Minestrone Soup: a generous gift from Italy

outside of this country is best known for pizza. Behind her are the most popular lasagna and pasta. However, no cooking (of any nation) is complete without first courses! And they are no less tasty and original. The same minestrone soup may well serve as an example. You probably won't find such a multi-ingredient dish anymore in the whole world. No wonder its name means "big soup." And it does not mean the size of the pot or the mass of ingredients. No, I mean just their diversity.minestrone soup

Minestrone secrets

Honestly, few dishes require an exact dosage of the components. Cooking is an art, not a science at all. All this can be said about the minestrone soup - the recipe can be enriched with any vegetables that grew on your garden or what the season is rich with. When cooking, it is necessary to fulfill only 5 conditions: fry, called by the Italians “sofrito”, the presence of any beans, a variety of vegetables, pasta and cheese (preferably it should be Parmesan).

One of the most common mistakes made when minestrone soup is cooked is the introduction of pasta into it during the cooking process. From this broth becomes turbid and unappetizing, and flour products, having stood, soften and lose their density and elasticity. To make you get real Italian minestrone soup, pasta must be cooked separately and put in a plate with a hot base.

And as much as possible to get closer to the original, do not stint on a small piece of cheese with a natural, not paraffin crust. It should be cut and added to the broth or broth when laying vegetables. Then the minestrone soup gets a rich flavor and a bright cheese flavor.

minestrone soup recipe

What is considered a classic?

Again, make a reservation: in every place in Italy there is a different opinion. However, the most often minestrone “classic” soup is prepared according to the following recipe. In melted butter, right in a saucepan where the dish will be cooked, 3 sour-sweet apples, celery root (diced) and finely chopped 2 onions are fried. How to brown - salt, pepper and stew to the softness of apples and celery.A half liter of broth (or water, if you prefer a vegetable dish) is poured next, and cooking continues for another half hour. As it gets cold, skip through a blender to a cream-like state and add green or chives. When serving on plates, pasta is put in the first place, and then the cream soup is poured.Italian minestrone soup

If you want something more tasty, you can additionally fry the chopped bacon (or bacon), put it in the center of the plate with the soup, and above - the greens passed through the blender with salt, vegetable oil and pepper. But in general, the minestrone vegetable soup is most often considered a classic - in this case, the recipe should do without broth and smoked meat.

Milan recipe

In Milan, its view on the minestrone soup. For him, onion, celery stalks, garlic, zucchini, mushrooms and chilli pepper are sprinkled in a pan in olive oil - all crumbled and in the ratio you like. When the vegetables are steamed, they put in cubes of potatoes and a tomato (skin should be removed from them). After about five minutes, broth is poured in and pieces of pre-boiled chicken are injected (Milanese soup can not make minestrone without it).At the same time, salt and herbs are added (oregano, basil, thyme). Boil until potatoes are cooked. Cheese can be put immediately into the pan and boil for a few more minutes, or you can sprinkle portions. And do not forget to spread the paste on the plates!

classic minestrone soup

Bolzansky minestrone with minced meat

He, too, can not do without the meat component, only here is used ground beef. It should be fried with garlic and onions (naturally, chopped). When the stuffing becomes a nice brown color, add root celery and carrots (diced). Three minutes later, tomato paste is poured in or tomatoes are rolled through a meat grinder, plus some white wine (about a tablespoon per 2 liters of liquid) and broth. Boil the soup should be another 10-15 minutes. Some cooks put macaroni at this time, but most still prefer to boil them separately. At the end, the dish is flavored with salt, basil and pepper, and after 5 minutes you can call those who wish to the table. Do not forget about pasta (if you cooked it separately) and sprinkle with cheese!minestrone vegetable soup recipe

Sweet minestrone

In the strict sense of the word, perhaps, the soup according to this recipe cannot be called minestrone: it does not sprinkle with cheese, and no beans are laid.However, the Italians consider such a minestrone soup, because it includes a lot of fruit, zazharka is present, it is served with pasta. The following juices are mixed for it: tomato, watermelon (2 cups each), pineapple (half a cup), lemon (two pieces) and orange (three fruits). They are mixed and sweetened with honey. A quarter of the carrots are blanched, melon, mango, papaya, peach, celery and pineapple are cut in an arbitrary ratio. Pasta, vegetables, fruits are put in the plate, a mixture of juices is poured - and the sweet minestrone soup is offered to the guests.

Unusual: omelette soup

For him, you can take any set of vegetables and cook the base according to the most favorite recipe. The main thing is that there is no meat in the dish, only broth. Otherwise, your minestrone soup will not be very harmonious in taste. Omelet rolls should be its highlight. For them, 3 eggs should be whipped with a tablespoon of grated parmesan, seasoned with pepper and salt and fry the omelet on both sides. When it cools down a bit, it is rolled into a roll and cut into narrow pieces. Then noodles and omelet circles are laid out on the plates, the minestrone soup itself is poured. Each portion is sprinkled with chopped basil, onion feathers, cheese - and tasted. Delicious!

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