Mescherskoye Lake - the originally Russian name of the reservoir

Meshcherskoye Lake, Meshchery ... Ancient Rus, beautiful old times blows at the mention of these places. It is not surprising that a pond with this name exists in the Novgorod region. It is located 1.2 km west of the mouth

The emergence of the reservoir in Nizhny Novgorod

This natural monument of regional importance is the largest reservoir in the vicinity of Nizhny Novgorod. The lake was formed from the channel, which eventually turned into an old woman (a section of the former riverbed) of the Volga.

Meshchersky lake

Staritsy usually have a crescent shape. Meshchersky lake is also curved. Gradually, the channel connecting the formed lake with the Volga was covered with sands, and the newly formed reservoir became drainless. The result was a lake.

Lake in Nizhny Novgorod

Lake Meshcherskoye eats rain, thawed and groundwater. Beautiful, like any city pond, it is not very deep - about 2 meters, but there are holes and up to 4 m.As with any urban reservoir, there are beaches. The most famous of them, located near Meshchersky Boulevard, is a regular city beach, which has benches, fungi and changing rooms.Meshchersky lake Nizhny NovgorodThe pond is located in the lower part of the city and has recently become polluted (biohazard, degree No. 3), swimming in it is not recommended, fishing too. Along part of Meshchersky Boulevard stretches Meshchersky lake. How to get to it from other parts of the city? Any transport going to the same microdistrict, located on the shores of this reservoir.

Native name

However, the name of the lake is so euphonic for the locals that it was given to a large plot built up with 9-14-storey houses located in the Kanavinsky district. The local "Auchan" is also called "Meshcherskoye Lake". Nizhny Novgorod is located at the confluence of the Oka and Volga.

Meshchersky lake how to get

Oka divides the city into upper and lower parts. There are in this village and other water bodies, for example, about. Sorting. But Meshchersky lake is considered the largest.

Moscow analogue

There is a toponym in the Moscow region. There is a lake of the same name outside the Moscow Ring Road within the capital.It attracts Muscovites relatively clean water and a sandy beach. Infrastructure, if this concept is applicable here, leaves much to be desired, but the entrance is free. Lesok rises directly to the lake. It is quiet here, you can enjoy nature, rent a boat. For children there is a playground and paddling pool.

Meshchersky lake Moscow how to get

So in general, looks Mescherskoye Lake (Moscow). How to get to this quiet corner? There are several options. You can go by train from Kiev railway station to Vostryakovo station. Personal transport get through the Moscow Ring Road, you need to go down at the 49th kilometer. From two metro stations to Lake Meshchersky, you can get a shuttle bus - from "Slavyansky Boulevard" by bus number 753 and from Kievskaya station - by bus number 500.

Meshchersky necklace

There is also the concept of Meshchersky lakes. What it is? Meshcherskaya lowland is called a country of lakes. These reservoirs are very beautiful, full of secrets and charm. The whole Meschera is divided into three parts - Moscow Region, Vladimirskaya and Ryazan. The largest lakes in the Moscow Region Meshchera include the Holy, Oak, Small Holy, Likharevo and Imles. By the Ryazan Meschera - the Great, Ivankov, Shagara and White.There are 16 large lakes on the territory of Meshchera, but not counting small ones. 70% of the territory of Meshchera is covered with water. All lakes make up the Meshcherskoye Lake Ring. This is a unique natural phenomenon. The Great Lake is considered to be the central lake with a water mirror of 22 square meters. km

The attractiveness of Meshersky lakes

As already noted, the beauty of these lakes is beyond description in a small article. Each of them is unique in its own way and unlike all the others. For example, Meshcherskoye Lake Beloe. It is a monument of nature. The water in it is clear and bright. The lake, which is rare for central Russia, is very deep (up to 57 meters). It is almost round.

Meshchersky lakes rest

On its shore there is a magnificent recreation center "Meshcherskaya fairy tale." One of her houses is floating. I must say that the tourist movement is now gaining popularity throughout Meshchera. Thus, in the Vladimir Meshchera, a route was organized along the lakes Svetets, Olenye, Kruglets, Moshnovskoe. Get to them through Meshchersky forest, which is unusually beautiful in itself. There are options like throwing tourists to the lakes, and traveling through the waters with escort.

Local recreation and health complexes

The Meshchersky lakes, where rest is possible for every taste, are famous not only for excellent recreation facilities, such as, for example, the “Wave” with an amazing winter garden in building number 2, but also sanatoriums, and boarding houses with medical facilities, sports facilities and just excellent hotel complexes. There is an equestrian base “Sambulovo” and a leisure center “Balthazar” on the lakes. In short, there you can have a great rest both in summer and in winter.

A lake without fishing is not a lake

You can not ignore fishing. Meschersky lakes are well stocked. The necklace of them is connected by the ducts of Bouzha, Yalma and Pra. And the lakes themselves, and the channels are rich in fish. Here you can catch bream and crucian carp, tench and roach, ide and huster, blue bream, loach and rotan. Predators are represented by perch and pike. Since the coastline of all the lakes is mostly impassable, it is best to fish from a boat.

In the summer, on any piece of dry land around the lakes tent camps grow - these places become popular with “wild” tourists. Extensive information is available to each of these beautiful lakes - how to get there, what kind of fish is found, what kind of recreation base is on the shore, where you can take a boat, what tackle is best to catch.

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