Mercedes 124 - 13 years on the conveyor

The mid-size sedan Mercedes 124 was firstIt was presented to the general public in 1984 as a replacement for the previous W123 model. And if the predecessor was the result of a thorough upgrade of the 114th, the novelty was developed completely from scratch. The 124th model got a new, more streamlined and dynamic exterior, reworked deformation zones, ABS and airbag for the driver. Interesting "gadgets" were the following: a single janitor, who thanks to a clever design swept almost all the windshield, as well as folding rear head restraints, increasing the visibility of the central mirror. According to the tradition, the fans of the brand ambiguously took a fresh body and did not immediately accustomed to it. However, grumbling and rasprobovav, confidently reported: "Das ist gut".

Mercedes 124Initially, the Mercedes 124 sedan offered 7 different engines - 4 petrol (two 4 and 2 6-cylinder) and 3 diesel (4, 5 and 6 "boilers", respectively).

In 1985, the market appeared universal withfactory index S124. The cars of the engines were only five, but the volume of the trunk is a record in the class - 2200 liters. In the same year, they mastered the production of four-wheel drive Mercedes 124 with the designation "4matic" and an injector version of the weakerest in the range of the M102 engine, which inherited from one hundred and twenty-three. All-wheel drive differed by a more complicated design, so they won no special popularity.

1986 was marked by the birth of the six-cylinder turbodiesel 300D Turbo, as well as the appearance on some gasoline versions of catalysts.

mercedes w124 coupeMercedes w124 coupe was presented in 1987. Two doors, the C124 index, three gasoline engines and new moldings - that's all the features of the fare. Then, closer to the end of the year, in the basic configuration of all models appeared ABS and another "lotion" - heating the tank washer. There trite the boiler from the engine cooling system.

In the 89th year Mercedes 124 experienced the firstrestyling, got a new "heart" by reworking the six-cylinder M104 in a 24-valve and a new body - a six-door limousine with the index V124, we have little-known, which was primarily intended for work in a taxi.

1990 year gave the connoisseurs of the brand the most "evil"The 124th is the Mercedes-Benz 500E. Under the hood was hiding a 32-valve V8 with a power of 330 hp, accelerating the car to a hundred in six seconds, and the maximum was limited to electronics at 250 km / h. In the CIS countries this car received a capacious nickname "Wolf", and in Europe it became the most stolen car.

Mercedes 124In 1991 there appeared a convertible A124, whichwas offered only in one model - 300CE-24. A year later I experienced a deep modernization of the whole gamma of gasoline engines, and then diesel engines arrived in time.

As a result of rebranding the brand in 1993,Mercedes 124 was the first mid-size sedan of the E-Class, but by that time it was morally and technically obsolete. The production was discontinued in several stages, and the last A124 came off the stocks in 1997. In just 13 years of production, more than 2.5 million cars were produced. In general, the car showed itself very well. It was the last model, possessing the legendary Mercedes reliability, since later the company's management decided to reduce the cost of production. To date, this is one of the most popular Mercedes in the secondary market.

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Mercedes 124 - 13 years on the conveyor Mercedes 124 - 13 years on the conveyor Mercedes 124 - 13 years on the conveyor Mercedes 124 - 13 years on the conveyor Mercedes 124 - 13 years on the conveyor Mercedes 124 - 13 years on the conveyor Mercedes 124 - 13 years on the conveyor