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You should not think that the stories about the missing planes are just myths and fabrications. Such incidents occur regularly until now, despite the fact that, as it seems, every piece of sky is covered by radiolocation networks. However, airplanes sometimes still do not reach their destination, and some of them never find one.

Strange disappearances

missing planes

Cases of missing planes are among the most mysterious and mysterious in the history of aviation. For example, in 1947, a transport aircraft flying from Argentina to Chile disappeared without a trace. The Star Dust board, just before its disappearance, transmitted a very strange message to the ground, the meaning of which is still incomprehensible.

For half a century nothing was known about his fate.Detect the search teams it was only possible in the late 90s. The wreckage of the aircraft were in the Argentine Andes, near the peak of Tupungato. A thorough investigation showed that the cause of his death was a collision with the ground.

Ghost plane

the plane went missing from the radar

Even more frightening are the stories when the disappeared aircraft began to appear from time to time in those places where they disappeared. For example, in 1955, a plane with 57 passengers on board, flying from New York to Miami, disappeared without a trace. After a long and fruitless search, all those who were on board were officially declared dead.

Almost 40 years after this tragedy, the ghost plane landed in the Venezuelan capital Caracas as if nothing had happened. Eyewitnesses claim that the liner briefly spent on the runway. The pilot of the plane spoke to the controllers, was surprised at the date they called him, and then raised the aircraft with the passengers and this time disappeared forever. There is still no rational explanation of this mysterious story.

Pilot suicide

ghost plane

In the subtitle, only one of the versions of what happened to the missing plane of the Malaysian airline, which disappeared in 2014, was made. Until now, nothing is known about the fate of 239 passengers and crew members.

Today, among the versions are also considered: the seizure by terrorists, technical malfunction, new theories regularly appear until now.

It is reliably known that the plane disappeared from the radar about an hour after leaving Kuala Lumpur. He flew to China, but already five hours after takeoff, he was reported missing. The last time on locators, he noted above the territory of southern Vietnam. It soon became clear that for unknown reasons, 4 hours after departure, he was hundreds of kilometers from the intended route. At the same time significantly changed the height to a lower one. All this indicated that, most likely, it was impossible to speak about the failure of technology, and the deviation from the route was deliberate.

Later information appeared that the plane had fallen in the southern part of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia. But so far it has not been possible to officially identify the wreckage.

Hijacking in uganda

missing planes that were found many years later

Another missing plane incident occurred in Uganda. Boeing hijacked from the international airport in the capital, Luanda. And it happened under very strange circumstances.

On board at that time were flight engineer Padilla and private pilot Mutant. None of them knew how to fly such an airplane.However, when they climbed the aircraft, the plane began to randomly move along the runway. Then he took off with the lights off. No one else saw a plane or two men.

Incident in vietnam

Often the mysterious disappearances of aircraft occur during hostilities. Many people associate this with the intrigues of enemy aircraft, but some details cannot be explained by anything.

At the very beginning of the Vietnam War over the Pacific Ocean, the American plane, which was carrying soldiers and officers, disappeared. At the time of the mysterious incident on board were 107 passengers and crew members.

In Guam, the plane was refueled and flew to the Philippines, but never reached the destination. He disappeared over the Pacific Ocean, but neither bodies nor debris were ever found.

An hour after the plane was last contacted, an explosion was noticed in the sky. The message came from an American tanker. Until now, it was not possible to find out whether it was a sabotage, an enemy rocket or a technical malfunction.

Glenn Miller's last flight

lost the plane in the bermuda triangle

The question of where the planes go missing has long been worrying many who are interested in this topic.In no less mysterious way, passengers who fly on them often disappear. And they sometimes become world famous people.

The most famous and mysterious story of this kind happened to American jazzman Glenn Miller. In December 1944, he was heading for a British plane from England to Paris to give another concert. The crew of the aircraft was called the legends of aviation, only the best at that time served in the British Air Force. Therefore, there was no doubt about their professionalism. However, the plane in which Miller was flying did not arrive at his destination.

Jazzman, who joined the army at 38, was already too old to be called up, but at the same time was at the peak of his popularity. Therefore, he was readily accepted as a musician who supported the spirit of the fighters, and was even given the rank of major.

According to the official version, the plane disappeared from the radar in bad weather when flying over the English Channel. However, there were many other versions.

Some claimed that he was shot down by the German Air Force, others that the plane did land in Paris, and Miller was the victim of Parisian traitors. One German journalist already in the 90s put forward a completely fantastic version. As if Miller died in the arms of a French prostitute, and the Americans thus decided to hide the truth.

Perhaps the most plausible explanation for the incident was given by the navigator of the British Air Force Fred Shaw. According to his version, the death of Miller was a fatal accident. Most likely, his plane fell under the dropping bombs of British aviation after an unsuccessful raid on Germany.

Trip around the world

star dust

Going to travel around the world is always a dangerous and risky business. This is confirmed by the story of the first woman pilot Amelia Earhart. She first alone crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and in 1937 went to the Around the World.

She was assisted in this by navigator Fred Noonan. Communication with them disappeared in the area of ​​Howland Island, located above the Pacific Ocean. Their searches yielded no results. According to the official version, outlined by the US government, they ran out of fuel. But there are other opinions.

There is a version that Earhart was an undercover agent, so she carried out an emergency landing on an island occupied by the Japanese. There she was imprisoned. Some believe that she returned to the United States alive and healthy and changed her name.

At the same time, there is reliable evidence that indicates that Earhart made an emergency landing on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. There they were isolated.The special international team for the restoration of historic aircraft has been investigating since 1989. They managed to find many finds that could belong to Earhart and her co-driver. Some members of the group are convinced that this is just the case of a missing plane, which was found many years later.

The investigation has not yet been completed.

Bermuda Triangle

mysterious disappearances of aircraft

They flew out of the airbase for learning to navigate above the water. As a result, the aircraft disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, and with them 14 men who were aboard at that time.

Events developed rapidly. Within two hours after departure from the base, the squadron commander conveyed information that the compasses had failed, and they were not able to accurately determine their location. Such malfunctions affected all aircraft. Attempts to get out of this situation continued for two hours. After that, the squadron commander ordered all crew members to jump out of their aircraft, because they ran out of fuel.

The plane that went in search of them, also disappeared. On board were 13 more people. The tanker, located off the coast of Florida, sent a message about the explosion, which was noticeable after 20 minutes, as the rescue plane went to the rescue.

Over the next few days, the square in which the aircraft disappeared was investigated far and wide, but no trace of the missing aircraft was found.

Missing art

In 1979, misfortune happened to a Brazilian aircraft carrying works of art. Their value was so high that they were valued at approximately one million dollars. The Boeing flew out of Tokyo and headed for Rio de Janeiro.

On board were one and a half hundred paintings of the famous Brazilian painter Manubu Mabe. What happened to the plane remained unexplained. Consider even a version of aerial robbery.

Rain and frost

Heavy rain and frost are the reasons for the disappearance of another liner. In 1951, a Canadian airline plane transported American soldiers and officers from Vancouver to Tokyo. He disappeared without a trace somewhere in the area of ​​Alaska.

Along the way the plane was in bad weather conditions. Freezing frost and heavy rain, very low visibility - no more than 150 meters. These data were the last that the pilots managed to transmit to air traffic controllers on the ground. After that, they no longer get in touch.

Six crew members were missing, all Canadians, and 31 passengers. Among them were both military and American civilian government employees.

Engine problems

Technical malfunctions are often reported shortly before the disappearance of the aircraft, but not always these versions are confirmed. In 1964, the DC-4 aircraft disappeared in the area of ​​Wake Island, located in the central part of the Pacific Ocean.

When the pilot last got in touch, he reported problems with the engine. At that time, he was 800 kilometers from Los Angeles, from where he flew. Searchers who went to help found only a suspicious oil spill. No more traces of either the aircraft or the crew members.

As you can see, usually the complete disappearance of aircraft can be explained by technical malfunctions and bad weather conditions. But sometimes something happens that defies any reasonable explanation.

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