Microwave problems

There were problems with the microwave. More precisely, the microwave warms the food differently. I always put on the top three, and the microwave doesn’t even warm up at all, otherwise it will warm up so much that the food is already boiling. Maybe someone knows where you can inexpensively repair a microwave in the winery?
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Answered on December 6, 2017 21:16
Recently had to repair the refrigerator. What is the name of the company to which I do not remember? But it is located near the Pirogov Museum. If you go from the entrance to the museum, then you need to turn left and after 400 meters this company will be.
Answered on December 6, 2017 22:52
And how much does the microwave power cost you? I just have a child constantly this sensor is twisted and therefore the food was heated differently. I also thought at first that the microwave had broken. Perhaps you have the same problem.
Answered on December 7, 2017 00:45
The problem is definitely in the power controller. If you didn’t touch anything there, then it’s broken. Installing a new one will cost about 200 hryvnia, it all depends on the microwave model.

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