Miller's dream: what does the mirror dream about?

No wonder people say that the mirror is uselessBlame if the face did not come out. First of all, the mirror - this is the subject of everyday life, and only then - an objective reflection of the real essence. Not always a person is ready to understand and accept this reality! There is an opinion that these objects can sometimes distort the real reality. It is believed that the world of the looking-glass is mystical and mysterious. In the light of these events, people always wondered what the mirror was dreaming about ... And if it is also broken? Let's find out sooner!what does the mirror dream aboutMiller's Interpretation

The authoritative psychologist Gustav Miller asserts,that the mirror in a dream is the person's most secret desires, his thoughts, dreams, and some hopes ... With his help, a person in a dream can see himself as the present, see his essence, his vices and his shortcomings. In a broad sense, one's own reflection serves as an indicator of one or another dreams of the dreamer, as well as of some changes prepared for him. The American psychologist gives one of the most interesting interpretations of what the mirror in which we reflect is dreaming about.

Pleasant changes ...

  1. If you like your reflection, then the dream promises to be good. All your most desired dreams and fantasies will come true. In addition, it is a kind of "wind" of favorable changes!
  2. If you admire your own reflection - it's your inner harmony, as well as the positive energy of the body.
  3. Miller is one of the few scientists whoexplains what the dream is about with a mirror that does not reflect it. It's simple, friends! If you do not see yourself in joy or in sorrow, then in the near future there will not be any desired changes.

A warning...

  1. Do you dream of a terrible reflection in the mirror? It shows your secret thoughts, vices and evil thoughts!
  2. If you are scared (or do not like) your ownreflection, then think about it! Sleep warns you that the planned secret aspirations will only harm you. In addition, Miller does not recommend anything soon to change in life. Sometimes this dream can warn of fast illnesses.a mirror in a dream

Look at the zERALA!

  1. Some people often dream about how simple they arethey crave to see themselves through the mirror. They are so beckoning to look there ... Miller says if your reflection in a dream is much older than your real ones, then life is preparing for you some serious tests. To pass them is to acquire wisdom and experience.
  2. To see in a dream someone else's mirror image (someone'sstrange face) - to a rather strong surprise. In reality, changes are coming, to which you are completely unprepared. Whether these are good changes or not, judge from the expression of the person you saw.
  3. If the mirror is dirty, cracked or evenbroken - your bad forebodings make themselves felt. The broken mirror in our dreams is exactly the same bad symbol, as in life! Sorrow, sadness and loss await you ...look in the zeralo
  4. Miller, of course, not Freud, but in hisinterpretation of what the mirror is dreaming about, there is a small intimate note ... If you dream that you see a pretty pretty face of a woman or a handsome face of a man - prepare for voluptuousness.

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