on the sound control panel to a minimum. And then they do not know what needs to be done in order to return the voice to the operating system.It also happens that the user simply turned off all sounds so that they do not disturb him. And then he doesn't know how to turn everything back on. Memo for beginners: if the sound is gone in Windows 10, then the first thing is to check the volume level. Then - whether the sound is turned on at all. And only then move on to more complex and proactive actions.

missing sound in headphones windows 10

Often, novice users can not really determine for what reason there is no sound. In this case, the system component "Diagnostics and troubleshooting" will help. It is enough to run the troubleshooting wizard, and it will detect everything that prevents the computer from playing the sound. If there are no drivers, then the operating system will necessarily notify about it. And then it will be possible to produce those manipulations that were described at the very beginning of the material. Even a beginner can handle it.

If nothing helps

If all of the above ways to return the sound to the operating system did not lead to anything, then the problem is definitely in the audio chip itself. Here you have to carry a laptop or PC to the workshop. Some try to repair the controller themselves, but this does not lead to good results. It is better to trust the professionals, because they have all the necessary equipment.And the experience they do not hold. Independent repair of such a complex component can result in very sad consequences. No need to take unwise risks.

You should not give a laptop or PC to the hands of “Uncle Vasya”, which promises to fix everything “over the bubble”, because the results can be even more sad. There are cases when the audio chip was defective in the laptop, and after the intervention of such a "national craftsman", it was necessary to change the entire motherboard. With all the consequences. So trusting individuals is extremely unwise. It is better to spend a certain amount, but be sure that everything will be done efficiently.


Now you know that if the sound is missing in Windows 10, then this problem may have many causes. But there are no less methods to rectify the situation. The most important thing is to understand why there is no sound. If the problem has software roots, then the situation can be corrected with almost 100% probability. If the problem lies in the controller, then it will not work out for yourself. Have to carry a laptop or system unit in service. In most cases, everything ends well, because an audio chip is a rather tenacious component, it is very difficult to “kill” it. The main thing is to know what and how to do.And this we have disassembled a little higher.

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