Methyluracil suppositories in gynecology: reviews and applications

Methyluracil - a long-known drug that canhave a healing, regenerating effect. It is used in many branches of modern medicine. The active substance is produced in various forms. Today's article will provide you with information on how to use methyluracil suppositories in gynecology. Reviews, indications for use, limitations and other interesting information will become known to you. It is worth recalling right away that self-medication can not be dealt with. If you have certain complaints or concerns, it is better to see a doctor. Perhaps you will be prescribed not only methyluracil suppositories. In gynecology - doctors' reviews tell - this drug is often prescribed in combination with additional medications.

methyluracil suppositories in gynecology reviews

Characteristics of the drug: what do pharmacists say

You already know that the drug is produced indifferent forms. Depending on the complaints the patient is assigned a certain type of medicine. More commonly used are methyluracil suppositories in gynecology. The reviews also talk about their use in proctology, urology, surgery. The composition of the drug includes 500 milligrams of methyluracil and the basis for obtaining the form of a suppository. In one package there are 10 candles (five in one spike). Pharmacists report that this drug is quite cheap. For one package you will need to pay no more than 100 rubles. Employees of pharmacy chains state the fact that methyluracil suppositories are among the most accessible for treatment of women's problems.

In what situations do doctors recommend the use of methyluracil suppositories in gynecology: reviews

Many representatives of the weaker sex are interested inthe possibility of using this drug. Women turn to doctors with a question, is it permissible in their case to use methyluracil suppositories in gynecology? Experts say that only two patients out of a hundred really need this drug. Suppositories are recommended for the following conditions:

  • cystitis and urethritis;
  • erosion of the cervix;
  • colpitis or vulvitis;
  • trauma to the vagina and cervical canal;
  • surgical operations on the cervix and vagina;
  • after childbirth (with internal and external ruptures).

According to the instructions, are designed forrectal administration of methyluracil suppositories. In gynecology (reviews of doctors report this), the medication is prescribed for vaginal use. In this case, the patient is always given individual recommendations. Therefore, doctors are not advised to use the medicine on their own.

methyluracil suppositories in gynecology for inflammation reviews

Contraindications for use

In what situations it is better not to usemethyluracil suppositories in gynecology? Reviews of doctors say that this drug is not applied in the presence of high sensitivity to its components. If any, suppositories should not be used either rectally or vaginally. Another contraindication is leukemia and leukemia in acute or chronic form. Do not prescribe medication by doctors when the patient is diagnosed with lymphogranulomatosis or malignant tumors in the gastrointestinal tract. If you have any chronic diseases, then you must tell them about it to the doctor.

methyluracil suppositories in gynecology

How to dose and inject methyluracil suppositories (in gynecology)? Reviews

Use of the drug should be started only aftercoordination with the doctor. Often, gynecologists recommend the douching with cleansing and anti-inflammatory solutions before the introduction of the suppository. It can be soda, broth string or chamomile, Miramistin or Chlorhexidine. It is almost impossible to choose the right tool yourself. It is important to pass the test in advance. If there is inflammation in the vagina, then syringing can not be done. Otherwise, the infection will move along the cervical canal into the uterus, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

The dosage of the drug depends on the conditionpatient and the nature of the detected pathology. In a day is allowed to enter from one to four candles. It is advisable to do this at regular intervals. Therapy can last from one week to several months. Individual recommendations are given at the discretion of the doctor. To enter the drug, you need to wash your hands well. After that, open the suppository and take a comfortable position (squatting or lifting one leg). Enter the medicine as deep as possible into the vagina. Further it is necessary to be in a horizontal position from 10 to 30 minutes. So the active substance as accurately as possible will be distributed along the affected area. During the treatment, make sure to use sanitary napkins, as the medication can drain and dirty the laundry.

methyluracil suppositories in gynecology testimonials application

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

Is it always possible to use methyluracilcandles in gynecology with inflammation? The reviews say that the possibility of treating pregnant women and nursing mothers is considered separately. After all, they have a high risk of adverse effects on the child.

  1. During the period of bearing the baby, the medicine canappointed by a gynecologist. In this case, doctors correlate the benefits and risks. It is known that the drug has no teratogenic effect on the fetus. The active substance is well perceived throughout the gestation period. Indications for use in pregnant women and dosage are preserved.
  2. During lactation can be usedmethyluracil suppositories in gynecology. The patients' responses tell us that they did not have to interrupt breastfeeding for the period of treatment. The drug is often prescribed for use in the postpartum period. It acts locally and does not affect the newborn.

In either case, before starting therapy, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

methyluracil suppositories in gynecology reviews features

Continue treatment during menstruation?

Is it permissible to continue treatment if, duringTherapies started vaginal discharge (menstruation)? For the period of bleeding, use of the medication should be stopped - doctors say - the medication will not be so effective. The fact is that methyluracil suppositories will dissolve much more rapidly in secretions and be excreted from the body. This is fraught with a lack of expected effect. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to guess the time of treatment so that it does not coincide with regular monthly ones. If the critical days began suddenly and unexpectedly, then the vaginal method of introducing suppositories should be changed to rectal. You can also do a 5-7-day break at all.

methyluracil suppositories in gynecology reviews about the drug

Negative opinions and adverse reactions

As you can already understand, often usedmethyluracil suppositories in gynecology. Reviews about the drug is very different, including negative. To some patients, the medicine did not help. If you ask consumers about the product, you can learn the following.

  1. Candles after injection can cause burning.
  2. Prolonged use provokes irritation and itching.
  3. The medicine is not capable of eliminating germs, bacteria and fungi.
  4. Medication is ineffective in sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. The drug sometimes provokes a severe allergy.

If you suddenly feel unwell during treatment, then stop using the medication and contact the doctor.

Praise reviews of the drug

Most drug users carry the medicineOK. According to many opinions, suppositories perfectly cope with their task. They have a pronounced healing and regenerative effect, have a softening effect. Also, the drug has a slight anti-inflammatory effect. Women say that they prescribed a medicine after cauterization of erosion. The wound healing was quick and painless. Newly mummified mothers say that the gynecologist prescribed candles for them after childbirth, accompanied by internal ruptures. Restorative therapy allowed to return to a good state of health in a short time.

methyluracil suppositories in gynecology


From the article you learned how to usemethyluracil suppositories in gynecology. Comments, application features, indications and dosage are provided for your reference. Do not rely on the good experience of your friends and acquaintances. Before using this tool, consult your doctor and read the instructions.

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