Men's professions: list. Male and female professions

Three decades ago, all the boys dreamed of becoming cosmonauts, pilots, policemen. It was believed that this is exclusively a male profession, while a teacher or teacher is a woman.

At present, the situation has changed in some ways, and the representatives of the stronger sex are happily working, it would seem, in areas unusual for them, such as cooking or sewing fashionable clothes. However, today a huge number of women do not consider it shameful to choose men's professions, in particular a trolleybus driver or a security guard at the enterprise.

Why is the division of labor into "male" and "female"

It happened historically. The man was traditionally perceived as a defender, an earner and a farmer. He was well developed physically, so he could do the hard work. Representatives of the weaker sex were positioned as guardians of the home and the teacher of children. Time passed, the range of activities expanded, but nobody dared to challenge the principle of division of labor.

Men's professions

In other words, the division into the profession of men's and women's still has not been canceled.

What kinds of activities are men engaged in

The strong sex is involved in ensuring the country's defense capability, protecting public order, the automotive industry, metallurgy, the chemical and oil and gas industries. In other words, energy, miners, drivers, police, sailors, firefighters are the most "male" professions. At the same time, we should not forget that in the spheres of construction and rail transportation the representatives of the stronger sex are mainly involved. Workers who work in harmful production are mostly men. What professions do they prefer today? Modern men's professions are represented by the sphere of business, which brings a stable profit. However, do not think that all the representatives of the stronger sex set themselves exclusively selfish goals. Today, men's professions are a surgeon, a dentist, and an orthopedist.

Rating of the most popular professions

"Well, what kind of man does not dream of becoming a deputy, a minister or even a president?" You ask.

Men's Professions List

Of course, this question leads to a logical answer: "Everyone dreams about this." What are popular men's jobs today? The list begins precisely with those connected with the government.

"State Men"

Today, the people's choice is a "tasty" profession for a man. At the same time, modern representatives of the stronger sex prefer to work not only in demanded, but also in highly paid spheres of activity.

Creative people

So, what are these masculine professions? The list is the following: a singer, musician, writer, actor, screenwriter, director. Here, of course, you need talent, and otherwise you will not achieve success in the above-mentioned field.

"Popular" activities

However, do not forget about the traditional "profitable" specialties. The point is that, as before, young students dream of the work of an economist, lawyer, banker, accountant, manager. Today the age of computer technology, and many men prefer to work in the field of software, telecommunications and the creation of innovative applications.

The rarest man's profession

Of course, a programmer is a generalized sphere of activity, which implies a huge number of specializations: the 1S programmer, the web programmer, the programmer and so on.


Another profession in demand among the stronger sex profession is the chef. "Is it a man's business to mess around in the kitchen?" You ask. Do you know that most of the professionals in cooking are men? Keep in mind that the cook is a multi-faceted profession: he is parallel to the accountant, since he must conduct the calculation, fix the estimate, and the artist, in view of the fact that it is necessary to properly decorate the dish, and the mechanic, since he needs to be able to handle kitchen equipment.

Professions for men and women

Here are the statistical data. Today, the chef - in the majority (82%) - men. However, it should be noted that in recent years, male leaders in the public catering sector have been pushed by the representatives of the weaker sex.

Anyway, but the strong sex perfectly copes with duties in the kitchen and if they are aimed at cooking a spicy dish, then be sure that they will perform their task "perfectly".

The sphere of creating a style

There is an opinion that the best specialists in creating the image and style are obtained from men. We are talking about make-up artists, hairdressers, image-makers. The stylist will always advise the person what to wear for this or that case taking into account your preferred style, color and size. The aforementioned profession is in demand mainly in large metropolitan areas, where life is a key, and business people have absolutely no time to deal with their appearance. Today, famous actors, singers, politicians, businessmen enjoy using services of experienced male stylists.

Traditionally male professions

This point, of course, deserves the first place, because in these spheres the representatives of the stronger sex fulfill their natural task: they save health, people's lives, protect the territorial integrity of the state.

A rare man's profession

First of all, we are talking about such professions as a policeman, an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, a fireman, a representative of special forces and riot police, a sailor. Of course, you need to have remarkable courage, responsibility, courage, physical data to choose the above professions.


It should be noted that in our country there is also a rare male profession - dergal. What does this person do? He collects algae, and the duration of his work is only three months a year.

In European countries there is a vacancy for a scuba diver. It is necessary to have a certain boldness and dexterity to lay mines deep under water. On the territory of the Frankfurt airport there is a person who is responsible for washing the aircraft. The dietician of horses is very unusual. His task is to monitor the correct diet of savrasks. And how do you profession - a consultant on rare names? He helps parents to choose an unusual and unusual name for their children, his services are estimated quite expensive. Abroad, even periodically opens a vacancy for the post of observer for the work of strippers. You can only imagine how many men responded to it, especially since such a "dust-free" job offers a very serious salary - 10 000 dollars a month.

The rarest

Do you know that there is the rarest male profession?

The most male professions

It is called the "caretaker of the paradise island". The vacancy came at a time when it was necessary to raise the popularity of recreation on exotic islands. One travel agency announced a competition for the post of "caretaker", who was supposed to live on one of the Australian islands for six months, playing golf, swimming in the pool, photographing the surrounding nature. On the results of the work done, he should report on his blog. As a result, the company managed to find a suitable candidate for the position of "superintendent". For six months, a person earned 100 000 dollars. There is nothing surprising in that the rarest male profession is a dream for many.

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